Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Backup Plan

A few weeks ago, Mark posted for me because I was a crazy woman. (Hm. Technically, he should post every week, huh?) Anyway, now that I'm no longer "underground," I'm realizing that--although Mark shared my having reached the end-of-the-series news with you--I haven't said anything about it.

So let me back up and say, I was a obsessed with getting the rough draft of Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye done before we took our trip to England. I just wanted to get that last sentence down on paper (and in context, where it meant all it should). I've had that last sentence in my head for years and I just wanted it to be. And beyond the micro of getting that last sentence out, there was the macro of wanting everyone who's followed Sammy's story to know how things ended. If our Boeing 777 went down, I didn't want Sammy's story to be cut short, too.

It was silly, I know. I mean, I fly all around the country all year doing school visits, why was this any different?

But it felt like it was, so I transferred the Kiss Goodbye file to a thumb drive and wrote an ominous note telling my in-laws that they should send the file to my editor's (Nancy's) e-mail address "in case of emergency". Then I told Nancy that it was sitting on my desk in case our plane went down. She asked me why I didn't just e-mail it to her and tell her not to read it. So I told her, "Because it's not done and I don't trust you not to read it." "Oh," she said. "Good point."

Well, as you know I made it home safely. And when I saw my thumb drive sitting on my desk I sort of laughed at my obsessiveness. Of course we got home safely. Air travel has great statistics!

And then that Boeing 777 crash landed in San Francisco yesterday.

"Wow," my son said when he saw it on the news. "That could have been us."

I guess it could always "have been us" -- in the car or on the bike or (especially in London) in the intersection--but it still made me think it was a good thing I'd left a backup.

Anyway, maybe next week I'll talk about the actual book a little. Officer Borsch (h-hm, make that Sergeant Borsch), is in it a lot. His metamorphosis has been so interesting, and I think maybe I'll share where he came from, if that sounds good to you.

'Til then, buckle up. And wear your helmet. And look all directions before crossing the street!

As always, thanks for checking in. See you in the comments!


Leslie said...

I too think Sergeant Borsch's metamorphosis is one of my favorite parts of the series. I'll love to get more story on that.

Glad you've been safe.

Kylie said...

The picture is great!

To be honest I have always been worried when the last book of my favorite seres is being written that something is going to happen to the author. I have never known an author to actually be prepared in the event that something did happen. (But let's cross our fingers that nothing happens).

I am so glad that Borsch is in it a lot. I feel like I grew to love him like Sammy grew to like him. (Although I think I liked him a lot sooner than Sammy did).

I can't wait to hear more about Kiss Goodbye because that whole books as been very much a mystery to us all.

Gabrielle said...

Officer Borsch is going to be in the last book a lot..., hmmm..... Just makes me want to know about it even more!! And it's always good to have a backup plan. I'm excited to hear more about Kiss Goodbye!!!
I hope everyone has a good week!! :)


Ryan said...

I know where officer Borsch is from. Santa Luisa, obviously.... ;o)

-- Ryan

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

So you've met the man, Ryan? I met him in Santa Martina... :-)

Jessica said...

You already mentioned that Kiss Goodbye is not in Sammy's voice. I wonder if at least part of it is in Officer Borsch's voice. Are we going to learn more about what happened with Elyssa's dad? Or about Borsch's first marriage? Why he doesn't get along with his nephews/nieces? Find out that he's still secretly wrestling, this time as El Perro? (Note: these questions are all rhetorical, of course.)

And we'll solve the biggest SK mystery of all: the Nighty Napper!

I had a near miss the other day. Giant thunderheads were forming, so half a mile to the library, I turned around and decided to drive instead. It started pouring on me, but wasn't too bad by the time I got to my car. I was kicking myself for driving, but when I was coming back from the library, I discovered that a 4" diameter, 10' long tree branch had fallen across the road, from at least 15-20 feet up. I would have been walking under it during the five-minute window that it fell -- that's a little too close for comfort!

Kylie said...

