Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Central Middle School Runs, Reads...and Rocks!

This message and photo just in from Central Middle School in Oklahoma.

We had a wonderful day on Monday as we kicked off our "Exercise the Right to Read" campaign. Tara [the principal] started the day by playing your jingle over the intercom, and then she talked about the purpose for the campaign and why we were participating with you. She was GREAT! The core classes watched the video clip from your website, passed out the materials, and read for 26 minutes. The elective classes showed a power point we put together based on the handouts on your website, and then we gathered outside for the last twenty minutes of each grade's second elective class to run, jog, walk, or a combination of all three. The reporter from The Oklahoman and a photographer came to talk with Tara, some of the kids, and a couple of the teachers. The reporter was impressed with the whole idea of your national program and enjoyed what we did. Thanks for creating a fabulous and fun way to encourage all of us to read, exercise, and, hopefully, raise funds for books.

I love the race bibs they made for the kids. And the banner! What an awesome team of educators, what a fantastic group of kids. Central runs, reads... and rocks!

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