Sunday, July 8, 2012

Diamond In A Smelly Old Sock?

Sammy Keyes and the Power of Justice Jack gets released in two days!

More like 36 hours!

Of course I love Sammy and the gang and am always excited when other people can move forward in the series, too.

It's hard to keep the story arc to myself!

Over the years it's been interesting to hear adults says things like, I've heard of Sammy Keyes, but no, I've never read one.

But they have read Twilight!


There have been some pre-pub blog reviews of Justice Jack, and two that I saw today were written by adults who had never read a Sammy before.


Here is a link to one of them. I really like the review itself and think the excerpts she chose are colorful and make her point very well. What I want your weigh-in on is her comments about the artwork.She's rendering an opinion on the entire line of art and I'm just curious if you agree or disagree...or are somewhere in the middle.

Art is tricky...and subjective! So no criticisms of others' opinions...just read the post and weigh in with your thoughts.

I think this will be lively and interesting!

And three cheers for Tuesday when Justice Jack can leap to the rescue of fair citizens world wide!

As always, thanks for checking in. See you in the comments!


Yusa said...

Almost out. I think everyone will love it!
I love the original and first cover art for all of your books because each block shows a clue or a hint but the other covers for it, i don't really like. I think the covers are creative. I don't really know anyone who read Sammy Keyes without me telling them to. They just skim past it like any other book. My brother introduced me to them in like 3rd grade and i always read the books he did then. Now he doesn't read them but i do. The cover art always intrigues me. It is full of hints to what's in the book. Justice Jack cover is a little different and i prefer the other ones but over all i like it. I wouldn't want it to be any different.


Kylie said...

Can't wait for it to come out! Because then I can talk to people about it!

And I know Steph asked then but I don't remember if you answered. How different is the arc copy? I just was wondering!

So excited for it to be released!


Wendelin Van Draanen said...

I don't think the final is fundamentally different in any way from the final. Just details!

gabrielle said...

I'm soooooooo excited for justice jack to come out!! I have to admit when I first got one of the Sammy Keyes books from the library and saw the cover and thought it was kinda weird I guess, but now I think they're cool! Because like Yusa said they give you clues.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to admit, I'm selfishly jealous of all the people who get to read it in 2 days for the first time. There's nothing better than a Sammy Release Day. Also I'm going to end up buying it because I have no self control whatsoever. No, not with shopping-- I mean, with Sammy Keyes. Little details and purple cardboard, a truly legitimate reason to indulge. I like to think of the band Mindless Self Indulgence because usually when I self indulge, it's mindless.
Picture me saying this all with a British accent since I literally spent my whole dayglued to the TV watching 2/3rds of the 2nd season of Sherlock. Mysteries = WIN. British mysteries = WIN with an accent.
I'm going to go read to Justice Jack reviews now and re-comment here about them. It kinda makes me wish I had done a more detailed review. I still have 2 days...I'm not an "intellectual" adult yet but maybe I will do another, better review. My original was pure rubbish.
xoxo be right back

Jessica said...

When I visit my sister and nephews, I never bring a book because her library is so extensive. I remember scanning the shelves of my oldest nephew's bookcase, looking for something I hadn't already read, that looked like it could be finished in my spare time before the trip was over, and that wasn't hardcore sci-fi/fantasy. Hotel Thief was on the bottom shelf, but the black binding jumped out at me, and the cover definitely intrigued me enough to read the description. "Edgar Award" and Sammy waving at the thief made me turn the page, and then of course I was hooked.

So... the cover did its job for me. And I really like looking at the new covers and trying to guess what aspects of Santa Martina will be involved in the story, without the cover actually giving away anything in the plot.

The covers are distinctive and scream "Sammy Keyes" (I mentioned a librarian asked me if one was a Sammy Keyes book; he could only see the top right corner of the book because it was covered with another book). They do a good job of suggesting the genre. And I like the minimalism of the art; it matches Wendelin's writing style (e.g.: in Night of Skulls, she doesn't describe someone being in handcuffs; she reveals that detail in dialogue). I think the covers also do a good job of suggesting middle school rather than elementary or high school.

All of the above pertains to the hardback covers. Night of Skulls and Justice Jack deviated from the grid pattern; NoS was still close enough to be recognizable as SK, but I think the cutout in JJ overpowers the other images too much (tonight was the first time I realized other aspects of the story are still there).

