Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little More from Oklahoma

It's been an interesting few days in Oklahoma, and we've been going non-stop. By we I mean me and a few other authors: Ruta Sepetys (Between Shades of Gray), Gennifer Choldenko (Al Capone Does My Shirts. And Laundry. And Homework) and Sonia Gensler (The Revenant).

The thing about children's book authors is that they're nice. (Well, most of them are, anyway, and all of these were.) And it was fun to get to know each other a little bit and spend time together.

We all participated in a conference, but also did assemblies and presentations at schools in the towns that were hit by tornadoes. Between school visits we toured places where houses and stores used to be, and heard stories from kids and teachers about where they'd been and what they'd seen and how frightening and devastating the experience was.

To the left is an image of what the gym at Highland East School school looked after the tornado. Yes, that's the basketball hoop, upside down. "Loud and terrifying" was the way the tornado was described by most people, which is probably an understatement if you were part of the group gathered in the gym.

I'm getting picked up to travel to Edmond, OK to do two more days of visits, so I'd better pack up! Just wanted to check in with a little more info--see you in the comments!


Yusa said...

Wow that picture is tragic... And I remember Al Capone Does My Shirts from middle school and it was really popular though i never got to reading it myself.

Have fun in Edmond!


Gabrielle said...

That's very tragic what happened there. I can't imagine how sad those people felt about their homes being destroyed.

But I hope you have a good time in Edmund!


Jessica said...

It's incredible that no one was hurt in that school. I can't even imagine what they must have seen/heard/felt during that. Nature is so powerful.

I meant to add Between Shades of Gray to my reading list a while ago and had forgotten the title. And the other authors' works sound interesting, too.

Kylie said...

Al Capone Does My Shirts. And Laundry. And Homework was my favorite book when I was in fifth grade. I told anyone that asked me for a book recommendation to read it.

I have to agree with Jessica that it is very incredible that no one was hurt in that school. Tornado's terrify me, I can't even imagine what it must be like to experience one.

Have fun in Edmond!


Unknown said...

That's an incredibly frightening picture. Yikes!
I LOVE Between Shades of Gray. How awesome!
I feel kinda dumb saying this, but I only got to read The Killer Cruise yesterday. My mom wanted to save it for my birthday! It was soooo coooool! I created a little family tree for the Kensingtons and everything.

Jessica said...

My library still doesn't have KC yet, Corazon, so you're not the last. Speaking of, I should go try the code again; I had a brainwave while working out last week that gave me an interesting theory to try (related to my college major, funnily enough). (No, I hadn't thought about it in weeks -- my brain will work on puzzles and lost trivia in its subconscious and spit out answers randomly.)

Did anyone else try for the free book Friday on Twitter? The question was "What is your dream gift?" The last answer was: "5 more minutes with my mom." A poignant reminder of how precious life is, especially in light of Wendelin's travels this week.