Thursday, October 4, 2007

Helping to Heal the World

Yesterday we spotlighted a school, today an individual. It's a young lady doing the Exercise the Right to Read program as her Tikkun Olam project. Here's part of the message she sent out to her family and friends:

I am working with author Wendelin Van Draanen's program, Exercise the Right to Read to raise money for school libraries and First Book. First Book gets books to kids and communities that have few or maybe even no books. For my Bat Mitzvah I am doing a Tikkun Olam project. Tikkun Olam means to heal the world. I am supporting Exercise the Right to Read by getting sponsors for First Book and school libraries.

She tells us that she's has already collected several hundred dollars of donations, and she sent along this reply from one of her supporters:

Your idea about 1 mile a day adding up to a marathon after 26 days, got me out on a daily walk the last two days. The walks have been much more fun knowing that they are adding up to a marathon! What a great example of breaking a big task down into manageable and doable tasks. I'm sure many more people will get to read their own book and learn to read because of your project. My grandmother would be very proud of you. Long ago, she ran a library out of her home because there wasn't a library in the community where she lived.

I love it!


Rachel said...

How great is it that she has YOUR shirt on and is reading YOUR book?

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Pretty dang great! But her approach to ETRTR trumps what she's wearing and reading, that's for sure...!