Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gallop to Puyallup!

I did not know where Puyallup, Washington was, but I do now. The person who has put this place on the map for me is a librarian by the name of Wadham.

Dr. Wadham, I presume!

Yup. Although he prefers a simple Tim,over a professorial salutation.

Tim has been a fan of Sammy Keyes since the first book came out, and has decided the last book and series wrap-up needs a party.

Three cheers for Tim! And the  Puyallup Public Library. And the mayor. And, well, clearly the People of Puyallup, who support library programs and have hosted several big events before to support literacy.

What I know about this party is...not much. Tim's being all cloak-and-dagger. I can hear his hands rubbing in evil glee over the phone as he tells me he's not telling me a thing.

But I know it will be held at Puyallup's classic Liberty Theater .
And I know Nancy will be flying in from NYC.
And I know the party is being held on Saturday, October 4th.
And I know that there will be live music, special guests, and that the catering will feature food mentioned in the Sammy books, including "God-like mac 'n' cheese 'n' salsa.' (How awesome is that?!)

And I know...

Well, what I'm thinking is...

You should come!

Crazy, right?

But if there was ever a, you know, Sammy-con in the foreseeable future, this would be it. And how fun would it be to all meet up?

I know, I know, I know....Seattle is way off in the upper left corner of the USA, and some of you live nowhere near the upper left corner of the USA.

But there are cheap flights to be found from the other corners of the USA.

And from the middle of it, too!

Plus the Seattle area is beautiful, with lots to do. Go to Pike's Place! The Space Needle! Sculpture Park! Ride a ferry! Or the Great Wheel! Hit Chinatown, or watch salmon swim up locks! And on Saturday night, go to the Sammy Keyes party! What a weekend adventure you could have!

So don't say no right away.

Mark your calendar.

Think about it.

Then start rubbing your hands together, scheming about how you're going to make it happen!


Kylie said...

I shall think about it, most defeintly. Because that would be an amazing thing to go to. Meeting other Sammiacs, celebrate the heartache that is probably going to be the last book. I don't know how I will manage it on a new college student budget who's birthday is the next week. But I shall put my heart and soul into figuring out if it is a possibility.

I hope you all seriously think about this as well.

Have an amazing week everyone!


Karen said...

Holy cow, Wendelin, give me a heart attack, why don't you. (This feels like a reverse Epic Road Trip: "You should absolutely go, it'll be insane but amazing!")

I will think about it, though.

And put it on my calendar.

And look up public transit from Seattle. Or bike rentals. Or taxis.

And consider whether I have the funds to go here and visit my sister at college.

I'll see what I can do. :)

(But Sammy-con should really be held in "Santa Martina." Except then the actual residents will have to deal with some fan insanity, especially whoever owns Hudson's house. And the Bush House. And that building where the Senior Highrise is. And, oh no, the cemetery. And the mall security, dealing with all these Sammiacs trying to get to the roof. Uh...)

Ryan said...

I gotta admit, a Sammy-con held in "Santa Martina" strikes me as a great idea. Or at least "Santa Luisa" (where I'm located at the moment).

On the other hand, I live in Seattle now so Puyallup isn't hard for me to get to either. I'll definitely mark my calendar! But I do travel a lot and am often out of town for long periods of time--it's not impossible that I'll be out of town then if I'm on a long-distance trail somewhere. But I'll try to plan around it. *nodding*

-- Ryan

Gabrielle said...

I will definety think about it. Because that would be awesome! I'm just not sure how I'm gonna get plane tickets. But I'll try my hardest to make it because I love going to new places and doing new things.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Caradith Craven said...

This sounds like the perfect venue with the perfect host for you and your faithful Sammiacs to celebrate and reflect on a series that will take its place among some of the greatest in children's literature and will be read for generations to come.

Kudos to Tim for his dedication to children's lit. and for recognizing Sammy Keyes as one of the classic characters in this genre.

Jessica said...

This sounds like a really amazing event. I just checked plane tickets, and right now they cost more than a month's worth of living expenses. But I bet there's a way to set up an alert in case prices miraculously drop at some point. Or maybe I'll come across a mysterious windfall (but not because I scared someone to death, please!). From my corner of the country, I'm pretty sure flying is the only timely option... otherwise I could try to pull a Holly and go by Greyhound (but not in the cargo hold, obviously).

