Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Land of Vanishing Time & Sapce

I have this bad habit of filling up time I don't really have. Like, I'll get a dandy idea and think, Yeah! I've got time for that! But then that Dandy Idea winds up taking Way Too Much Time (because, you know, you need to do your Dandy Ideas right). Before I know it I'm chuga-chuga-choo-chooing into the Tunnel of Vanishing Time where dark forces rob you and leave you with unfinished Dandy Ideas and unpacked suitcases.

This is to say that Tour starts in 2 days.

This is to say that the van is packed to the gills and there's not a suitcase in it.

This is to say that Dandy Ideas take not only more time, but more space than one might anticipate.

One of these Dandy Ideas was making large puzzles for the Puyallup Sammy Keyes party. I'm happy to say that they are done, and they are mounted, and they are packed, and (especially) they are awesome!

I will not list the things yet unfinished, or share my TO DO list. You have vanishing time of your own to deal with.

I wish you could all be at the party. I could see you swooping in with answers to these mega puzzles. They would be completed in fifteen seconds! So, hm, maybe it's a good thing you can't all come. These puzzles took too much time to have them completed by a swarm of Sammiacs in fifteen seconds!

If you can't come to the party, you might want to stop reading right here. I will see you right here next week, when I give the first Adventure Report from the northern loop tour.

If you are going, newsflash! I've learned that Dan Yaccarino, the illustrator for the hardcover Sammys will be at the party and will draw a "Sammy" in each of the Kiss Goodbye books sold that night (if you want him to). AND since Nancy (my editor) is also going to be there (and singing backup with our band, tee-hee!), I've asked if she'd be willing to sign the books (if you want her to), and she has agreed . So that would be the author, illustrator, and editor all in one place, scribbling in books. Sounds pretty collectible to me :-)

One last thing because I thought was really nicely done: A Prezi presentation from a school in Puyallup getting kids interested in going to the party. It's fun--just click through it.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments last week. I felt surrounded by friends who understand, and that's a really great way to feel!


Jessica said...

That crossword looks amazing! Good luck getting everything packed and ready for the trip. Hope you manage to get some sleep in, too.

I've learned the hard way that when I get "awesome" ideas, I need to set a time limit on them. Like, a time limit for each stage of the implementation of the idea. But I'm still really bad at estimating time.

(I totally checked airline prices again... not any cheaper. I've heard you can fly for free by being a courier, but I've never actually seen how you can do that.)

Kylie said...

The crossword looks so cool! Since I just reread the series I feel like I could do it in may be 30 seconds to a minute. Possibly 15 but you wouldn't be able to read my hand writing.

Of course I didn't stop reading, especially when it told me not to. The party sounds like it is going to be a blast! I desperately hope that I will be able to see you in Chico! Crossing all my fingers and toes for that one!

Have a stay tour! And have a great week everyone!


Leah Lam said...

I am so excited to go there and see you again!!! Already scheming on ways to fit my books in my suitcase :)

Saheli said...

The crossword looks really cool! I'm bummed that I cant go to the party...I live on the other side of the country...

Also October 4th is actually my birthday :)

Yusa said...

What I would give to get a copy of Kiss Goodbye with a picture from Dan and a signature from Nancy. Is there anyway I can buy that without actually having to buy a plan ticket to Pullyap. BUT DAVIS IS IN A FEW DAYS AND YOU CAN COUNT ON ME BEING THERE HOPEFULLY.

Unknown said...

I really want to go to the party, but I live in Utah, so we will see if I can get my mom to take me. Maybe we can do a roadtrip. Anyways, the crossword looks really cool. Have fun on the tour!

Jo said...

Wow, the crosswords look great! Hope you have lots of fun (and rest) on the tour! I really wish I could attend the Sammy party (partly because Puyallup is such a cool name), but I should be at the Menlo Park event this week, so looking forward to that for sure~

Unknown said...
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Yusa said...

I. Just. Met. Them.
I have given my brother custody of the final SK book because I read the first 2 sentences and started crying so for the sake of my education I must first complete my essays, homework, and studying before I am allowed to emotionally destroy myself through it. This said, I am already emotionally excited and panicked because I just met THEM.

I almost cried when Wendelin recognized me.I sat alone in the front row, but all the empty chairs around me were in honor of all the other bloglettes who could not make it. I represented with the Oklahoma T-shirt (Thanks to Caradith). Me and my brother also hunted down their van afterwards and took a bunch of stalker pictures in front of that. My hi-tops have already been loaded with shoeslaces and the horseshoes. I completely forgot to get my shoes and t-shirt signed because I was starstruck but if I get to come to Eldorado Hills, hopefully I'll remember.

OKAY SO MARK AND WENDELIN YOU GUYS WERE SO EXCITED AND FUN AND I WAS SO EXCITED AND IM STILL SO EXCITED and it was honestly so so so amazing from beginning to end. Couldn't stop smiling the whole entire time. YOU ARE BOTH AMAZING.

I better get my studying and homework done so I can dive into the emotional rollercoaster of Kiss Goodbye. I put all the rest of my gushyness in the letter.