Thursday, October 11, 2007

Starting the Day With a Music-Jam-athon!

This came in from the "Loud Librarian" at a New York middle school.

Here's a snapshot of Spencerports' Cosgrove Middle School students in action. We have been offering students 'Mini-Music-Jam- Walkathons' every morning, and sometimes afternoons. The kids (and teachers) get a chance to walk a mile (in about 12-15 minutes) and hang out with their friends before and after school. We have been averaging 100-150 students every AM...count the miles! I've even spotted kids walking and reading at the same time...which can be dangerous...but also fun to watch!

We have our ELA, health, and PE teachers, and school counselors working together to push the ETRTR program. I've got most of our 'Book Brag' lit club, as well as the Cross Country Team locked into it as well. (Check out the lit club blog at We've been giving away t-shirts as raffle prizes, and I personally have been talking it up big time during the morning PA announcements. Our schools 'Building Planning Team' is very excited about ETRTR as it aligns with our school district's focus on Health and Wellness this year. We will be spending our collected dollars on Health and Fitness books for our library, as well as a donation to First Book. Thanks so much for setting up this terrific opportunity!

The mini-music-jam's a great idea. Music keeps the legs pumping! Rock on, Cosgrove runners and readers!

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Thanks for the plug W!

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