Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shoelaces & Horseshoes do you like them?

Who wants a pair of custom Sammy Keyes shoelaces?

These are the samples, pre-production, so I won't actually have them until shortly before the tour, but I was very excited to get the samples.

Hope you're excited to see them!

Due to the way they're manufactured, "no two are alike," or, at least, identical, so how the text starts and ends varies. But each lace will have every title on it somewhere! The laces are 45", which can work on high-tops or low-cuts.

They also can work as ID lanyards for those of you in schools that require those. And I've been wearing one as a ribbon in my hair!

As you can see on the purple and red shoes in this picture, I also got horseshoes. They're the closest thing I could find to the horseshoe that Casey gave Sammy, so although they're not perfect, they're symbolic and fun. (And you don't have to wear yours on your shoe!)

In last week's comments I got likened to Santa Claus. I don't know about that, but I do know how much I appreciate the people who have traveled with me on this journey through 18 books. To me this is a way to say thank you for being part of this adventure, and a fun way to tie us together.

Sammiacs forever!


Yusa said...


"a fun way to tie us together" get it cuz you TIE shoelaces haha :)

The laces kinda look perfect and it seems as if i have a problem though since i kinda need them now and I cant wait that long to get a hold of them. And the horseshoes i have no words for this is the first time ive seen a shoe accessory and I love it! I hope these are gonna be sold in stores soon or maybe with Sammy keyes books!

We appreciate you more... Sammy has inspired me since I was in third grade and keeps inspiring me through 10th grade and beyond. You are our santa clause :)

I see the shoelaces have the titles from Hotel thief to kiss goodbye all 18 of them listed in a row.... its amazing how the whole story can be listen on a 45" shoelaces... from the beginning to the end. From the moment she waves out the window to Oscar until... well we dont know yet.

Always always always a Sammiac

Kylie said...

Those are so fantastic! They are a lot cooler than I expected them to be. And the blue on black is stunning.

I love how the shoes you are modeling them on are not brand new. It totally reminds me of Sammy.

Speaking of Sammy there is this girl at my high school that totally reminds me of Sammy. She is a skateboarder and small and kind of scrappy, like I have imagined Sammy. My sister showed me a few videos of her skateboarding and as soon as I saw them I instantly thought of Sammy. Now whenever I see her I think of Sammy.

And I love the horseshoes. They are so perfect. I might even wear mine on a anclet because my shoes are always coming unlaced and I wouldn't want to lose my horseshoe.

I am so excited about the shoelaces and horseshoes. This comment took me so long to write because I kept scrolling back up and looking at the shoelaces.

Have a great week everyone!


Gabrielle said...

Those shoelaces are better than I could ever have imagined!! I can't wait to get a pair!! And I love the horseshoe!!! It's awsome!!

Sammy Keyes has been a big impact on my life. It's given me a new perspective on things, and I couldn't thank you enough, Wendelin, for making such amazing books.
Sammiac forever! :)


Wendelin Van Draanen said...

The only way to get these is through me, and I promise to get them to you. EIther on tour, or after. We'll figure it out!

Yusa said...

At least now you can bow tie the gifts you give with these shoelaces :)

In new Sammy merchandize news we should have Cammy quote shoes next haha


Optimistic4ever said...


Sammy's been a huge part of my life, I'm so glad that the series has impacted so many other people as well!


P.S. I finally commented on time! Between school, SAT prep, friends, family... I've been a bit busy but I'm trying to get back into the routine of checking in on Sunday, instead of on Thursdays or sometime later in the week.

Gabrielle said...

Are you still coming to Virginia on your tour, Wendelin?


Jessica said...

Oops, I was too exhausted last night to remember to check the site, even though I knew the pics were coming. I never imagined I would get excited over shoelaces, but those laces are awesome! I love how they're kind of a code for someone to figure out. The horseshoes are pretty cool too.

Unknown said...

The shoelaces are so pretty!!! I can't wait. The horseshoe surprised me though, because I imagined it to be something bigger with holes through it so you can lace them on. But anyway, this one is probably a better idea for production purposes, smaller and still cute!

Does anyone remember which book is where Sammy got her horseshoe? I forgot, but I keep thinking the Psycho Kitty Queen...that one's my favorite. :)

Unknown said...

Those shoelaces are awesome! I can't wait to get them and lace them on my high-tops. And the horseshoe! I can't wait for next year when you do the northern halfof the US, but I may not be able to wait that long and go down to one of the southern states to meet you! Super excited!

Yusa said...

Winny: yeah i had the same idea about the horseshoes. I understand that these ones are charms but in the book was it a charm or a horseshoe with holes in it?

Unknown said...

I ADORE those shoelaces, and the horseshoe too! Can't wait!

I recently converted my best friend to Sammiac-ism, so she'll be there too! Woohoo!

I also just spent an hour going through my Sammy books looking for possible fire-escape fiends (loving the alliteration).

While going through them, I found my name! "Coralee Lyon" in Dead Giveaway is a lot like Cora, and Officer Nunez in Snake Eyes has my last name! So fun.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Corazon: Fire-escape Friends. I love that!!

Horseshoes: So funny the differences in our minds. I guess the author didn't do a very good job of describing! It's supposed to be a horseshoe charm--and I pictured it being slightly smaller than the ones I bought.

Karen said...


The only way they could possibly be better is to use the Sammy font ... but I imagine that would be hard to get to print neatly on shoelace material, so. Yes, splendid. I will take a pair. Or two.

(A way to tie us together, ha.)

@Yusa, I think the Cammy quote shoes would be way cooler if you wrote your own. :-)

@Winny, it was Psycho Kitty Queen, that was last year's birthday present. :-)

I remember the horseshoe having nail holes too. In my head it was 2 inches square, perfect size to fit on, and mirror the shape of, a high-top toe.

Clearly we all need to go and reread the horseshoe scene. Such hardship. ;-)

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Sammy D said...

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