Monday, September 29, 2014

North Loop Week 2 Highlights

(I'm a day late, but it's not my fault! The hotel had internet problems last night and I couldn't post this...) (And it's short, too. Sheez. But I hope you like the link and picture.)

This has been a wild week. Mostly because we agreed to fly to Illinois to do two conferences in the middle of a plenty-crazy-enough road trip tour.  So we drove up to Seattle to drop off a bunch of Sammy Keyes Party stuff, left the van behind and flew from Washington to Illinois. A direct flight, but getting here was still the hard part. Still, despite the efforts of the guy who set fire to an air traffic control facility near Chicago, our flight was only delayed 6 hours, not cancelled like a lot of other flights.

Anyway, we may be in Illinois, but we’re very excited about the Sammy Keyes Party happening in Puyallup in 6 days. (Six days!) We had the opportunity to tour the Liberty Theater where the party will take place—it’s really great! And the stage has a section in front of it that is crying out to be a Sammiac mosh pit. (High-tops unite!) They will have lots of chairs where you see tables now, and tables and chairs in the back. It’s going to be a great time! Here’s a little “party trailer” they’ve put together. Love all the graveyard stuff, and Mark cracks up every time he sees me looking over the bushes. Remind me not to be a ham with cameras rolling, okay?

That’s it for now. I hope to have lots of fun stuff to share next week. Wish you could all be at the party!


RowAn said...

I really wish I could be at the party too! Sammy has been a huge part of my life since seventh grade and the series is so important to me. I just read Kiss Goodbye a few days ago and I was very sad to say goodbye.

I wrote about Sammy on my blog recently, and I thought you might like to see it: . Thank you for Sammy and Holly and Marissa and everyone else in these wonderful books.

Hope you have fun on the rest of your tour!

Kylie said...

Sounds like you are having a blast just like your last tour! It sounds like you guys are going to have a great time at the party! I wish I could be there with all those Sammiacs! (Wow I use exclamation points a lot)

I wish you guys a safe travel for the rest of your trip!

Have a great week everyone!


Jessica said...

Wow, the video! (Gotta love the bushes!) The theater! (I swear I can see Lady Lana in one of those secret upstairs booths!) The Samosh pit! The crossword puzzle! The author! The Sammiacs! The high tops! The $600 flight! Oh, wait; I didn't help rescue a softball statue...

(Just trying to make Kylie feel better about her use of exclamation points!)

Happy touring. Have a blast at the Puyallup Party, everyone lucky enough to go!

Ryan said...

Amanda and I will be there! =)

-- Ryan

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Samosh pit! Love that, Jessica!
And exclamation points are maligned!
Everyone should use them!

Ryan, I'm glad you did! And that you're back from kilting around and will be there with your mystery-lovin' lady!

RoWan, I am going to your blog now ...

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

If you haven't gone to read RowAn's blog post, go! It's wonderful! (See link in comment, above.)

Jessica said...

I was afraid there would be spoilers for KG, but I went ahead and read it. Wow, RoWan, that was amazing. Totally made me tear up.

Unknown said...

That was the most incredible video!
I wish I could go to the party.
I've mentioned this before, but tomorrow is my birthday and it would mean the world to me if maybe you sang happy birthday and video taped it?

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Corazon!

Anyone else celebrating at home by skateboarding, listening to music, reading Sammy Keyes, and wearing their high tops, SK t-shirt, shoelaces, and/or horseshoe? And maybe eating some mac and cheese and salsa?

I was listening to a music mix and just came across "Little Miss" by Sugarland -- a perfect song for Sammy. Can't wait to read about the party tomorrow and find out what songs Risky Whippet played. (Better yet, I hope someone records them all!)