Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring 2014 Tour Schedule & Map

Here's the schedule for the Spring leg of the "He Said, She Said" Author Road Show. (We plan to have the Fall 2014 schedule--visits to the "north half" of the country--ready sometime this summer.) Hope to see you out there! (And please share with anyone you think might be interested!)


Jessica said...

Woohoo! Now I can obnoxiously bug everyone I know to go see you guys. The map looks kind of like a big jack-o'-lantern grin. Hopefully you've got some time in there for some shortcuts and sidetracks.

I can't wait to read the book(s) this trip inspires. And of course I can't wait until April to finally meet you. I hope I don't scare you by fan-girling too much (when I met Richard Preston, I cried -- I'm pretty sure that was the first time that ever happened to him, and he was utterly bemused).

Anonymous said...

Madison, Indiana... I think I can come to that!! YAY I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kylie said...

I am so excited and you don't even have the schedule for Northern California yet! I am so excited for this fall! This is so exciting!

And I am working on the songs for your road trip, (although it might just end up being my favorite songs).

I can't wait until this fall!


Samuel Abarca said...

I know this has nothing to do here, but I just read flipped and Bryce and Juli can't just wave hands. . they've got to talk. . I don't know there have to be a second part please. . And the, kiss. . how could Juli rejected it? Such a great book. . but there's gotta be a second T.T

Gabrielle said...

That's so exciting!! And are you guys still coming to VA on the road trip?


Mark said...

Thanks - we're excited, too! Going as far east as Chicago on our 2nd leg, but not sure if we'll make it all the way to VA. (Route is still TBD...)


Optimistic4ever said...

I'm so happy for all the people who'll get to meet you this year!!!

Also, like Kylie, I'm hoping you'll come my part of Cali for the Fall road trip :D

Kylie said...

That would be so cool if I did! I hope so!


Yusa said...

When exactly would the fall road trip take place. Ditto on the northern Cali part... It's just that I'm never around in the summer and I would die if you guys came on a day that i wasn't around. Loved your road trip "trailer"! You both are adorable!


Lourdes said...

I mentioned you on my book blog since I'm such a huge fan!

I really hope you make it farther east than Chicago! I'm in Boston during the fall months and would love to get a chance to meet both of you!

Yusa said...

Saw a picture of the rockin road trip van! So excited it looks amazing!

Kylie said...

While working on your road trip playlist I found this:

Don't know how good the songs are because I only recognize about 50 but I figured you might like to see it.