Sunday, March 23, 2014

Call the FBI!

I'm in Indiana. Flew here today.

So, why am I in Indiana now when I'm leaving on tour in the radically quick blink of an eye and will be here in the crazy van next month?

Because of the FBI guy.

Regular readers will remember him. The one stuck sitting beside me on a flight to Arkansas? The one who thought I was psycho? (Here's a refresher--or introduction--for anyone who wants one.)

Well, it turns out his daughter took my e-mail (which I wrote after the FBI guy's nice wife sent me a nice letter of thanks for the box of books this psycho author sent) to her school's librarian and the school's librarian (who happened to already have something like 150 copies of Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief for class sets), started looking into having me do a school visit.

And here I am in Indiana.

I wonder if the FBI guy will show up. Maybe I should do something clandestine. Or go missing! Yeah, what if I went missing (but still knew where I was, so it would be okay, okay?) and they sent out the (da-da-da-da) FBI!

Clearly, I need to get some rest before tomorrow, so I will keep this short and say, Goodnight from Indiana!

(And from me, too!)


Kylie said...

At first I didn't realized who the FBI guy was but then when I read "The one who thought I was psycho?" I remembered. When I saw on twitter that you said you were going to Indiana I was a little confused but you are going on tour in a few weeks, but I figured it might be to see family or something, but now that is all cleared up.

If the school's librarian has that many copies of Sammy Keyes does that mean that they teach it at that school? Because it would have loved to have had Sammy Keyes be one of the required books when I was in lower grades.

All I am picturing is that something will happen during this trip that involves you and the FBI and the FBI will hire you as a consultant and the FBI guy will have to "watch you". And then the two of you solve the mystery together after a bunch of sidetracks.

Have a great time in Indiana! And have a great week everyone!


Jessica said...

What's going to happen is the daughter, after the school visit, will look up your blog, and read this and the original psycho stalker plane story, and be like, "Yep, that's my dad" and then tell him that you wrote about it. And then he'll read it and be like "Yeah, so? Of course I gave my office address."

(If this actually happens, I hope one or both of you comment.)

Hope you enjoy the Indiana visit, Wendelin. Not sure if you're in Indianapolis, but there's an awesome hand-churned ice cream place in the square with the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (I think it's on the southwest side of the square, if I remember correctly).

Yusa said...

So it won't let me see the FBI post... I'm a tad bit lost. But isn't it a small world?

Ive been reading everyone's comments even though I havent had the chance to comment much myself since school is taking over my life.

Need to read Mark's book soon, cant wait for the Road Trip to start, Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye in 6 months wow....

I'll hopefully be up to my regular long and thoughout comments with the rest of you by the summer but I am keeping up :)


P.S. Props to Kylie for your dedication on your CDs i think thats great! I really hope like when they make their stops they'll be blasting your music from their van :)

Jessica said...

Here's the FBI guy post link:

Yusa said...

NOW i remember thanks Jessica!

Wow this is coincidental....

Can I meet you on a plane Wendelin?


Kylie said...

Yusa I was having the same problem. It was saying I wasn't authorized to view that page, or something like that. Blogger also wouldn't let me comment using my iPod. It's being weird today for some reason. Thanks Jessica for posting the link.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

The FBY Guy showed up at my presentation today!

Kylie said...

Did you talk to him? I kind of imagine him standing in the back looking all tough and making sure that you weren't a psycho.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Haha! I HUGGED him!
(I can be so awkward!)
He came armed with FBI swag.
And invited me to have dinner with his family (which I was too wiped out to accept).
So I guess he's over thinking I'm psycho.
His daughter's adorable. And I guess she's been converted to the awesomeness of Sammy Keyes :-)
All in all a very cool little story!

Kylie said...

That's awesome! I love swag! Since my dad works for CAL Fire I get a bunch for swag from him like pencils and rulers and the best erasers. It's awesome! And yay another Sammiac, maybe one day she will find this blog and join us in all our fun!

On another topic I choose It Happens from Jessica's song list. Hopefully the CDs will be mailed soon!

Yusa said...

Isnt it ironic. The FBI guy is like the officer Borsch to your Sammy. He grew to like you when before he thought you were a "delinquent" haha :)

He sounds super nice! I think I may invite you over when you come visit here :)


Gabrielle said...

At first I didn't know what you were talking about. FBI guy, huh? But once i read more, I remembered.
Guess he realized you weren't psycho anymore!
Hope you're having a good time in Indiana! And hope everyone is having a good week!


Jessica said...

Little Shop of Stories finally has the details on their site: I wonder if they'd mind if I papered the town with flyers...

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Jessica: YES, PAPER THE TOWN! We're manically trying to get everything ready -- the tour starts in just a few days! I can't wait to meet you in person. Thank you for helping with turnout. Prepare to be hugged :-)