Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Edgar Dress, Part Two

Well, shoot. I can't find a picture.

So I'll have to try to paint one in your mind.

Edgar Dress #2: Cave girl. Full-length. Tomato red. Fitted. Long slit.Tiny red beads all over it.

Good enough, yes?

Because it's not really the dress itself, it's the way I found it.

I was in Homewood, Alabama doing an extended visit to middle schools, soaking in Southern hospitality as I shared in the post from earlier this month. During the visit I learned that I'd been nominated for a second Edgar, and in the excitement of that I told my hosts the story of the $29 Little Pink Dress.

Being from the South, they loved the story.

They weren't convinced about the wearing of white shoes so early in the calendar year, but after polite murmurings and hoisted eyebrows, they let it slide.

Especially after I got to the part about winning the Edgar, and what Mary Higgins Clark had said.

Anyway, on my last day in Alabama, there was a big "luncheon" being held in my honor at a swanky restaurant, and the superintendent, principals, & librarians were all going to be in attendance.

Well, right next door to this swanky luncheoning local just so happened to be a "vintage clothing shoppe." "Let's go!" the ladies who drove me to the restaurant said. "Maybe you'll find your Edgar dress!"

Not likely, I knew, considering we only had about 10 minutes to shop. Which, after stepping inside, I was really regretting. The place was big! And packed! No secret closet, man, this place had rooms and rooms and rooms.

We found the "gowns" section and almost immediately I spotted the red cave-girl dress. Amid other showy gowns, it was understated, and (key to this 5'10+" author) longer than everything else around it.

I pulled it out and all the ladies went "Ooooo."

"It would go great with white shoes and gloves, don't you think?" I asked.

"Hmmmm," they all went, their eyebrows twitching.

And then I saw the price tag and squealed, "It's twenty-nine dollars!"

Having heard the Little Pink Dress story, the ladies knew: it was meant to be. So I tried it on speedy-quick, it fit, I paid, and we scurried across the street to lunch.

There is a third story, it involves black. And a sharp-tongued aunt. And, of course, $29.

Maybe next week!

Until then, here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year and an outstanding 2014.

See you in the comments!


Gabrielle said...

Too bad you didn't have a picture of this dress, I would've loved to see it! I can't wait til Edgar Dress Part Three! It sounds pretty interesting.

Have a Happy New Year everybody!! :)


Jessica said...

First things first: I have a Christmas (or other holiday) present for one lucky Sammy Keyes fan -- check it out by the end of this year!

I don't think I've ever lucked into finding a dress that I loved that quickly; I think I'm too much like Sammy and would rather have jeans and sneakers (or actually, fuzzy socks, fleece pants, and a nice fluffy fleece jacket). But the cavegirl dress sounds beautiful.

I'm starting to read these posts in Billy Mays's voice. "But wait, you get not 1, not 2, but 3 -- yes 3! -- beautiful vintage mystery gowns for the low-low price of 29.99 each. Buy now and we'll throw in free shipping and handling, but only if you promise not to wear white shoes with them." Okay, Miss Manners took over there at the end...

Yusa said...

If you ever find the picture please post it since i am really curious about it!

That is just meant to be. i dont really go shopping often so these things dont happen to me but thats cool!

Jessica: The last like week i have been living at home with soft sweat pants, fuzzy socks, and a hoodie.

I wear dresses often enough, but always long ones since those are the only ones i can wear.

Cant wait until story #3 and Happy New YEars!


Kylie said...

Finding three perfect dresses for the price of $29 is amazing! I can't believe that you managed that! I can barely find one dress for that price when I have to go dress shopping.

I agree with Jessica and Yusa. I spend almost everyday in jeans, a flannel, and converse. But I have never been a fan of dresses that go to my feet as it makes it hard for me to move.

Have a great week and a Happy New Year to you all!


Gabrielle said...

I have to agree with you guys, I don't like wearing dresses, and if I do I like them long.

It is really amazing how you found three dresses for the exact same price! That's a good deal when it comes to dress shopping.


Yusa said...

Ah yes that is the problem with long dresses and skirts since they restrict movement but if they flare out a bit then its not a problem or if you wear leggings underneath a skirt its easy to transform into comfortable outfit. Haha i like to be prepared so I dont do restricting clothes much.

Gabrielle said...

Just read the description for Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye. I am totally freaking out!!!!! I just can't believe it!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!


Jessica said...

Karen, you won my Justice Jack giveaway. I sent you an e-mail asking for your mailing address, but I don't know if it got filtered as spam or something. If you didn't get the e-mail, can you comment on my blog again, with your mailing address (I won't make the comment public, I promise)? Thanks.

Gabrielle, I just had to go read it, too. I've had a feeling it would be like that but couldn't believe it. I just got a little teary-eyed. That probably would have happened anyway since it's the last book, but still. This feels like the last Harry Potter all over again.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Gah! I just saw it online. Made me cry, too! Gah!

Gabrielle said...

I'm soo sad!! I can't get it out of my mind!! I can't believe this series is ending!! This is my favorite series of books. I just really want to know what happens! I did get kind is emmotional reading about the book, and I don't get emmotional very often.


Kylie said...

Well I just got rid of my tears. It took me a while to compose myself. I was actually thinking that someone was going to come back for Sammy, but I wasn't expecting this. I am really curious on how it is going to be told. I am guessing that the person that hurt her is Ray or maybe all the people she has put in jail joined together to get back at her. I don't know but I really need this book, yet I also don't want it because then it will be over. Ahh the struggle.

Yusa said... NO WAY OMG IM FREAKIN OUT. First of all great cover. And omg SEPTEMBER 9! 9 months everyone. To find out whodunit. Im crying before i even read it. 9 months until Sammy Keyes' story comes to an end. I am not okay. This is not okay. Stop toying with my emotions! This has been my life for so long. I hope to stay connected with all of you on this blog! Sammy truly has touched so many lives. This cannot happen.


Yusa said...

P.S. i hope the TV show idea happens so i can relive all her adventures.

Jessica said...

I was babysitting for a 9-year-old boy, and we went to the library, so I walked by the V's and pulled the first "The Gecko & Sticky" book (they only had the 4th Shredderman, and I didn't know which series was more age-appropriate, but starting at the beginning is always better). He took one look at the cover and his eyes lit up. He checked out 5 books, and when we got home, he spent the rest of the afternoon devouring G&S. He was on chapter 17 when I left.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Jessica, thank you! I know I wrote them and it's cheesy to say, but I LOVE The Gecko & Sticky and wish more kids his age would have someone introduce them. So, thank you!

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