Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time For Kids Magazine Spotlights ETRTR

In case you're not already familiar with it, Time For Kids is a division magazine of Time Magazine published especially for children and distributed mainly in classrooms. It has a circulation of 3.5 million and covers issues from world affairs, to sports, to popular culture, to...a certain author who's running for reading.

They placed their article about Exercise the Right to Read next to a piece on Asafa Powell, the fastest man on the planet. Maybe I'll get some of his speed by association?

Of course, I'm also next to a piece titled One Stinky Bloom (about a five-foot-tall flower known as the 'corpse flower' because it smells like rotting flesh). Let's hope that doesn't rub off!

Anyway, the text in the graphic is too small to read, so here's what TFK had to say about ETRTR in their Spotlight column:

On November 4, Wendelin Van Draanen will trade her writer's hat for running shoes. The Sammy Keyes author will take on the New York City Marathon as part of a program she started called Exercise the Right to Read. The campaign aims to heighten awareness of the importance of improving childhood fitness and literacy. Funds raised from sponsors of the author's 26-mile run will be donated to First Book, a charity that gives books to underprivileged kids. "One of the things I put forth to children in my books is that individuals can make a difference," Van Draanen told TFK. "I'm trying to live that advice."

For 26 days, starting on October 1, schools participating in the program will hold reading and running sessions to raise money for their libraries and First Book. Some teachers plan to take their students to cheer Van Draanen at the race. "I'm going to need that!" she says. To learn more, go to exercisetherighttoread.org.

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Mac McCool said...

FAN-TAS-TIC, Wendelin!!! Yoohoooo!!!