Friday, July 27, 2007

California Readers and Runners

Coast to coast, schools are starting the year off right!

Another exceptional message, this one from a teacher in California.
At May Grisham School in Orcutt, California, we are looking forward to the beginning of school and the start of our exercise! Starting with the first week of school, we are challenging our students to get the word out to as many friends and relatives as they can about Exercise the Right to Read. More than just looking for sponsors, we want to have them help spread the word by phone calls, e-mails and letters.

Besides that, we will start "warming up" for our marathon by doing some pretty exciting daily "crazy" runs. Our idea is to make doing exercise something everyone wants to be part of! We want to get not only a bunch of kids in our school to participate, but help to spread the word.

Our fifth graders are also going to start their year by writing letters to different schools around the country to see if they can persuade them to run and read! We think your idea is awesome.

And we think May Grisham School is awesome!

Are you starting your school year off right? Send us your story, we'll send you a t-shirt like the one in the picture!

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