Thursday, November 1, 2007

And We're Off (to New York)!

This appropriate drawing courtesy of cool(and very funny) author / illustrator Kevin O'Malley. Slow and steady, that's how I'm going to do this 26.2 miles. (Now, if Kevin had drawn one for Mark, there'd be a hare. Oh, wait, no. The hare didn't fare too well, did he. It'd be more like a mountain goat--Mark's amazing on hills.) Regardless, I appreciate the drawing and the sentiment. Thanks Kevin!


sybrichje said...

Hare- you are no tortoise. I should know. I have known and taken care of a tortoise cal toise-- and you are no toise. Enjoy yourself out east. The original rabbit-- the only good one--

Maur said...

So cool to see the connection you and Kevin made at Tehama County's LitFest, Magical Mystery Tour! Takes me back to the fun of seeing you two WOW the kids in Northern California!