Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Abandon Ship!

Well, abandon Atlanta, anyway. Sorry Atlanta! I couldn't get to either event today, so they got me to the airport and flew me into Chicago. This hotel boasts $15 tomato soup. I'm sure it's the "torn basil" they garnish it with that makes it so pricey. Imagine what it would cost if they garnished it with "cut basil." Wow. The labor involved would make it astronomical. I eat basil right off the potted plant at home. So does my older son. We play chess, eat whatever goes good with pizza or grilled cheese or, hey, tomato soup!-- and then yank leaves and munch. I'd probably muzzle up to it like a deer if he wasn't there. Love the stuff. I've got to stop thinking about home because it's only been 2 (LONG) days and I'm already homesick. Big day tomorrow! See you then!


Beach said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get to do anything in Atlanta. I hope you'll still come here on your next book tour (fall is the nicest season here, though really, summer's not that bad -- and usually winter isn't either!). I'm jealous; I haven't seen another person in 4 days now, and I'm stuck for at least another day.

I hope the rest of your tour goes better. At least you didn't have to hop any Atlanta fences!

g said...

Hey Wendelin,
Stinks you had to "abandon" Atlanta. I've heard it was a cool place. Have fun in Chicago!
Tim / ginngle11 :)

Alexa said...

Have a great time in Chicago! I personally love it there! Ah, the cold, windy city. Too bad you had to cancel Atlanta. But what can you do about the weather?

Here, though, I wish it would just snow some more so I could go snowmobiling. I mean I got a new helmet (the other one kept fogging up. Try driving a snowmobile and not being able to see, it is NOT fun)! With much trial and tribulation on how to get the shield on I finally got it good to go (seriously, the thing was so hard to put on. It was like a puzzle...)!

See ya next post (or when I get back on here again. I've been busy practicing guitar (gosh, it is so hard! My fingers are all calloused... it hurts...))

Rockin' out ( :P ) Lexa