Sunday, March 10, 2013


Last week's comments made me realize that my cast of readers has evolved. I guess that should be expected and obvious, but I like to think that the people who used to comment are still checking in, even if they're too busy to comment.

Like "Steffuny" -- it was great to see last week's comment--it's been a long time! (And the "Heather is know, in a terrible way," was awesome!)

Then there was "RowAn" who was a first-time commenter last week...with a lot to say! (And ask!)

There were a lot of good questions in the comments and I've made notes from them about things to get to in the next few posts. Some of them I feel like I've already written about...but that might be years ago and some of you are new, so unless you went back to all the old posts, you wouldn't know. I'll have to investigate my own blog and figure out what I've already discussed and then link to it so I don't repeat myself to those of you who have been following for years.

What I think I'll do this week is answer my own 3 questions from last week (which, it turns out, will answer parts of several comment questions):

1) What I want me to blog about :-) : Basically, I don't want to toot my horn. I don't want these posts to feel like I promoting anything (except maybe the pursuit of your own dreams). I want to blog about things of interest to people who show up here week after week. My favorite posts are the ones I write about some little obscure thing that has nothing to do with my books, or even writing, but have something to do with life. I don't have a "dandelion moment" every week -- but those are my favorite sorts of posts. The ones that are about some small thing that means something much bigger to me.

1b) I've said before that I'm a reluctant blogger, and I am. I started blogging because of Exercise the Right to Read, and then when that initial year of the program wound down and I'd run the NYC marathon, I kinda quit blogging. And then there was a gap in the Sammy Keyes books (because it took me a long time to research and write The Running Dream), and I discovered that people on-line were wondering Is Wendelin dead? Is Sammy Keyes over? And I realized that I'd kind of dropped the ball and that frustrated readers were writing lots of fan-fic trying to bridge gaps. I remember the first time I saw the word "Cammy" online and I'm like, Who's that? Have I really been away so long that I don't know my own characters? And then, of course, it hit me that it was a hybrid of Casey and Sammy. Anyway, I recommitted to the blog so that people would know what was going on with the series (and that I wasn't dead). It also made me recommit to completing the series. I decided that I would not get "sidetracked" by a stand-alone story until I'd finished...and that's exactly what I've done.

2) Favorite Character? Who asked this ridiculous question? Okay, okay. I do love Billy, and that he's complex, despite the simplistic facade he presents. I love Holly, and think that in some ways she's better suited to be Sammy's best friend than Marissa. I always say I want to "be" Hudson when I get old. And I'm with Mikey in thinking that Justice Jack (the persona, not, necessarily, the man behind the mask) is awesome. But he's not a regular, so I shouldn't even list him.

3) Favorite Book. Okay, now you've gone to far, asking this question! It would be like me asking your mom who her favorite child is, okay? (Please don't tell me you're an only child...) But I do have favorite parts and a few of those include...The "fireball" description (and Madame Nashira in general) in Hotel Thief... when Sammy shows Heather her earrings in Skeleton Man...when Sammy crashes the motorhome in Sisters of Mercy...the graveyard scene in Runaway Elf...Lucinda and her pig in Moustache Mary...the awesome creepiness of  the end of Hollywood Mummy...the cement scene :-) in Snake Eyes (maybe my all time favorite 'capture'!)... Casey in Art of Deception...Sammy in the wrestling ring and, later, having a smack down with Heather in Psycho Kitty Queen...the dancing in Dead Giveaway...the whole canyon camp-out in Wild Things...the hilarity of Sammy scaring a man to death in Cold Hard Cash (okay--I thought it was funny...)... the "Cinderella" moment in Wedding Crasher...rescuing Dusty Mike in Night of Skulls (and everything Billy-related)..the three-page Elvis-title conversation in Justice Jack (and Billy becoming the Deuce)...the last scene (and the concept of Heather and Sammy together) in Sin City.

And that's all for this week. Know I appreciate you checking in, whether this is your first visit or if you've been following since I came back from the grave :-)

See you in the comments!


Gabrielle said...

I must say anything billy related is pretty awsome! And the fireball thing in Hotel Thief,I'm pretty sure my best friend, thought that part was funny,but I'd have to ask her.... And I fell like when my dad gets older he will be like Hudson,because he knows like everything, I mean like I don't even know how he knows all the stuff he knows! He's like my walking Wikipedia!! And I'd think he will be a wise old man.. Anyways that's way off topic. And I also love the cinderella fairy tale scene in wedding crasher! And by the way Wendelin, my mom likes me better than my older sister! :)


Kylie said...

I really love your post with your "dandelion moments". They are funny, touching, make you think, and brighten my day when I read them.

I loved reading your answers to your questions. It was really interesting. We share a lot of favorite moment in the books.

While reading art of deception I noticed some major foreshadowing that I found great!

I can't wait to see what you decide to right about next!


Yusa said...

So on 2) you said EXACTLY what i think about Holly. I feel like that sometimes so much. But i think her and Sammy are so alike. And sometimes best friends are opposites...
3) EVERYONE MOMENT YOU JUST SAID YES ALL MY FAVORITE MOMENTS EXACTLY. So basically your answers were perfect and just how i feel. And its always fun to read anything you blog about... what i wait for on Sundays :)
I love getting new people added to this!
I am wondering where Steph went though... kinda missing her....

Jessica said...

I guess the moments you most enjoy writing end up being the moments most enjoyable to read, because I was going "yes! that! of course!" through most of it, too. Those are the moments I go back and reread, and Sammy crashing the motor home and taking the bump are ones I use to demonstrate the awesomeness of SK.

I do love your dandelion posts, but I understand that those can be hard to come up with. And I actually found the blog trying to figure out when the next SK was coming out, then stalked it for a while before commenting. I don't think I've read the entire archive. I guess it's time to fix that!

bookworm said...

