Sunday, April 14, 2013

Give Sammy a Clue!

It's my son's birthday!

I have to pack for a trip!

The water heater is leaking!

So I'm out of time, but have a fun idea...

In Killer Cruise, there's a Clue (game) revival of sorts, and the Sammy & Co. change the names of the Clue cast to people on the ship, and then go a little wild with the game.

If you've never played (the board game), it's solution structure is: "It was so-and-so in the such-and-such, with a this-and-that."

Person, Place, Weapon.

So, "It was Professor Plum, in the library, with a revolver.

(Only I always go: It was Professor Plum! In the library! With a revolver!)

There are 6 names, 6 locations, and 6 weapons. My "fun idea" is for you guys to come up with 6 of each, relevant to Sammy and Friends (or enemies!).

Or do just one (like) It was Heather! In the bathroom! With a cigarette! (Well, that's pretty silly, but you get the idea.)

I think we'll all get a kick out of what everyone else presents. So play!

And meanwhile, It was Wendelin! In a bookstore! With a pen!

Thanks for checking in. See you soon!


Jessica said...

I came up with lists of 6 of each, then let mix and match for me:

Mr Vince! On Hudson's porch! With the egg timer! (He's cooking up *something*, and I don't think it's one of Hudson's cakes...)

Heather Acosta! At Sassypants Station! With the skateboard! (EEK!)

Billy Pratt! At William Rose Junior High! With coffee and salt!

Penny! At Slammin' Dave's! With an RV! (This one cracked me up the most...)

Lady Lana! On the roof of the mall! With a dumpster! (... until this one!)

Officer Borsch! At Pair-a-dice! With a wheelbarrow full of EZcrete!

This was fun!

Yusa said...

I love the game Clue i always play it with family and friends and am pretty good at it....
Holly at the church with a spear.
Danny at a party with a fake police baton.
Max in the bedroom with a pillow.
Candi Acosta in her car with her nails.
The Kitty Queen by a dumpster assault of cats.
Sammy in a basement with a heater.
Heather under a desk with scissors.
Tenille in a bathroom with her heels.
Brandon on the roof with a swim towel.
Yeah i'll probably think of better ones but these for now :)

Kylie said...

I love Clue! My sisters and I used to play it for hours on end during rainy days. I think we have three different Clue games.

Here's my six;
Dorito under the couch with a mouse
Heather in the classroom with a pencil
Lady Lana on a bus with a fork
Debra on the roof with a dog
Dots sisters in a bush with a rope
Danny in the mall with a skateboard

That was a lot of fun! My little sister and I love to make our own board games so maybe this summer I can convince her to do a Sammy Keyes Clue games with me.

Oh and I saw on the Facebook page something about movie news? It got me excited!


Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Haha! These are so funny!

And that random mixer came up with stuff I wouldn't have dreamed of! And that's saying something!

Unknown said...

It was Sammy! At William Rose Junior High! With a phone!

Jessica said...

I hope you weren't traveling to Boston today, Wendelin. And I hope all your running friends are safe.

I just reread the bottom of this post. Do you ever autograph your books in bookstores, then just stick 'em back on the shelf? Somehow I could totally see you doing that.

Yusa said...

haha Jessica she came to my old school before i went there and so i would help my libararian out and she would discard old books or replace them and so i looked in some old copies of How I Survived Being A Girl and some Sammy Keyes books and there were your signature in a bunch of them to someone else so i think they were donated and since i may have gotten some i now have signed books to like some people named Parker and stuff but its cool haha how that happened :)

Karen said...

Wendelin, I'm sorry to hear about your water heater. I can't wait to see Sammy & Co.'s repurposing of Clue! (And find out who "& Co." includes!)

I came up with all the cards for a new Clue game, but I went the "Sammy & Friends" + "most possible laughs" route, so it doesn't really sound like a murder mystery anymore.

People: Sammy - Holly - Dot - Casey - Billy - Marissa

Weapons: the rubber sword - the broad side of a fish - the chicken hat - the cookie stash - the loaded paintbrush - sarcasm

Places: drama class - the farmers' market - the Heavenly Hotel staircase - the high school ball fields - Hudson's porch - the Land of Blue - the library - the lunchroom - Sassypants Station

(With shortcuts (this really is the perfect game for Sammy!) between Hudson's porch and the library, and between the high school ball fields and the Land of Blue. And with drama class and the lunchroom taking the place of the billiard room and the library in the regular Clue game, which have that little three-space path between their side doors.)