I just checked out the paperback covers, and while some of them are cute (e.g., WT), they seem a bit more juvenile to me, and less mysterious. I'd be more likely to pass those by than the hardcovers. But they're still a far cry above the Nancy Drew covers that always seemed to have her striking a damsel-in-distress pose in her perfectly ironed blouse and pumps (woah! Grams's maiden name was obviously Nancy Drew!).

Anonymous said...

Well well well, that was some serious cover hating! Personally this cover is my favorite. Love the felt-material tree, the cardboard, the colors, it is very cool. A huge change from old covers. Remember when they used to be like, newspaper cutouts?
You know, on Hotel Thief and maybe some other covers, there was always this vertical recipe behind Sammy. I've always wondered what recipe it was. Also, I must know who the nightie napper is. Seriously that's some hardcore business going down in the highrise.
Time to serve some justice for breakfast, Sammy.
Wow, that's something Justice Jack would say.
LOVED how Justice Jack totally called Sammy out on her escapades and how she was like "UUUuuuhhhh".
But that review was actually really nice despite the cover remarks. I love mysteries in general, but it's ten times better when you get one from Sammy's perpective. Sherlock, you're the man with the master plan, trust me. But Sammy has a skateboard. End of story.
PS GUYS don't mean to be an info-mercial but check out my cover of Free Fallin on my blog, please okay sorry bye<3

gabrielle said...

I do love the cover for justice jack! The peacock feather reminds me of my sister because she loves peacock feathers. :)

Ryan said...

I tried to read Twilight. Bleh. I so don't get what the fuss is about. "Surely it improves," I thought.
They went to all the effort of turning it into a movie, after all!"

But no, it never improved, and I probably would have had more fun grinding peppers in my eyes while scratching chalkboards.

Go Sammy! =)

Stefunny said...

You're just the best. I love the Sammy Keyes series more than any other novels I've ever read, and I don't say that lightly. Excited to read some Justice.

Mrs. Leo Valdez said...

I first tried Sammy when I was in 5th/6th grade (I can't remember.) I've always been a picky reader, even now. It's always been really difficult for me to find a book I like. I mean, the book needs an interesting voice (preferably funny/light, but with a hint of seriousness sometimes), action, amazing characters, an interesting plot, and little mysteries for me to figure out throughout the book/series. So, one summer, I was at the library with my mom and sister, and my mom was trying to find me a book to read, and was getting really frustrated because I was saying no to all of them. Then, she stumbled across a SK book, (I think it was Wild Things) and I read the summary, read the prologue, and was all "sure, I'll try it", and I fell in love with the series. I like the hardcover books. The clues on the books, well, it's like you’re trying to figure out the story and trying to determine what the clues mean, even before the book comes out/before you read it. It's a little mystery itself! The paperback covers I don't really care for, but the hard covers I wouldn't change. And I like the cover for JJ, I mean, each cover is a reflection of the book. JJ looks pop up-y and POW! Superhero! Given what JJ is about, I think the cover is a great description of the book. The Sammy covers are original and different from a lot of covers/books out there, just like the stories.

Shaina said...

HA, that review was interesting. I, for one, rarely care what the book covers look like--I care more about how a line of books looks on my shelf. For example, I have all the Sammy books in paperback except 5, and when I put them in order on my shelf, there's a paperback between two hardcovers! Gasp.

Back to the review. I liked how she said that your writing style is beautiful but doesn't draw attention to itself. That's a great way to describe good writing. Sometimes authors try to get too flashy and I can't read through the glare.

As for the Sammy cover art, I find that I only really GET what it's all about AFTER I read the book, you know? I kind of like it that way--wondering how on earth a certain thing is going to appear in the story.

I do have a question: what happened to the OLD paperback cover art? Example: The Hotel Thief where it's just Sammy's face looking through binoculars. I have 6 or 7 Sammy paperbacks in that style, a couple paperbacks with the new goofy drawings, and then a few traditional hardbacks. Just curious. I don't mind what a cover looks like but I do wish all of mine matched. Maybe when I've made my millions and the whole series is published I can "unify" all of my Sammy books...

I'm excited for my pristine crisp book to arrive--I pre-ordered it from amazon. I'm currently on a Jane Austen reading kick, so this will be a nice change of scenery. :)

Yusa said...

