Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bye For Now!

A few years ago, when it came to my attention that Sammy fans were wondering why a Sammy Keyes book hadn't come out in over a year (and that they were speculating about my possible death), I committed to writing a new post every Sunday through the publication of the last book in the series.

Kiss Goodbye was published back in September. And it made sense to keep the posts going through the tour, but now that we're back home, I think it's time to take a hiatus. My posts had become newsy more than inspired--a shift I wasn't happy with, but something that the wrap up of the series seemed to call for.

I will post when there is news. For instance, there was another meeting just this week about Sammy-to-TV. If a deal gets done, I will definitely tell you about it!

I want you to know that it meant so much to me on both legs of the tour to meet "people from the blog." I cannot begin to explain how absolutely wonderful it was to meet so many of you in person. The readership here is an extraordinary group and I feel so lucky that you have come to spend time with me every Sunday for years!

So this isn't "Goodbye" -- this is just me recognizing that it's time to take a break until something post-worthy comes along.

Meanwhile, here's waving at you!


Yusa said...

No. But. Please.
I understand. Yes , your posts have become more news than inspired... but it is still heartbreaking in a way.Because I don't want to feel like everything has ended because Sammy has stopped growing. It will feel weird to not have a post to look forwards to on a sunday night. And I won't know when to check. I hope you won't just post when something big occurs, I hope you'll post sometimes just to check in on us. I mean we've been reading for so long it seems weird not to. Hundreds of posts later I never thought of you taking a break but it makes sense. You need some time in your busy lives. It was wonderful to meet you both times. I'll be waiting for your next news worthy post.

I feel like i'm going to cry actually with the tour over and the books over and the blog (not over but temporarily suspended) and what is there to look forward to. I really hope the TV show idea is picked up because I support that 100%.

Thank you wendelin for working so hard for years to get us our blog posts every sunday and keeping us updated with everything. I love reading basically anything you write us. You've been so amazing to us honestly, with your tour making a stop for so many of us, and always keeping up with this blog. Have fun on your well deserved hiatus.

And I just want to say to the memorable bloggers that have commented a lot and whose comments I love reading as much as I love reading the posts : Steph (so sad when she stopped commenting), Kylie, Optimistic4Ever, Jessica, Ryan, gabrielle, bookworm, and many many others I cant remember right now.

Before things were so busy we would have conversations in these comments about us all (one post has 176 comments and only like 5 different people )

We actually became united through this blog and I respect each and every one of you because honestly all of you are awesome, even those that read but dont comment (though I wish they did).

It's been a nice long run.

Like wendelin said, this isn't goodbye.

Until next time.


Kylie said...

Who knew that eight years ago when I was sitting in class listening to my best friend give her book report about this book where a girl, around our age, cemented a gangsters butt into a wheelbarrow would be the moment that brought me so much. It was that moment that brought me to Sammy Keyes and while it wasn't until a few years ago that I stumbled about this blog and everyone else, Sammy Keyes will have forever changed my life. She is the reason I stand up for myself and others, she is the reason I where the best shoes around, she is the reason that I will never give up on something. She started with so little and ended up with so much.

Thank you Wendelin for allowing us the pleasure of reading about Sammy and her adventures. And thank you for all your hard work that you put into this blog, making sure it is updated once a week. Thank you for everything you have done.

As my eighth grade teacher used to say, "I won't say goodbye, rather see you later so that way you have to come see me later."

Have a fantastic, wonderful, joyful, adventurous, time until the next time we meet!

So hear's to the next adventure and all it will bring!


Gabrielle said...

Gosh, Sammy had meant sooo much to me. I remember when to the librarian at my local library asked me if u read them, (honestly, at first I thought it was a series about a boy, I apologize for that. Oops). Reading Samu Keyes had given me new perspectives in things, and how I view the world and other people.
I'm Sad that three won't be a post every Sunday, but I understand.
Being ably to talk to people that enjoy Sammy as much as me has been awsome! I loved the conversations we had, (especially that one with 176 comments!)
Well, since this isn't a permanent goodbye... See you all soon and hope you all have an amazing, fantastic week!


Jessica said...

I get it. I do. Blogging every single week is tough. We like the news posts as much as the "regular" posts, even if we comment on them less. But if you ever feel inspired to write a dandelion-type post again, I hope you will, because I really like those kinds, too, and where else are you going to share those mini-stories? I'm not trying to pressure you into it or anything. Just, whenever you have something to share, whether it be news or a story or random bits or contemplations on the writing process, we'll be here to listen.

I know you've been working on something super-secret and exciting for your next book, so I know you'll have news for us sooner than later. I'll probably continue to check the blog on Sundays out of habit, and I'll squeal when I see a new post (or maybe I'll get one of those RSS feed add-ons, so I'll be told as soon as you post something). (I also still have Kiss Goodbye to look forward to.)

