Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Room 302 Runners and Walkers

We've added more pictures to the slide show on the School Program page -- check it out!
I love this one and the note that came with it:

Hi Wendelin & Mark-

Here are a few pictures of our class. As you can see, we sure love to ETRTR!!! Plus, we also get lots of questions and comments when we run as a class! We especially love going back inside and curling up with a good book! What a great idea to exercise our bodies and our minds!
Big smiles-
Kerrie Wisneski & the Room 302 Walkers (& Runners!)

Only a little over a week left and kids (and teachers) will have "run a marathon" and "read a marathon". I'm so impressed with all the people who have embraced the program with such gusto. I want to go to every participating school and run laps with the kids. Read pages. Tell them I think they're fantastic! This has been an amazing journey. I'm actually looking forward to completing my own marathon 12 short days from now...

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