Friday, January 21, 2011


Couldn't sleep. Up at 3:00, lift to airport at 5:30, just arrived in San Francisco. It's SUNNY! Looking forward to the school event today -- Walter Mayes' school for those of you who know the thespian and Giant Storyteller. Then Hicklebee's bookstore tonight--I love Hicklebee's and the staff! Then one more event tomorrow and I get to go HOME, kiss all my boys, and COLLAPSE. Can't wait!


Tim said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay so for some reason none of your posts showed up on my Reader app which is like where I keep track of all new posts of blogs I follow SO. Wow, I missed a tonnnnnnn. Anyway, I was reading your “Ozzy and The Situation” post.
YOU MET THE SITUATION? Or did I read something wrong? Or is it a different Situation? IS there even a different Situation? Like, from Jersey Shore?
I'm going to feel realllllly dumb if I'm wrong about this.

And you met Ozzy Osbourne? Like, Mr. I-Bite-The-Heads-Off-Living-Birds-On-Stage? Hmm. For some reason he freaks me out, king of like Chris Angel but eh. I guess I just dont appreciate watching birds and bats' heads being bitten off onstage. But other than that, I have nothing against him yo.

Well sorry I missed your whole book tour but YOU'LL BE HOME SOON AND THEN YOU CAN RELAX! <3 Which means you'll be home the warm, sunny state which is California. You live in California, right? Isn't that what your little About the Author thing says in the back of your books? Yeah well at least you're not stuck here in the freezing cold (oh and I forgot wind chill yo). Even though you say your in SF so I guess you're already away from the blah weather.

And I saw Running Dream at the store! I was like OMG LOOK ITS THE BOOK! That rhymed. But yeah, I was just sort of flipping through it. Although I did not buy it (yet) because I was committing myself to buy another series at the moment. But as soon as I become un-broke and I pay my mother back the forty dollars I borrowed from her, I will buy it. And then read it. And then open my laptop. And then come on this blog. And then log in to Google. And then comment, about what I thought about it.

But I hope you had fun on your tour anyway! <3

(previously xxcammyloverxx by the way)

Tim said...

Sweet! You only have two events left until you can go home and relax! I bet you made A LOT of fans happy by going on this tour! Good luck with the rest of it!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I missed a lot of your posts too! That is so interesting about the paid escorts being able to tell you about their other jobs! :D. And I'm so sorry about the phone interview being so difficult-I'm sure that was a stressful experience… I hope that it all turned out well though :). Do you know where we could listen to the podcasts? And that is so cool that you give away a Risky Whippet EP to someone who doesn't like Justin Beiber XD.
Does your dog pee in your house?
Well...why is he risky?
That part made me laugh, and so reminded me of Mystery Pisser XD. And I'd like to join the parents in thanking you for writing amazing and entertaining books without resorting to 'crass content'. I hate it when the resolution of romantic tension or conflict is that two characters have sex-because that TOTALLY fixes all their problems :-P. One of the single most annoying things about YA lit today is how difficult it is to find a book without foul language and sexual content, which is why even though I'm 18 I don't hesitate to prowl the JF section of my library-and I generally look up more information on a YA book before I pick it up, because I don't want to waste my time reading something I won't be able to fully enjoy. I've fully enjoyed each of your books I've read, though, so thank you very much for that :).
I guess you're home and happy with your three boys now :). Enjoy your rest-you more than deserve it after all of the work you've done!

Optimistic4ever said...

WHOO! HICKLEBEES! YEAH! LOL I just finished The Running Dream. AMAZING STORY! :)

Tim said...
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Tim said...

Hey Wendelin! It's Ginngle11 and I just wanted to tell you how amazingly great your books are! (you probably already knew that though). The only problem is i can't get Sammy out of my head. But hey, I guess thats a good thing ;).Your books are just sooooooo addicting!!!! So, I figured I had to find some other books to read until the next sk comes out so, I looked up an old series I used to read.It just so happened they had it at a local library. Once I got it, I read as much as i could. As soon as I had read more that 9 chapters, ( maybe 12 or 11 ) I knew it wasn't even close to how good sk books are. I was DOOMED! How was I going to survive without sammy? Well honestly, I havent figured it out...YET. But i guess as long as I keep checking in on your blog, I will survive ...hopefully. So anyway hope you are having a great time relaxing and hope to hear from you soon!
-ginngle11 ;)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

stkj: Yes The Situation from JS, but no, I didn't meet him...I just got the scoop from his driver who was also my driver....on separate days.

Elizabeth: I've tried to find the podcast, but no luck yet. I'll add it to a new post if I do find it. I'm sure it's disjuncted...and hilarious if you know the story of what was going on.


Ginngle11: I know what you mean :) I'm working on the new one (with the kinda-loser-guy) and I just LOVE spending time with Sammy...

Thanks so much for the comments!