Thank you for the years of blogging, and for really engaging with us in the comments. You've developed a real community here, and I know I'll miss all the commenters, too. It was so nice to see such a wide array of people -- men and women, boys and girls -- all brought together by the love of a nosy, brash skateboarding girl with a heart of glass -- and one curious, fun author with a heart as big as the sky. You guys are all awesome, and I've enjoyed getting little glimpses of how Sammy has influenced your lives, and seeing how (some of) you have grown over the years.

So I'll end with the words from a U2 song ("Kite") that has been running through my head since I read this post: "I don't know where the wind will blow... [but] I know that this is not goodbye."

Oh, and thank you. I can never say that enough, Wendelin. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you have given me, through your books and through this blog.

Jessica said...

And the library just gave me a consolation prize. I checked to see if they had Kiss Goodbye yet, and it's in the system! It still says "on order," but I was able to put it on hold, so I'll be the first person at the library to crack that book open! Woohoo!

(They actually ordered 5 copies of this one, including one for my home branch -- I guess me having all the other ones sent over so many times paid off!)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Such sweet, dear comments. Thank you so much.

I hate to think of you checking every Sunday...instead, just subscribe to the blog. That way you will get a notification when a new post goes up.

Blowing dandelions your way...

Corazon Nunez said...

I'll miss this blog, it's the highlight of my week. Have fun on your break. Hope to hear something good soon!

Kate Payne said...

This makes me sad because I look forward to reading the posts every Sunday. They always make me smile and I just love them. Thank you for never failing to write and also for the Sammy Keyes series because I love them so much. And The Running Dream was actually part of the reason I decided to join my school's Cross Country team, and that has been so amazing and good for me. So thank you for everything, and have a good break.

Jessica said...

I didn't know you could subscribe to blogs... I started "following" it and asked for e-mail for blog newsletters and updates, so I hope that's the right way to do it.

Emma said...

I'll really miss your weekly posts, but I also understand why you want to take a break. I've been reading the blog for years, and I've always looked forward to hearing from you on Sunday evenings.

Thanks so much for being so devoted to your readers and keeping us updated on all your projects! Can't wait to hear more about the possible Sammy TV show! Thanks again for all the wonderful books and blog posts!

Caradith Craven said...

For years you have used this blog to encourage, inform, inspire, instruct, advise, share with, and listen to your devoted readers. You had an eclectic group of followers, who became like family as they responded every week with their own comments and thoughts. Thanks for being one of those special authors who truly cares about and interacts (on a personal level) with her fans. I look forward to news flashes concerning the next chapters in your life and career. Sending a special Sammy wave your way!

quintessajazz said...

Hey Wendelin,
My name is Tessa, and my sister and I have loved Sammy Keyes for ages. I just wanted to say thank you for sending Leah a Christmas card--it made her night!! You're definitely the coolest author ever, and I wish I would have been able to make it to one of your events and meet you as well.
From a huge fan,

Anonymous said...

I realize that you're temporarily taking a break, but I hope this comment eventually find it's way to your inbox. Wanted to let you know that my son, who's in 1st grade, just finished reading the last book in The Shredderman series and it was great! He loved Nolan and thought it was an "awesome" book. He was sad that there wasn't another one, but was happy about the ending and how Shredderman lived on. I really enjoyed the message he got from the book and as a parent I appreciate books that my son enjoys, not just for the engaging story, but because of characters and message behind their journey. We loved these books and wanted to thank you for writing them. Shred on!

brianna said...

I can't believe that I didn't find this blog until AFTER the last Sammy book was published- imagine what I've missed out on! :'( I hadn't read the series finale yet so I binge-read the entire series in 18 days, and when I reached the last page of Kiss Goodbye, I cried. Sammy captured my 13 year old intrigue and now at 17 years old, she's been my best friend for all 18 fabulous, amazing, funny adventures. Not sure if you'll ever see this, but I can't thank you enough for your time and talent in bringing Sammy to the world, and I'm forever grateful for the laughs, tears and chills she's given me! Lots of love to you, and please do keep us updated on any new misadventures!
PS I would die of happiness if Sammy came to TV. ;)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Checking in to say that I have read and loved all these comments. And that I hope to have something substantive to share with you soon. I miss you guys and hope you're all doing well!

Yusa said...

I still check in like everyday in hopes of seeing something. Every time i see a new comment i check back too. I don't just miss the posts, i miss the community but I know we're all still connected. Can't wait to hear new things!

As always and forever,

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle said...


Your books are the most amazing books I have ever read. They are filled with so much emotion and adventure, I was so sad when I finished the last book. And I wish I had been at the Sammy Keyes goodbye party! It sounded like so much fun! I probably would have eaten all the mac n' cheese though, LOL.