Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trapped! (Or, At Least, Iced-In)

The only touring I did today was of the hotel. Roads are iced over, schools are closed...hard to do the scheduled events with no way for anyone to get to them.
Tomorrow doesn't look much better. Low tonight is supposed to be 18, which means any ice that may have begun to melt will refreeze, and the high won't reach 32, so it'll stay ice all day.
I was told today that this has never happened in Atlanta before -- that usually when it's icy, the temps get up high enough to melt it -- so their road clearing system isn't what it might be in areas where they're used to these weather conditions.
The picture posted was the view from the fitness center -- which was packed with people looking for something to do while they're stranded in the hotel!
I spent a lot of the day researching Sammy 15 and tried to be productive. I'm definitely grateful that I'm stuck in a hotel and not at the airport like a lot of people are.
We'll see what tomorrow brings!


g said...
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g said...

omg its ginngle11 again! thank you so much for commenting back!!!! I know you have things to do and places to be and it warms my heart that you responded!!! it's relly cool that your not one of those famous people who throw away fan letters they get and never read them! It's also really cool that i can acually send you something without the doubt in the back of my mind saying youll never get my message. Thanks for the info about the casey side note and i hope you aren't iced in for long!:)
p.s. i'm on my dads account ( Tim is not my name, "giggle" i'm a girl. he he :]). So, thank you, thank you, thank you, and have a great night!!
Your Even bigger Fan,

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendelin! I just discovered your blog last week and I finally have time to comment on it! :) I just wanted to tell you that you are my favorite author and I am obsessed with the Sammy Keyes books! I am thirteen just like she is so I could really connect to some of her problems, but not all of them of course, because I don't live illegally with my grandmother or anything! I also want to say that your series is one of the two book series where I actually feel like I am there. :-) I am super excited about Sammy Keyes and the night of skulls! I can't wait for it to come out! I hope I don't explode because I am so excited! I want to say that I have absolutely loved books # 11-13! They are my favorite out of all 13!
I am also planning on reading The Running Dream sometime in the next few weeks because it sounds really good! :) Well I hope you won't be 'trapped' too much longer! I think I will continue to comment often, so ttyl! ~ Katelyn :)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Thanks for keeping me company on the ice-age tour :) and for the nice comments! I spent my iced-in day stewing the plot for Sammy 15. It is going to be SO funny ('cause of the kinda-loser-guy mentioned in previous posts.) More soon! G'night!

Anonymous said...

You would have been 2 hours away!>:(.
Unfortunately i was in Michigan for my Uncles Funeral.:"(