Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ancient Greece Tie-In

We received an interesting correspondence from a South Carolina school. They're using Exercise the Right to Read as a tie-in to a unit they do every year on Ancient Greece. Check it out! Our school is an International Baccalaureate--Middle Years Programme school with a big emphasis on Community and Service. As a part of our state social studies curriculum standards, the sixth graders study Ancient Greece every year. The media center has coordinated a big marathon webquest for the last few years to support the standards Since Exercise the Right to Read coincides beautifully with our Ancient Greek unit, this seemed like the perfect place to combine a Community and Service Project with their content area coursework. The media center will likely kick-off the event by showing the video clip on the morning announcements. Social studies teachers will help coordinate the walking part of the project and will collect the money raised. Language arts teachers will share the inspirational quotes at the beginning of each class and will help students tabulate their time spent reading using the website bookmarks. During the last mile, students will wear their bibs, get cups of water as they cross the finish line, and hear the song "Chariots of Fire." How cool is that?

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