Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Runner Meets The Road

Happy Mother's Day to the moms among you!

You may recall my post from last year where I shared a previous Mother's Day experience that ranked pretty high in the list of Worst Days Ever (Where Nobody Died).

I told my son that if there was no Lysol sprayed in my eye this year, it would be a great day, regardless if he was late to brunch or...well just about anything else.

And it was.

Except for the way it started out.

As if beginning the day with a 9 mile run (my dopey idea) isn't torture enough, not far from the turnaround point, I caught my foot on an uneven place in an intersection and went flying. My landing became a sort of unorthodox bone-density test of my knee, hands/wrists, elbow, shoulder and hip.

I'm happy to report that I passed the test with flying colors.

Mostly red (and now purple).

Yes, my bones held up fine, but my skin? Not so much. When flesh goes up against asphalt, you know who's going to win.

A woman driving a PT Cruiser advertising art services for the Lord, pulled up curbside after my husband and son had peeled me up and out of the intersection. She very kindly asked if I was all right. I assured her I was, but she came out to lay hands on me and pray for my healing nonetheless. She was about seventy, had just had a pedicure (orange-blossom toes), wore snazzy little sandals, lacy white leggings and a long, flowery tunic, which was very spring-timey in color.

When her prayer was complete, off she went to what was surely a Mother's Day festivity for hot senior mamas.

Or maybe church.

Or maybe her church was hosting a brunch for hot senior mamas.

Anyway! Mark and Colton had helped me to planter beside a flower shanty (something between a stand and a store). There was a hose attached to the building, so I took a little public bath, swabbing away blood and little asphalt rocks, and then (after considering my options and foolishly listening to my pride) I plodded the 4.5 miles home.

Not a great start to the day, but the rest of it was very nice.

And at least there was no Lysol in the eye, right?

So how was your Mother's Day?


Kylie said...

That is probably one of the worst begin days to Mothers days that I have heard. But lucky there were no bones broken. When you were describing her all I could think of was how Mrs. Wedgwood got dress up. I could seriously picture this woman at the Highrise.

Mother's Day at my house is always a hectic even as my two older sister are mothers, and my brothers girlfriend as a daughter and then there is my mother. This year my siblings decided that for Mother's Day everyone was going to come to our house and do yard work and such. Then when one of my sisters got here she gave me and my little sister the task of helping our nephew with his country report, which basically means we had to do most of the work because my nephew has a hard time focussing. But we got it done with more help from him than we expected from him.

Then there was all the kids to deal with and with having a pool drained during 90 degree weather makes for an awesome time. I spent a lot of the day stoping the kids from going into the room with the kittens. And kittens and little kids are like magnets, terrible hard to pull apart.

My mom got herself her own Mother's Day present which was 6 chicks and 2 ducklings. And with the 6 kittens that my dad found when he was out on a fire, (they where in between rocks surrounded by fire), we went up 13 animals in one day which is a new record, beating our last by two. This addin more hectic to the day because houses needed to be constructed for the chicks and ducks.

Plus on top of all that I had to study for my AP US History test I have on Wenesday and work on my Junior Portfolio.

I also made my Mom a Mother's Day card. I compared her to great literary moms and how she is as awesome or awesomer then them. (I also used Grams because she is basically Sammy's mom).

It sounds like you had a pretty good Mother's Day out then you little trip. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Hopes everyone has a great week!


Jessica said...

I spent a good chunk of Mother's Day stranded on the side of the road after my car's timing belt broke (it totally shouldn't have; it's only been 20k miles since it was last replaced). But two cyclists pushed me as far out of the way as they could (uphill), and I had about 30 people (in cars and on bikes) ask me if I was alright as I waited for the tow truck. So glad I asked for no bag when I bought toilet paper! It wasn't embarrassing at all to carry that loose into the tow truck and then into my friend's car. At least my groceries were okay because it wasn't too hot.

I did get to talk to my mom briefly on the phone; she's on vacation at the beach. Glad you're (mostly) alright, Wendelin -- I've done that a time or two, and it's never fun.

Shaina said...

Ahhh! I feel your pain. I have huge scars on both of my knees from running on pavement. I fell once last year and then when I finally was all healed up, I went and fell again in the same position, effectively reopening those already bright scars. In college, on our cross country team, we had a "fall tally." I never even won the falls contest on the team--shocking! (my teammate beat me, 6 falls to 5 that season)
Well, Happy Mother's Day anyways! Being a mom is the best. It makes me appreciate other moms, especially my own. And it develops my sense of humor better than anything else ever could.
I hope someday my little boy will go on 9 mile runs with me! :)

Gabrielle said...

Ooowww!!!! That must of hurt! But I'm glad you had a better Mother's Day than last year. We just had my grandma over,who is now living with us,and my cousin and her ADORABLE baby,and my great aunt. We just hung out,we I don't do much,and we got a small gift for my mom. My mom never wants gifts,we ask her but she says she doesn't want anything,so it make it hard,but yeah,that's how we spent Mother's Day. :)


Yusa said...

wow your luck is just great isnt it... and yes i remember the last post haha... it went well though in the morning when my brother opened the garage to get a card she came downstairs to see who was leaving and we're like ummmm and she had forgotten about mothers day so she went back to sleep and we made her breakfast and got her chocolate not much.

Isabel said...

Well I wasn't here for a while... but ANYWAY for mother's day I did alot-
1) Stayed up till midnight watching videos my mom took of us when we were babies.
2) Once we were finished with that, my brother and I gave her a watch.
4) We went to parties all day Saturday.
3) I made her breakfast, which apparently was an achievement because my mom waited for me to make her food for a while.
And so now, my mom's Birthday is coming on Saturday....Another present to give out. I feel like Santa. Cause on of my best friend's birthday is tomorrow. :/ :D