Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beyond Thunder & Lightning

That dark cloud kept storming this week but these blasts of sunshine helped me see beyond thunder and lightning:

* The Sammy Keyes producer dude touched base this week with good feedback. We are nowhere near full steam ahead, but I hear a chug-a-chug-a coming down the track.

* Killer Cruise is off to a killer start! (The cruise director’s name is Noah—how funny is that?) (Please tell me you get it.)

* A famous movie star sent me flowers.

   Yup, really.

   (A she-star, silly. Mark’s fine with it  )

* Plus two people this week thought I was my son’s sister. Crazy! It must be my new David Cassidy (circa 1969) haircut. (No, I didn’t ask for it, but that’s how it came out.)

* AND I planted tomatoes.

Rain water’s excellent for gardens, right?

Give that cloud something useful to do.

See you with a mo' better post next week :-)  As always, thanks for your sunshine and for checking in.


Optimistic4ever said...

Like Noah's ark?

Glad you had a nice week :D

Kylie said...

Noah ark right? So glad the book and show are coming along great! And what movie star? And why? That is soncool that they sent you flowers!

yuseyz said...

Noah's ark would be the obvious guest.
Hope our appreciation makes your week even better!

Ryan said...

I want to see a picture of the haircut. =)

-- Ryan

AbaGayleb said...

Noah's ark?(: I need to know when and where the auditions are if you go along with the show.;p

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Noah, yes-ah!

Will always post news here and will be sure to ask audition questions when / if we make it that far.

Haircut: find a DC pic with the feathery nape and insert my face. Oh. And a purple streak.

I forgot to add to my sunshine list that Flipped will be in Turkish soon. Love the foreign editions so much!

Be happy,

Anonymous said...

Your haircut! You have a purple streak!? Or am I misreading into things?
But anyway, very, very cool news you have here.
You know how I wanted AnnaSophia Robb to be Sammy in the TV show?
Well, I found out that AnnaSophia now has her OWN tv show. It's like a spin-off of Sex and the City, where she's 'younger Carrie' or whatever.
When I found that out, I was like, "Well, dang, that leaves HER out!"
I know she seemed kind of too old for the part, but she's not THAT old, and besides, with short brown hair she's ADORABLEEEEE.
Hey, let me just cut parts of my legs off and go play Sammy myself.
Anyway, I know that won't happen, but that's alright.
Cee Lo Green.
I know, hyped up comment, but THIS SONG IS JUST SO PUMPED UP.
I seriously need to shut up.
You know what I love, though? (Not shutting up yet). How Casey just bursts out into song.
Oh, and in Dead Giveaway when Grams is like, "Don't you forge my forgery!"
Can she be my grandmother? My own grandmother just sits there and watching the day go by outside.
No kidding, talking to her is so awkward.
You make me so happy!

Anonymous said...

I was following a bunch of my favorite authors on Twitter and I was thinking that you should make one, by the way. For your own benefit of course...and *cough, cough* us, the fans and know. ;D

Anelise Dempsey said...

Hi, you just came to my school on thrusday night and friday mourning and everyone LOVED you. im in fifth grade and have one more book to go before ive read all the Sammy keys books. I also love Flipped, Runaway, and the Running Dream ( my fav!) i think you are a great author and really nice person and soooooo funny. i cant wait to read your next sammy keys books. Thanks for making our assembally way less boring. Love Anelise (Baywood Elementary)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Anelise! You must've been taking notes last night :) I think you'll like it here at the blog. Lots of great participants. Glad you liked the assemblies. Was I spastic today, or what?

Steph! Yeah, Twitter. I just can't believe anyone would care. Or, really, should care. And I hate the whole conscious "build up a fan base" thing. I understand why people do it, but...I'd rather stick to my art than try to build up a faux-lowing. (Just came up with that!) I'm amazed at myself for committing to this blog. I must love you guys.

Steph again! CeLoGreen. What a cat. (Haha!) You are such a spirit--crack me up every time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CeeLoGreen IS a cat. A cool cat.
And I just noticed this:
"the Sammy Keyes tv show producer dude"
OH MY WORD. Made me laugh too hard. That's just living proof that YOU ARE SAMMY INSIDE.
Or Sammy is YOU? Or you are Sammy being you? Or Sammy is you being Sammy?

yuseyz said...

i think it would be sammy is you.
Anelise, u are so lucky she came to your school. *sigh* she never came to mine.

Optimistic4ever said...

The Sammy resides withing you, perhaps :)

Welcome Anelise. Actually, I think I'll put that on the next post so you can see it.

@yuseyz: WVD came to a bookstore near me and I went and it was awesome! It was for the Running Dream tour :D

yuseyz said...

*sigh* everyone but me

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Wish I could be everywhere! We need a Sammycon!

Kylie said...

Yes, yes we do.

I felt like Phineas and Ferb when I said that...