Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Digging for the "Real Gold"

This picture is from a 5th grade teacher who has taken on Exercise the Right to Read as a fundraiser for a sister school. The notion of doing something like this is nice, but making it a reality? That takes some real commitment. And very often local businesses and residents will support their neighborhood schools, but hold back when they learn that the donated money is being sent across the state, or out of state. But when these kids hit roadblocks, they found creative ways to make raising funds for a sister school a reality. Here's what their teacher reports:

Last night was our Fall Festival and my kids and I helped to sell kettle corn, which ended up being a big hit for the evening. The owner gave us half his profit towards ETRTR, so the students were very excited that we made $230! Then we had a booth next to his selling t-shirts and made another $100. Today we're off to the soccer fields where we are doing a bake sale. What's nice is that the students came up with many of these ideas, and they are truly excited about doing the work for someone else's benefit. It is exactly what I wanted to see happen. It won't be about how much money we raise, but about opening the kids' hearts to how good it feels to do something for others. That's the real "gold".

These kids and their teacher are real gold, if you ask me!

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