Some of my favorite solutions are:
- Dot! In the library! With the broad side of a fish!
- Marissa! At the high school ball fields! With the cookie stash! (Is she hiding it? Pitching with it? How many people would strike out just so they could eat the cookies?)
- Holly! In the Heavenly Hotel staircase! With the loaded paintbrush!
- Sammy! At the farmers' market! With sarcasm!
- Billy! In the Heavenly Hotel staircase! With the chicken hat!
- Casey! In the Heavenly Hotel staircase! With the rubber sword!
(I'm having a lot of fun with those mirrors, okay.)
- Anyone! In the lunchroom! With the rubber sword! (Possibly on top of a table, but a rubber sword fight dodging through the crowded tables would be funny, too!)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Jessica: I have TOTALLY done that! (And what's weird is I tried not to get caught.)(re Boston: I traveled all day so relied on frenetic texting between flights (3 of them) to get my news. What a senseless, horrible act.)

Karen: OMG!Those are awesome! I love that you included the mirrored staircase and the broad side of a fish. And BP with a chicken hat! So funny.

Off to raise the roof in Memphis!

RowAn said...

Here are mine:

It was Heather! In the cafeteria! With a fish stick! (Remember the cod?)
It was Tenille! In the bathroom! With a mascara wand!
It was Billy! On the lawn! With a feather (the victim was ticklish)!
It was Cisco! In the hallway! With a vacuum cleaner!
It was Dorito! On the couch! By asphyxiation!
It was Becky Bork! In the dugout! With a baseball bat!

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

RowAn-Love them! The mascara wand cracked me up!As did asphyxiation! And Cisco!

Unknown said...

It was the nightie napper! At the senior high rise! With a stolen mumu!

It was the crocodile! At the park! With a manicure!

It was T.J! At Madame Nashira's house of astrology! With a double dynamo to use as cash! ( that was a weird one but hey, so is TJ =) )

It was Oscar! At Billy Pratt's house! With the chicken hat! (Sorry guys but he tried to steal it for a disguise) =)

It was Elivs! At Slammin' Dave's! With a microphone!

It was Billy! At the patio tables! With drum sticks!

The last one was terrible, I just thought of someone who reminds me of billy who's a drummer and he takes his sticks with him everywhere! =)

Yusa said...

It was the graveyard guy at the graveyard with a shovle

It was Gina at the hotel with her hair

It was Andre in the lobby with his cigar

It was Elyssa at the police station with her puppy

It was Cricket at the Sports Shop with a condor net.

It was Marissa in Las Vegas with bicycle handlebars...

Yusa said...

Oh and Holly under a bridge with either a horse shoe or a spear.

OH and Sammy or Holly with a BIG BLACK UMBRELLA cant leave that out :)))

Isabel said...

Okay, so I'm late but I got some, I mean I LOVE this game, I know I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE the SK version!
Here I go....

It was Grams! At Sin City! With her future-to-be husband! (Guess Who on that one!

It was Holly! In a cardboard box! With a diary! (If you know what I mean)

It was Casey! In a pool! With a ball...beach ball...?

It was Hudson! On the porch! With a glass of ice tea!

It was Elvis! In Sin City! With a pair of sun glasses!

It was Billy! In a class! With a detention slip!

Oh, that took some thinking...I like the last one best, with Billy. Ad everyone doing the SK Clue game, I read them, and they are hilariously awesome!!

Jessica said...

These are all awesome. Bella, when you said Billy with the drumsticks, I thought you were talking about his bucket o' bones.

Here's one of my favorites from the books:

It was Sammy in the bookstore with the toaster!

Yusa said...

i like how someo of us at this point arent even naming murder weapons haha...
Max in Venice with a drug.
Inga in a secret room containing a mummy with a pitchfork.
Ben with a truck.
Billy in the Justice Jack hideout with Pellets of Pain..t
Sasha in the bathroom with a peacock.
Vera at Pups Parlor with her bows.
Candy in Sin City with her car.
Sammy at school with Grams timer...

Harriet said...
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Harriet said...

