Saturday, November 5, 2016

Get One, Give One...Pass It On!

It's November, the month where we find ourselves reflecting on things for which we're thankful. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to hit you with my list.

Instead, I'm doing a giveaway for teachers / librarians (or educators of any kind). It'll be a box of books with duplicates of assorted (signed) titles, some paperback, some hardcover--whatever I can cram inside the box. The idea is that the winner keeps one copy of each title for their classroom or library, and gives the duplicate titles away to students at their school. Get one, give one.

Isn't that an awesome idea?

Well, not if you're not a teacher or librarian, right? But how about this--you know one of those don't you? You may see one every day! So tell them about giveaway, with the understanding that you get to keep one of the books if they win. 

The November giveaway is happening on Twitter (where you can find me at @WendelinVanD), and I will do a Book Bouquet Giveaway each week through the end of the month (4 boxes). 

Please note: The random-draw winner's mailing address must be that of a school or library.

I know some of my regular blog readers don't do the social media thing, so to you guys, don't dismay! I promise to also do some sort of giveaway here at the blog in December. 

Meanwhile, tell the teachers you know to join the fun here.

Get one, give one...pass it on!


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