Sunday, August 10, 2014


I was cleaning a cabinet...well, actually, I was looking for something and that turned into cleaning a cabinet...when I came across a crossword puzzle I made when Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief first came out.  I thought, Awww, and then I thought, Hey! I know some people who would have fun with this! (Uh, you?)

Sorry it's not one of those cool, interactive crossword puzzles. The process is print, apply pencil.

But finding the puzzle got me thinking...

(Yes, danger ahead!)

On the Southern loop of the tour we participated in the Alabama Book Festival, and my favorite thing about the event was this enormous crossword puzzle they had on the grounds. Anyone could go up and marker in an answer, and people milled around it all day.

(It didn't hurt our enjoyment quotient that our book titles were part of the puzzle.)

Anyway, I hit on the idea that it would be fun to do something similar for the Sammy Keyes Party, so I spent a lot of time today trying to figure out how to make that happen.

Which I think I have, I think I have, I think I have.

It won't be as "installed" or as big as the ABF puzzle, but my plan is to have three sections, each with clues from groups of six Sammy Keyes books. So the first one would be Hotel Thief through Hollywood Mummy, etc. I think it'll be a super fun thing for people to do in between other stuff that'll be going on.

And for those of you who are not on Facebook, we posted a fun little snippet of our SK Party band practice the other day. It's just us goofing around, and there's no bass, so don't expect it to be anything other than goofy. And, yes, this gives away one song. It was impossible to guess, I know, but to me it's "so Sammy!" (Burning Down the House, by Talking Heads.) Thank you for all the great song input last week--I loved seeing your choices.

All for now! Have fun with the puzzle, and thanks again for checking in!


Kylie said...

I wigs I saw this post four hours ago when I was sitting at my fair with nothing to do! I would have loved to have done a puzzle. But it's okay I found other things to occupy my time.

I shall print out this puzzle in the morning and see how fast I can do it in. That's my plan for the day tomorrow (or I just today as it is 12:25ish).

I love the idea of three sections. That way it helps to narrow down the answers! I so wish I could be there for this!

Have a fantastic week everybody!


Leah Lam said...

I can't wait to help do the Crossword!!! The three section idea was brilliant!! It'll help us find the right answer!!

Gabrielle said...

The Sammy Keyes Crossword is so cool! I'm going to have to print it out and see how much I know!

I wish I could be there to do it!

Hop everyone is having a good week!


Jessica said...

Having just reread Hotel Thief, I was able to do this crossword in my head. (I'm rereading the whole series to kill the time before Kiss Goodbye.) I love how many characters show up in Hotel Thief and Skeleton Man that we don't really get to know until later -- just off the top of my head: Elyssa, Mr. Vince, the art teacher...

I had a dream that I randomly ended up at a signing on this loop and met another Sammiac (can't remember which one), which is silly because I live nowhere near where Wendelin is going this time. I guess I'm just excited for those of you getting to meet her (and the party...).

Love the idea of the giant 3-part crossword. I guess you'll be sharing a lot of the party with us, anyway.