Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I missed yesterday, sorry! I arrived late, crashed, woke up super early because I was still on St. Louis time, made myself get up and go for a run along the waterfront. It was cold and dark, but gorgeous with all the lights and a view of the Space Needle. Then it was go-go-go all day, doing school visits and then a video interview before an evening book signing at Third Place Books. My cousin and his family showed up to tonight's signing--it was so nice to see them! There were two collectors in the audience who had stacks of first printings for me to sign. One of them even had a first printing of How I Survived Being A Girl--cool! There was also someone whom I'd met at the Phoenix airport a couple of years ago, and a person who'd read my piece in the Scalzi blog -- actually she was the second person who came to a signing on this tour because of the Scalzi blog. It's interesting (and a little strange) how immediately bonding that is. Now I'm back at the hotel, eating crumbs from a scone and nuts because it's too late (and I'm too tired) to go get any dinner. Lame post, I know. I could tell you about the deranged guy who was shouting at runners as they went by the naked statue in an enormous fountain by the waterfront this morning, but I'm too tired. Much, much too tired! Thanks for checking in on me. It's nice to know you care. G'night!


katarinandersson said...

Wow, it's sounds like that book tour is keeping you busy, I hope you're having fun and that the rest of your book tour will go well :) I also wanted to say that there's this TV commercial on Swedish TV that always makes me think of the Sammy Keyes books. It's a commercial for a telephone company that lets you get cheap calls to all your friends, and in the commercial they joke about offering cheap calls to all your enemies as well. And when I see it I always think that that would be perfect for Heather, she could just call Sammy and tell her that she hates her and it wouldn't cost her that much. Now I realize that this was a really pointless story, that happens to me sometimes, I start to tell a story and then I think "Why am I telling this? This isn't interesting to anyone". But then I realize that it would be even more weird to stop so I have to finish the story and then I feel lame. Ah well, you can't always be cool, I guess. And now I've rambled on too much. I really just wanted to tell you that your Sammy Keyes books are great and really funny. I should stop writing now. Bye!

g said...

wow!!! I love seeing my family that live in other places too! My cousins that live in Oregon are coming down in march and just bye knowing that, i am happy! Hope you have a very productive time in Seattle!

Connor Parsons said...

Hi mom. I made a blog. See you on Saturday... keep being famous.


Oh, by the way, this means I get to bug you about the things you say about me on here. I'm on to you.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

katarinandersson: thanks for making me laugh out loud! loved your comment.

Thanks ginngle11!
Thanks son!