Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sneak Peek

I just received a finished copy of Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye in the mail and was very happily surprised to open it and find custom endpapers! I am attaching a snapshot of them, but they are way better in person, and there's more on the backside of the turning page. It's hard to believe the book will be in stores in three weeks (and two days, but who's counting, right?).

Meanwhile, the Sammy Keyes documentary guys are going to be here next weekend. It's almost certain that I'll have a bad hair day, but I'd trade that for a good-word day in a heartbeat. I have complicated thoughts about Sammy. I hope I don't come off sounding stupid or crazy. I'd much prefer others to talk about the importance of the series, but there's no backing out now.

And the birthday "tiaras' for the Sammy Keyes Party have arrived, so if you're coming to the party for your birthday, let us know--we will make a fuss over you!

That's all for now. I should have lots to share next Sunday after the Docu-Dudes leave. As always, thanks for checking in. See you in the comments!


Kylie said...

I have preorder to book finally along with all the other books coming out this fall. So many series are ending this year. Sammy Keyes, Heroes of Olympus, to name a few.

The endpapers look wonderful! All this talk about the Sammy Keyes Party makes me so sad that I can't go! But I am crossing my fingers and really really hoping I can come to Chico! I already have two people down there who say I can stay with them and I think it is going to work out with my classes. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to get down there.

Man if I went there it would be right before my birthday as well!

Tell us how the documentary goes! I really hope that I get to see it!

Have a spectacular week everyone!


Jessica said...

I love the endpapers -- so cool! They really show how much has happened in the series.

Hope you figure out a way to get there, Kylie. And Happy early Birthday!

Emma said...

The endpapers are really cool! I love how they bring together art from all the different book covers for the last book.

Looking forward to hearing about the documentary. Hope you have a good hair day and a good word day! (I love the phrase good-word day. I wish I had them more often!)

Only twenty- two more days! I am counting! Can't wait!

odggs said...

I love being called a docu-dude.

Gabrielle said...

The end papers are so cool! I wish I could come to this Sammy Keyes Party, but sadly I can't.

I'm going to be super sad for the months of September and October. My two favorite series are ending, Sammy Keyes and the Heroes of Olympus.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


Unknown said...

We are coming to the party, and we have a birthday! My daughter Sophie turns 9 the day before the party, so this event will be a major part(y) of the birthday weekend!

Unknown said...

I wish I could come! My birthday is actually October 4th, so maybe you could include "Cora" while you're singing? :-)