Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ramp-Up to Road Rash

The "He Said, She Said" Tour (also known as the Road Show!) is almost finalized. I expect to have the schedule posted next week.

This week, though, is all about the release of Mark's debut novel, Road Rash. Tuesday's the big day! It's amazing, really, how much there is for an author to do that has nothing whatsoever to do with the writing of a book--part of that involves the ramp-up to the release of a book. One of these days I'll write a whole post on it, but for now, I just want to share the book trailer for Road Rash.

Here's the link!

It's purpose is to make you want to read the book. It also makes me want to play the drums!

How about you?


Kylie said...

I really want to read the book. And play the drums now! It is so cool that your sons help with the music! (That was your sons right?).

I can't wait to read this book. But I think I will order it after this storm passes because I don't want it to be sitting in front of our gate for hours in the rain until we get home. But yeah for the rain and helping us in this drought!

Have a great week everyone!


Jessica said...

That trailer is awesome! Congrats to Mark. I hope the release goes well. I should share the trailer on my Facebook page; I think my nephew and his bandmates would like the book.

A post about all the non-writing stuff you have to do would be really interesting. And I can't wait to see the final road trip schedule.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Thanks "guys"! And thanks for sharing the news about Road Rash. Mark really, really appreciates it!

Yusa said...

I watched the trailer a few days ago and I loved it! I really want to read it!

@Kylie: Yeah I know about the rain its been raining continuously for like 4 days now but it needs to continue like this for a while if our drought is gonna get fixed. I love the rain but everyone is getting sick so thats the downside.

Anticipating next week and the road trip schedule so i know what day to keep booked.

Congratulations Mark! I can't wait to read Road Rash!


Jessica said...

I've wanted to play the drums ever since Marko's (how did it take me so long to figure out where that name came from?) description of it as "running" in Killer Cruise. It's funny, because in 4th grade they made us take a "music ability" test to see which instrument we were best suited to play, and mine came out percussion, but I always figured they just said that for all the non-musically inclined kids (especially after it took me so long to hear and learn rhythm when I started Irish dancing as an adult).

I just requested that my library order Road Rash, pointing out its perfect 5-star rating on Amazon and 4-star rating on Good Reads. Who knows when they'll get the recommendation, though, because I'm iced in again.

Mark said...

Thanks, Jessica. I think there is a pair of custom-made "Road Rash" drumsticks in your future...ha!

Yusa said...

Happy Valentine's day everyone!