Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cover Reveal! New Sammy Keyes #4-8

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I'm so excited, are you?

Covers #4-8 have been finalized, and I'm sharing them here first. 

Some of you have already seen Runaway Elf (#4) at online bookstores...which, yes, is confusing because it isn't out yet. Don't know how or why that happened.

But you haven't seen the other four! 
I'm loving the new covers - aren't they good? You may recall from a previous post that the illustrations are by Australian artist Craig Phillips. (If you're on Twitter you should follow him - his work is amazing!)

Anyway, do you have a favorite from the new batch? Can you find the hidden numbers? (Click to enlarge image.) Some of the numbers are easy to see, and some...not so much! 

When they first came across my desk I even used a magnifying glass while searching Snake Eyes for the 7. How classic-mystery is that? They've increased the contrast a little in the final, so you (probably) won't need to do the Sherlock thing, but humor me and say you didn't see the 7(s) right away. (That, by the way, is a hint.)

This batch (#4-8) will be available on September 12th. And together with the first three they'll make up 8/18, or 4/9, or 0.444444, or almost half of the image that puzzles together along the spines. And all of them have book club/discussion questions inside. 

In case you missed last week's post, or haven't seen the flurry of giveaways I've been doing elsewhere online, I hope you'll jump in and have some fun trying to win copies of the new editions. I'm doing a Free Book Friday, Get-1-Give-1 drawing each week through summer (and probably to the end of the year if I can get organized enough to coordinate it while I'm on the upcoming September/October tour for Wild Bird).

So go find me on Twitter and Instagram (@WendelinVanD) and visit the Sammy Keyes (books) Facebook page. You can enter at all three places to increase your chances of having your name drawn. Plus you'll get to see a different "Sammy Square" each week, which is a lot of fun in and of itself. (I love how they remind me of what Sammy went through in each book.) I'll give you a sneak peek at next week's because that's what I do here, right?

And last, but certainly not least, the results of last week's blog giveaway!

(Drum roll, please...)

Psst! Did you notice the background cloth?
Randomly selected by good ol' names-drawn-from-an-actual-hat technique, the winner of two copies each of the first three new issue Sammys is...JESSICA, who identified her favorite Sammy scene as being from the pirate date from Dead Giveaway.

Can I get a chorus of "Billy Pratt!"?


Congrats to Jessica (please email me your mailing address), and to those of you who didn't win (or didn't check in last week), we will do it again sometime! Meanwhile, try your luck over on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

See you in the comments!


Jessica said...

Billy Pratt! Thanks, Billy! This is better than a Bucket of Bones, arrr! (And thank you, Wendelin!)

I saw a 7 fairly easily, but it took me a while to find an 8 (first I had to figure out which number I was looking for...). I love the hidden numbers on the books; I wonder how long it will take people to figure out. Is there a list of the titles in order inside the books, too? I mean, I could wait until I get the books to find out...

I really enjoy the new covers. They still give clues to the mystery, but I love the close-ups of Sammy, divulging a bit of her personality. I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for sharing them.

KT said...

7 was the hardest for me to find too. I love the new covers. I actually really love the old covers too. I wish I could afford to own a full set of both :)

Jessica said...

I just noticed the new (to me) blog background picture. I still remember your little story of setting the dandelion seed free. I think it's a very fitting image for your writing and your life - you're always releasing seeds of hope into the world to sail where the winds take them.

Shaina said...

Bahahaha, Moustache Mary!!! I love it!

Unknown said...

I love that scene. I've been reading the books with my sister and I read that scene aloud to her last night and almost couldn't finish it because I was laughing so hard. Gotta love Billy Pratt.

Unknown said...

The other books will also have similar covers right? I want to double check because I love them so much but I want my collection of the series to be uniform. I read these books in seventh and I've reread them every year since and it means the world to me.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Meghna: Yes, the entire series will be covered with this style art. Thank you for your comment about rereading - that means so much to me!!

Unknown said...

!!! Thank you so much for replying! I can't believe one of my favorite authors just talked to me! I am honored! (Also I would like to sort of randomly add that The Kiss Goodbye had me in tears for like half an hour and that it was a masterpiece of both finality and open-endedness for future adventures and I procrastinated on reading it because the title was so final and I love this series so much but anyway) thank you so much! It means a lot that you care to reply.

Unknown said...

But really, all the books were masterpieces because they were both believable as relatable and also hilarious because Sammy has the best comebacks and I love everything about her and her friends are the coolest and Casey is the cutest little cinnamon roll alive and this is like my go to series because it's so familiar but also not kind of angsty (unlike other series' I like) so there's no real pain and I love the world you built and every single thing about this series and I might be gushing way too much but I would just like to thank you again for writing this and I aspire to write like you. Phew. Okay I'm done now. EEK!

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Meghna: I am a big fan of total excited run-on sentences and the people who write them! Thank you for making me grin, laugh, and feel warm happy bubbles in my heart <3