Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Boots Packed, Check!

The Running Dream comes out on Tuesday!
My book tour starts tomorrow!
At least I hope it does--I start in Atlanta, and tonight flights were cancelled due to weather.
But my publicist is awesome and on top of it and she's says she'll get me there. And you know what? I believe her!
Just tonight she landed a 5-star review in the Examiner. I love that the reviewer says it's not just a book for young adults -- that adults will love it too. So far, so true!
Also, that video I told you about is also now available -- it's only 90 seconds, but I think it sums up the basic premise beautifully. YouTube trailer
Here's the finalized itinerary for the public appearances during this January Tour. It doesn't seem like much in the way of events, but I'm crazy busy doing school visits before (and sometimes after) what's listed. I can't take a prosthetic leg with me, but Peg-Leg Greg (bless his heart) allowed me to photograph him donning his, so I've got a step-by-step as part of my slide show.
I sent out an announcement asking people who are interested and able to buy a book to please consider doing it on release date (Tuesday, 1/11) because a good early sales rank helps a book gain momentum (and after everything I put into writing this book that would be greatly appreciated!). So if that's you, please visit your local independent bookseller or Amazon Barnes & Noble Powell’s Indiebound And if you know of anyone else who may be interested, please pass this information on! While on tour I will do my best to break the once-a-week protocol at the blog here and update every day. It'll make me feel like I've got company on tour -- and people who stop by here definitely make for good company!
Many thanks for your enthusiasm! See you soon!

* * * * * · “This heart-touching story is a helpful reminder that we must appreciate each day and each blessing.”—Jordan Hasay, four-time USA Track & Field Junior Women’s Champion, 1500m, 2007–2010 · “I felt as if this wonderful young woman was sitting right next to me telling me the story of her year of discovery—her journey of frustration, loss, friendship, laughter, and enlightenment. Running is something you do from your heart.” —Anthony Edwards, award-winning actor, runner, and chairman of Shoe4Africa · "The real magic of The Running Dream is not just the conquest of one individual over a physical limitation. It is the collective good an athletic team can do for themselves, their teammates, and their community. I would certainly recommend The Running Dream to any high school athlete, regardless of the sport."—Ken Reeves, teacher and coach for 35 years, 2-time National High School Cross Country Coach of the Year, 11-time California State Championship Team Coach, 14-time CIF Southern Section Championship Team Coach · “With deep insight and sensitivity, Wendelin Van Draanen explores a profoundly human and liberating concept—to see the person, not the disability—in this wonderful portrait of a girl and her community.” –Marianne Leone, actress, author of Knowing Jesse: A Mother’s Story of Grief, Grace, and Everyday Bliss.


Beach said...

I've been a long-time lurker of your blog, but I just wanted to say I hope you made it to Atlanta safely. I hope that they will still have the event, because I plan to attend even if I have to trek 2 miles through the snow and ice (and graveyard) each way.

Lucy said...

sweet!!!! i'm getting the book. =]

ginngle11 said...

Wow so cool!:]
By the way i commented kinda late on "For Samantha" and i really hope you get to read it!(commented on Jan 9 2011) Just wanna make sure you know how much I love you writing! Please read the comments i sent and thanks! Have fun on tour!!

ginngle11 said...

Oh my gosh,one more thing! I just want to ask you who your favorite character is in the Sammy Keyes series ( besides Sammy of course ). So anyway thank you oh, so, very, much and I look forward to hearing about your tour!
Have fun!

Amanda said...

I just watched the video and thought it was very good. (By the way, loved the pink streak in your hair.) The Running Dream sounds like it is going to be an amazing book. Can't wait to read it.

Tim said...

woah! that pink streak is sooo cool!!!!!

Tim said...

Oh yeah.... from ginngle11