I check in every week on Mondays, when in class (whether a day or b day) I can check the blog........ I just have to be careful to dodge my teachers. :) Been doing it for years, though.

I love reading your blog - even if you have one comment at the end of the week, DON'T STOP! People just might not have time to respond.:)
Have a great week!

Megan said...

I missed last week, but here's my two cents:
I love the "feel" of Sammy Keyes. I love how everything is so real, and yet not quite - presented from a kid's point of view (a kid with a quirky attitude :) In the beginning, when I first found Sammy, I was in fifth grade, and I've grown up with her. I passed her a bit on the way, but I still love her learning some kind of "valuable lesson," as the cliche would say, in each book.
One of my other favorite parts is Santa Martina - the way it's laid out in my mind, where it's sunny and almost cute, but still "real."
I have to say, Wendelin, bravo! The way you combine reality as we all (or almost all) know it with "The Borschman" and Sammy's other pit stops like Madame Nashira and Hudson and the art gallery and the Ren Faire and everything. This is a magical series to me, a world I wish I could live in, the life I, well, almost wish I could live :)
My all time fav book is Wild Things - I think we all know why! Dirt, scorpions, big bald birds, complicated "friendships," and, of course, Sammy's reactions to it all!
Your cleverness is something to be envied :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

Hi Wendelin. I'm new to your blog and truthfully, I've just discovered you. I checked out your book, Flipped, from the Book Mobile this week. (I live in the country and it's much easier to get books this way) and I loved, loved, loved it. It touched me in a way I can't describe, and I couldn't lay it down. I am an aspiring author myself, so I know the work involved in writing a book like this. Thank you for following your dream so people like me can be inspired, lifted up, and have a good cry, all in the same day. Reading your bio makes me feel like I know you. we have so much in common. I've always loved running, and have "tried" to be a runner for years. Just found out I have Lyme Disease and have had it for a very long time, but didn't know it. It sure explains why I could never quite "get there" with my running, but I've never completely given up, and as soon as I kick this, I'll be back in my running shoes.

Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'll end here, but thank you again. I can't wait to read the rest of your work.

Gabrielle said...

Welder welcome Melissa! I know,Flipped was amazing! And my mom used to have lymes disease,but she's been fine for quite a while. :)


Gabrielle said...

And I hope you get better soon Melissa!!!


natalie said...

hello! just want to say that I grew up with the Sammy Keyes series; and have been an avid fan for the past 10 years. This post reminded me that there are all sorts of fans...those who have just picked up the series and devoured it in one sitting, and those who have been following it for years. I have a sister 10 years younger than me, and she just picked up the series and she loves it. Thank you for helping children fall in love with reading, over and over again.

Also not sure if you know, but you have huge fans in Singapore! (: (alright, they might just be me and my sisters, but well...) so um...hello from Singapore? (:

I'll be really sad when the series ends; in some ways, it'll be the final closure of the chapter of my life which is childhood. Sammy Keyes for me is a key hallmark of my young life - she came before Harry Potter! My sisters and I are distant in age, but all three of us connect easily when we start talking about Sammy Keyes.

So much thanks from a tiny island in the middle of nowhere (:


Isabel said...

2) Agreed with the Holly part. Like in the Night of Skulls, Marissa didn't act exactly like the best friend she would've acted like, then again, Marissa is Marissa.
3) I love ALL those parts in the books too! Literally, *Rearing...* *nod-nod* *Reading...* *nod-nod* that's how I was.
Seriously, if I ever had one wish it'd be, live in any book I want to live in. That'd be awesome. Right?

Yusa said...

So i have a story... that kinda relates to Sammy. If any one cares here.
Yesterday i was doing hw and then all of a sudden a hear a helicopter really loud... i keep hearing it. After like 10 minutes i hear those loud speaker things they use to like talk to someone down below from the helicopter if they're like arresting someone but i didnt catch exactly what it said. I looked out my window and the helicopter was just circling my house and a house in front on the street next to mine... i was really scared and it just circled and cirlced and then i thought it left but it came back and kept circling pointlessly for more than an hour. I stopped looking so i could do hw and i think it left later. Around like an hour later i went rollerblading out side and on the street perpendicular to mine i checked the mail. I was on my way back when a cop on a motorcycle just passed by and looked at me and when near the place where the helicopter was circling. I went into my garage and then went AROUND the other way onto the street it went on and down the whole street even though i was really scared, i was more curious and i was like "What would Sammy do?" so i went down it but he disappeared and i was so confused because i was pretty sure since i went the opposite way i wouldve passed him but i didnt. I went down it a couple more times but i didnt see anything and it got dark so i had to go in. I wanted to check the news to see if anything was there... i was really confused and kinda mad that the day i finally let my curiosity lead me the police is gone and there's nothing there.
But oh well... i hope it was nothing to bad.
So yeah thats as close to a Sammy story as i have... so far. Haha i bet i have so much more trouble to get into.

Isabel said...

Wow, that would have been interesting, so since I go to school around the place you live, and my friends said..."Dis you hear the helicopter last night, and the police shouting? They kept on saying, "There is a white man running on the streets, if you are outside, stay inside, if you are by the river behind the houses, go inside immediately." I think that's why the police look at you weird, Yusa, you know cause you were outside when you would've been inside. Haha, oh well, that must have been fun.

Isabel said...

I was busy this week, I guess you guys were too. :/

Allessandra said...
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Allessandra said...

I love Sammy Keyes. Always have, always will. I'm literally going to cry reading the last book. I really wish you could continue the series :(. The sammy keyes series just captured me because sammy is just so alive, so real, a quality hard to find in many books. I can imagine sammy's reaction to certain things. Oh i grew up with sammy keyes, and am going to hate to see it end.