Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Coming Up For Air

I know it's been ages--like, a year since I checked in. I miss this community and actually think about my regular readers often. I hope you'll say hi in the comments and let me know what's gone on in your world. I would love to know. 

Events in my life and the end of the Sammy Keyes series left me in a pretty emotional state, but I've channeled that in a positive way through my writing. I have a new middle grade (best for kids in 4th-6th grades) coming out in October. It's called The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones and is about a boy who has to spend his after school hours at a dementia-care facility where his mother works as a caregiver. It's about a lot more than that, but that's a pretty good summary of the situation. They say humor is the best medicine, and  the writing of Lincoln Jones served as a much needed antidote to the emotional toll of seeing my feisty, intelligent, witty mother succumb to the devastating effects of dementia. The book is also my way of gently guiding kids to the realization that--as hard as might be to imagine--old people were once kids, just like them. 

Besides the writing, I've been working on a new website--one that I can update myself, easily and often. It's got a lot of great content--pictures, information, teacher support downloads, and behind-the-scenes Flipped movie stuff. There's also a readers gallery, so send in your pictures and artwork! Check it out here: www.wendelinvand.com

I do have other news, but won't go into it now. I'll be back! For now, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that you've been on my mind. See you in the comments!