Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sammy Keyes In Japanese

Thanks for checking in!

I traveled to Texas last week and did a bunch of school presentations, and since the town had chosen Sammy Keyes for a community read (pick any title!), I found myself wishing I'd scanned in the foreign editions of Sammy Keyes and included them in my slide show. Some of the foreign editions are so cool!

So tonight I'm doing just that because I have another group of school visits coming up. And while I was scanning away I thought, wow, of all the people on earth who would love to see these, it's my Sammiacs!

So this week I'll share my favorite with you--Sammy Keyes in Japanese!

Don't you love it? I think Dorito's a hoot, too. I mean, that is one charred Dorito chip, huh?

Receiving foreign editions is one of my tippy-top favorite things about being an author. When I get my copies (I get 5 and I part with them carefully--one for each 'kid', one for me, one for my sister, and one for my awesome in-laws, without whom Sammy may not exist...) I really savor them. Just turn them over and over in my hand and wonder at the art choices and the illustrations. (Yes! Some of them have illustrations! You should see the dangling spider freaking out Marissa in the Spanish version! So funny. )

And the very coolest thing of all?

Looking through the pages of my own story, I can't read a word!

It's awesome!

On the back flap of the Japanese version (well, front, to them) is a picture of me with Japanese characters underneath.

My name!

How do you translate a name like mine?

Only...maybe it's not really my name. Maybe it says something else.

Maybe it's all a big joke on me!

Translation: "Woman from USA who thinks she's hot."

Crack me up!

Anyway, I'm sharing this awesome cover with you now. Sorry I didn't think of it sooner.

And to catch you up, I've been working manically! I re-re-re-re-wrote Justice Jack (final stages!) and am sweating through a rewrite of Sin City...both of which landed on my desk days apart and interrupted me from plotting #17 which my husband is calling Killer Cruise, even though there are no deaths!

But one may turn up, right? It's a Sammy Keyes book! Anchors away!

Plus, the name is awesome.

So yeah. We'll call that the working title even though it's sure to change. (But if you've been with me any length of time, you already knew that!)

And now, back to scanning for me. Miles and miles to go before I sleep...

PS Comments on comments on previous postings will be coming! Thanks for your patience.


Kylie said...

The cover is awesome! That is so cool that it is all of those languages!

I love the title, killer cruise! So I am guessing she goes on a cruise here, but my question is with whom? Oh I just can't wait to read it along with the other two as well!

yuseyz said...

Wow,a Japanese Sammy. Who would've thought!
I love the cover though, and i can't wait for justice jack.
So i found a bunch of signeed sammy keyes copies in my library from june 2000.
I think u came there then.

AbaGayleb said...

Hahah, that is so cute! So awesome. I love the title Killer Cruise. I THINK YOU JUST GAVE US A SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT'S GONNA BE IN IT! I'm not sure though. :]


Amanda from Seattle said...

I love my name translated to Asian languages! My Dad lived in Taiwan for a while and he bought my sister and I necklaces with our names in Chinese on them. We used to joke that he got them for a discount and they actually said something like "Foxy Lady"--but I have worn mine to work and had Asian folks come up and read my name to me correctly!! Amazing. I think they "spell" it out phonetically with the characters.

ramenlover said...

Ah! That is awesome! I've always wanted to learn Japanese. Now if i do I can read Sammy Keyes in Japanese. That's so cool.

bookworm said...

I would have never thought that Sammy has gone all the way to Japan............... amazing girl we love. :)

Especially since I haven't travelled outside of the United Sated, except Jamaica. (For me, that doesn't count all that much b/c it's so close to home.) Japan!

Optimistic4ever said...

Adorable! :)

Love Dorito

Selica Leone said...

Oh that's so awesome! Very cool that Sammy Keyes made her way to Japan. How can we find the pictures of other books?

BookWorm said...

I love the cover plus the artwork on it is really pretty! The name kiler cruise is awesome!

Also i think I just got a sneak peak on the book!!!!! :)