Uh...Somehow I deleted my comment ^ Up there...whoops :D So here it is again *awkward*
I haven't been on your blog in such a long time -__- I'm such a loser...But anyhoo, this is an awesome idea! All the ideas are absolutely hilarious!!! I love reading them :D Here are my 6:

It was Lana! On the soap channel! With bouffant hair!
It was the Borschman! In the sewers! With a walkie talkie!
It was the Sisters of Mercy! In the convenience store! With the value pack of toilet paper! (...not sure about that...but it sounds dangerous!)
It was Billy! Stuck on a roof! With the power of Justice Jack!
It was Brandon! By the pool! With an octopus-shaped swimming cap! (sounds hideous!)
It was Casey! At Maynard's! With no money in his pocket! (So obviously, he's going to get kicked out by T.J. 'cause he can't buy anything...)

P.S. sorry about your hot water heater, have fun on your trip and happy birthday to your son!

Unknown said...

Ok, never mind I like that one better! =)
It was Billy! At the park! With his bucket ' o ' bones!

Karen said...

Thanks, Wendelin! Billy in the chicken hat with all those mirrors cracked me up, because I imagine him clucking around and eyeing all the chicken-Billy reflections distrustfully, like, What are all you interlopers doing here? (when they don't stop eyeing him back) Oh, so you want to start something, eh?

RowAn, I remember the cod! Bella, I like Billy with drumsticks, because they could be meat (like the bucket o' bones), ice cream, or the percussive instrument thing!

I want to call out my favorites here, but there are way. too. many! (Marissa in Vegas with bicycle handlebars! Lady Lana on the roof of the mall with a dumpster! No, don't get me started!) I had forgotten about Sammy in the bookstore with the toaster!

From the books, we cannot leave out Sammy! In Phony Forest! With the drool!

And how about:
- Grams! In the alley! With the red high-tops!
- The Amblers! At the school dance! With the tango!
- Lana! At Big Daddy's! With a pickle!
- Billy! In the room with his steaming-mad dad! With the humor! (oh no sorry that's more sad than funny)

Karen said...

Wendelin, were Clue games in your house as enthusiastic as the cookie warfare? That's what I'm inferring from all the exclamation points. ;)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

I am stuck! At the airport! At (almost) midnight!

And I can't tell you how much I enjoyed laughing aloud at these comments. So much fun. THanks for lifting my spirits. (Now if United Airlines would only lift my body and get me home!)

Oh, and Karen's question about Clue: We didn't play it when I was growing up. It was something I came to as an adult...not sure exactly when, but we played it often with our kids because it's fun!

Thanks to everyone for playing along--I'm really enjoying this!

Yusa said...

Wow i totally forgot to say Happy Birthday to your son so here's a late happy birthday to him!
And haha i hope to see one of these games in the future i would totally play with my family!

Isabel said...

Oh god, i forgot too, Happy Birthday to your son!
Yusa: That be cool, it's like: Your walking down the gameboard isle and you see "Clue: Sammy Keyes Version!" I'd totally buy it.

Jessica said...

I could also see a SK Monopoly set: the playing pieces could be binoculars, a skateboard, a hightop, etc. Jail could be the principal's office. The different properties could be things like The Heavenly/The Pup Parlor/Slamming Dave's, the mall/St. Mary's/the school, Grams's/Hudson's porch/Marissa's, with the railroads being Sassypants Station/the police station/the bus station/the old railroad station. The cards could be things like "Officer Borsch catches you jaywalking; go directly to the principal's office" or "You crash your skateboard into a parked car; pay $50." And of course things like "You solved another mystery; collect $500 as your reward."

I actually don't even like Monopoly (which is why I can't think of all the parts to the game), but SK Monopoly could be fun.

Yusa said...

omg Jessica that is actually perfect!

Unknown said...

Oooo! I like SK monopoly!=) I like monopoly and SK version would be awesome!!!!!!!=)

Gabrielle said...

Sorry I'm so late! And happy late birthday to your son! A Sk version of monopoly would be awsome! My sister loves monopoly and would play it with me!

Sammy at TJ's buying tums!
Billy at the dance with an eyepatch!
Grams on Hudson's porch with oatmeal!
Heather in the girls bathroom with her phone!
Casey at the bushman's house with a sweater!
Dorito in the highrise with a rat!

So none of these weapons are deadly, and nothing like Clue, but i thought they were pretty funny!