Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Big, Puffy, Purple Chair at LAX

I was planning to check in every day while I was in Oklahoma, but gee, I was busy! I visited two wonderful middle schools--exhausting days, but so worthwhile. The kids were great (about 1000 at each school) and the educators were fantastic. Dynamite schools. I also did several breakout sessions and a keynote at Encyclo-Media, an Oklahoma state educational conference. I met some amazing and refreshingly "real" people in Oklahoma! So it was a super-busy week, with evening events scheduled, too, but I managed to hit the gym at odd hours and got my miles in. Good girl! Where the whole week fell apart was on the way home. I had a delightful conversation with the woman next to me on the leg into LAX, was feeling great, and was actually looking forward to working on the new Sammy Keyes story during my nearly 3 hour wait for a connecting flight, when I got waylaid by a big, puffy, purple chair. Where in LAX can you find a big, puffy, purple chair? With an outlet in plain view beside it t'boot? At the Starbucks in the United terminal, that's where! I thought I was dreaming, really, I did. But now that you know where to find this big, puffy, purple chair, I have a word of advice -- don't let it lure you in. Or, at least, don't eat the sandwiches offered at that Starbucks. The coffee may be fine--I wouldn't know. I wanted that purple seat, so I ordered "dinner" there -- a turkey sandwich and a bottle of iced tea. I snagged the seat, plugged in my laptop, and was totally jazzed. Such luck! But halfway into the sandwich, I knew something was not right. My tummy began protesting. It grew increasingly furious. It was soon preparing for a revolt! Overthrow that sandwich! Adding insult to brewing injury, the outlet didn't work, but who could concentrate anyway? I was sick! I managed to get home, but I was laid up for nearly the whole Labor Day weekend. Lured in by a big, puffy, purple chair.

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Your Write Brain said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I lost your phone number and I have lots of news to share. I'm amazed at your campaign! Double whammy - literacy and fitness! My 6-year-old Liam is reading the first Shredderman; he has a Bubba in his
life too.
I hope you'll drop me an e-mail or call me if you still have my number. I'm still in Los Osos. I'll be walking 39-miles for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Sept 15-16. . . you can read about that and my other major news on my web site at http://info.avonfoundation.org/site/TR/Walk2007/LosAngeles?px=3380270&pg=personal&fr_id=1284
My e-mail is polydolly2k@yahoo.com

Hope all is better after the big, puffy, purple chair incident!

Best to you!

Teresa Boswell Wilson