Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

Sundays. That's my plan. I need some structure that's manageable for me in this fast paced world. With tweeting and texting and blogging and social networking gone mad...and most people seeming to want something, or have nothing to say (do we really care what people are having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do we really need to see photos of scrambled eggs?), I figured nobody would miss my contribution to this communication chaos. But apparently some of you did, and I'm touched that you let me know. I also feared that this blog and my efforts on behalf of Exercise the Right to Read might be misconstrued as self-promotion. I'm allergic to that idea. It breaks me out in an itchy-witchy rash. I know quite a few authors who are rabid bloggers and seem to have self-promotion as their main focus and end-goal. I understand that it's a survival thing--how else will their book get noticed?--but I don't want to join that race. I'm not in a race against anyone or anything except time. (Time, I know, will defeat me, so how smart am I, huh? Choosing the one race that's impossible to win.) Anyway, just so we're clear on the whole motivation thing, okay? If I talk about my books, it's not because I'm trying to sell them to you. It's because it's a huge part of my life and it's part of sharing that with you. If I talk about Flipped being made into a movie and how amazing it was to see it being filmed, it's not because I'm trying to build up my stature or convince you to see the film and oh, read the book first--it's because it was an unbelievable experience and I want to share it with people who wish they could have been there, too. And if I talk about our band and the songs we're recording, it's not because I want you to buy a CD -- it's because it's a blast (and the most effective therapy ever) to be in a rock band with your husband and sons and make like you're in the Clash. Sound good? Then I'll meet you here next Sunday. 'Til then, I'll be reading and running and of course writing (and rock'n'rollin'). How about you?

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