I totally forgot about the Nighty Napper! I think I know who it is, that is if it is a character that has been mentioned before.

I am thinking that if it isn't in Sammy's voice then it is in a third person's voice. Or maybe multiple voices...

Jessica I am so glad you decided to drive! I have had so very close calls with trees falling on me and it is not fun.

Yusa said...

the last book is gonna end the book. Close up all thew loose ends i hope. While probably leaving some mysteries unsolved.
It's really sad to think about this series ending when i've been reading it for so long. My childhood, my preteens, and right now in my high school years.
Hopefully the TV show will work out and make the series last longer.
I wonder who Officer Borsch's other wives were...
The man i really want to know about is hudson, but considering his past he could have a whole nother book about it.
Only a couple months until this book finally!

Yusa said...

Oh and Jessica your near miss reminds me of mine.
We were driving in the rain and the roads were flooded and we got to a point where our feet were ankle deep in water in the car. Motorcyclists outside were walking there bikes waist deep and the water was like driving through a river i was so scared.
And yes the Nighty Napper!

Isabel said...

Oh,my....the series is ending. That's so sad, this series is probably the first series that got me reading, seriously. Wow, time passes so fast!
I am so tongue tied right now!
Oh, well. Can't wait to hear more, though!

Shaina said...

Ok, I love that picture. I'm glad you had a good trip and that you were prepared with that ending for us! My bookshelf has just enough space for the last few Sammys on it. Can't wait!

Unknown said...

I'd love to find out more about Hudson and the Nighty Napper.

Anonymous said...

This might seem a little crazy, but I was hoping that Sammy reveals her nickname of Baggy Boy to Casey in one of the last two books. That would be so funny... I'm definitely excited to hear more about Kiss Goodbye!

Unknown said...

He will forever remain officer borsch to me no matter what job he has and how much he gets raised!! =)
Isabel, Sammy keyes was definitely what got me reading seriously as well, and I always find time to keep on reading them again cause they have a really great feeling to them that I love. Oh and by now the nap nazi story has probably been lost 5 books back so, I thought of my own nap nazi story with Billy and Danny when they were in preschool based off of my own nap nazi story!!=)

Jessica said...

Yusa, your near-miss sounds really scary.

Bella, at first I thought you were talking about the Nighty Napper because I didn't remember the nap nazi, but now that you mentioned Billy and Danny, I vaguely do. Which book was it in?

I should reread Moustache Mary, too -- I always get lost with who is who, but if I remember that "Baggy Boy" = Casey, maybe I'll keep them straight.

Isabel said...

Yes...the Nighty Napper still remains a mystery....

Unknown said...

Jessica, it was first mentioned in dead giveaway when marissa was telling sammy something about there ride to the dance and how she had talked with Danny and she said that billy and Danny knew each other since preschool and that they started the nap nazi , and marissa said its so funny you should ask them to tell it to you sometime! And sammy was wondering were she was when marissa was talking about nap nazi's and why she wasn't there.
Then in wild things when sammy was explaining about billy she said he started something called the nap nazi in preschool

Karen said...

Love that picture!

As a Sammy fan and a Wendelin fan, I appreciate you taking the precaution -- and I’m very very glad it wasn’t necessary!

And I imagine it’s also nice to not have “finish last chapter of last Sammy book” sitting on your to-do list while vacationing.

Officer Borsch is someone I have been curious about, especially since Wedding Crasher, but I had kind of put it out of mind since I figured there wouldn’t be a chance to show much of his story in a Sammy book. So, yay for Borsch-story!

So many people I would like to hear more about....

Ooh, yes, and the Nightie Napper is finally going to be unmasked! Will we also find out what happened to that $120 Grams couldn’t find in CHC, or what became of her “How to Start an Internet Business” book?

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

So many little loose ends I won't be able to tie them ALL up (I'll leave it for your imagination), but the Nightie-Napper is definitely are a lot of the requests posted here about a year ago. Not everything, but a lot!

Anonymous said...

I am your HUGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for books 17 and 18 in my favorite series!!