I guess it's about time to start re-reading the entire Sammy Keyes series in order, so everything will be fresh when I get to Kiss Goodbye.

I actually do remember more of my dream about Kiss Goodbye, but I didn't want to say because it was weird. (But since people asked... It turned out Mr. G. was the Nightie Napper, and also the one who injured Sammy. Which is totally ridiculous. Remember, this was just a dream! The reason he wanted the clothes was really bizarre -- I can't remember at all now, but it was involved and totally illogical. He was using the fabric to make something, that's all I remember now.) Sometimes I dream things and my brain goes "That's brilliant" and then I wake up ready to write it down, and then my rational brain goes, "No, really, that doesn't even make a lick of sense."

Shaina said...

Yay! A Sammy thing in my neck o the woods! Well, only 3 hours from where my neck lives (and the rest of me). I want to go! The event is one month from my due date (pregnant!) so I shoullllld be able to go... I hope hope hope! Yay!

Kylie said...

Jessica I had a whole theory about Mr. G being the nighty napper! Basically Mr. G steals the stuff from the machines as a front for something. Or maybe to have everyone so worried that someone is stealing their clothes that they don't notice other things going missing. Something like that. Anyways Sammy figures out what he is up to and tries to stop him, meanwhile Mr. G is gathering up everyone he can that Sammy has busted before. And then has them attack Sammy.

But it kinda sounds a little ridiculous because Mr. G doesn't seem like that bad of a dude, but who knows I have been wrong before.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

I have more info! I have updated the blog post, with a link to the Theater where the party's being held. You don't have to reread the whole thing--it's all in that "I know that..." part.

Jessica said...

If this doesn't work out, what about having an online SammyCon when the book release happens? I don't know how that would actually work, but I know a lot is possible with modern technology. And someone who goes to the live event can live-blog (and even video-blog, maybe) from it for us.

Also, after everyone's had time to read Kiss Goodbye, Wendelin should have a Q&A session. Because I have questions about things that I didn't ask on the tour because I didn't want to spoil the series for those who hadn't read it all yet, and I'm sure other people do too.

Unknown said...

Oh, I WISH I could! AND, October 4th is my birthday, so how amazing would that be? Too bad I am thirteen with parents who do not like traveling.

Yusa said...

Happy... but mad and sad. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. I want nothing more than to go and to make this happen but i know nothing more than IN MY DREAMS.

I can think of no situation in which I could possibly make it. I could ask the parents. I could. I can already anticipate their laughter. Why couldnt it be somewhere in California sigh???? Im so happy that they are doing this for you though and it seems like a perfect event! I hope a lot of people can make it since I think every boday deserves to go! EVen if i cant make it (cross your fingers for an unlikely miracle everyone) I hope its the best farewell party ever and the one deserved for sammy!

I think even if we dont make it we're all gonna have our own little goodbyes for sammy. But who knowws. Maybe i'll save some statue and get enough money for a plane ticket and enough courage to stowaway on a plan to washington. Anything can happen in 4 months.

Good luck to everyone getting there :)


Yusa said...

I agree with Karen also. Maybe if we cant make it there we can have another one! For everyone closer in the area!

Yusa said...

And now that i did read all the comments I agree with Jessica: YOURE ONLINE SAMMYCON IDEA IS BRILLIANT. Honestly if that could work i think it could be great...

Caradith Craven said...

Yusa, you can have your own Sammy Keyes celebration. I learned a long time ago that some of the best events are the simple, inexpensive, focus on the people attending and not creating a show (although I enjoy doing that on occasion). You don't need a parade or a gala event to pay tribute to a series that has touched your life for so long. Put on your Converse and your Sammy shirt, open up a box of mac & cheese, mix it with salsa, invite someone you have introduced to Sammy Keyes, have one of those double dynamite ice cream desserts Sammy likes, talk about your favorite Sammy moments, laugh a lot, skateboard down the street with a Sammy Keyes sign (or not), and you have yourself a party.

Anonymous said...

This is on my birthday! How awesome!

Amanda from Seattle said...

we've definitely got "God-like mac 'n' cheese 'n' salsa.' here in Seattle!

Unknown said...

Wow, Fred, we have the same birthday!