Just random here: does anyone see Max Schneider as Casey?
Or Abigail Breslin as Sammy?,r:0,s:0,i:73,r:14,s:0,i:124

Kylie said...

Hey Wendelin! So I forgot to tell you this, but I finally got to read Runaway! And it was AMAZING! I completely love it. Holly has always been one of my favorite characters and I loved reading about her backstory. What that guy did in the beginning, I wanted to punch him. How evil! I felt so bad for her! And I can't believe all of the research you did for the book! That just amazed me! And I loved how we got to see Meg and Vera here! We usually see them as two nice people that took holly in and kept Sammy's secret, but you get to see this whole other awesome side to them. I loved it! Especially the journal part! And I also like how we saw Sammy here and holly's view of her. Loved it! And you know what was suggested at the end for her to do with her journal? I was thinning that through the whole book! I have decided that if I am ever homeless, which I never hope to be, I am keeping this book as a guide in a way. I think it could be helpful.

And also I used to hate the hardback covers to tell you the truth, but I am starting to love them. Because while the soft cover ones are cute, I love how the hard cover one gives you little hints about going on. When I first look at the covers I am how is that a part of the book, but by the end it makes total sense.

And guys are you excited about tomorrow! I totally agree with Steph about being jealous! But I am re-reading it just so I can experience the awesomeness with y'all!


gabrielle said...

I just got Sammy Keyes and the power of justice jack!!

Ling said...

I am buying the ebook ASAP and then a hardcopy in paperback(personal preference)! Super excited for this book!

Optimistic4ever said...

I've always loved the paperback covers more because the pictures on the front are so cute and funny, but I think the hardcover covers are amazing too because again, they give away little clues about the story. Like Billy in a chicken hat and all.

Im glad she liked the book though. Justice Jack is out TODAY!

Caria said...

As soon as I got out of camp I had my mom drive me to the bookstore to get The Power Of Justice Jack. I am almost done with it! It's so good! I'm so sad I'm almost finished! I was so excited for it to come out that I talked my friend's ear off talking about Sammy Keyes. I love this series!

gabrielle said...

I know! I did the same thing to my friend. And I have like ten chapters left. I'm tryin not to read really fas,but it's sooo hard!!!

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Fun to read these comments, thank you!

Jessica said...

I had some excitement today; two men rang my doorbell and when I peeked out the window, they were taking pictures of the house and snooping around the property. As I waited for the police, I thought about the fact that Sammy always waves, traps the bad guy in a hole (or a toaster!), climbs into the car or the building... and I always yell at her not to do that, to just wait for the police for once and let them do their job, but that would be so boring! And she might not ever find out the answers that way.

I have no idea who the two men were. I probably never will find out. Had I opened the door, maybe I'd have found out that they were Jehovah's witnesses who just thought we had a pretty house (we don't). Maybe I saved myself from an hour-long sermon.

Thanks for giving us the ability to ride along with snoopin', sidetrackin', never-thinks-before-she-leaps Sammy. It's nice to explore mysteries that actually have answers, and someone stupidly brave enough to seek them out.

Now that Justice Jack is properly out, I'll confess I've been trying to learn the jungle whistle from online videos (such as since I received my ARC (okay, so three or four times), but to no avail -- yet.

Jessica said...

P.S. I can occasionally make a noise that sounds like Daffy Duck. I suppose that's progress.

Yusa said...

My brother can do that whistle really good but i can't even whistle normally.
A couple of years ago my neighbor showed us pictures of a guy who came to our house everyday and rang the doorbell. Scary. A couple of months later the same guy was caught stealing something in someone in my neighborhood's backyard. After that my mom always takes 'safety' precautions. Something with leaving the radio on when we leave the house...


Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Two strange men taking pictures of your house? Whoa! Definitely Sammy territory!

Did you know Officer Borsch is fashioned after an actual police officer? We were burglarized and we called the police (and waited and waited) and then were asked, "Do you usually keep house like this?" The place had been ransacked!


Aw, you're trying to do the jungle whistle!

It took me all day waiting in line at Disneyland when I was, like, 12 to learn it. My older brother could do it great and it drove me bats that I couldn't. Once you make a sound (duck-like is a good start!) keep at it. It gets easier once some sort of sound comes out. Remember: air goes in bent thumb knuckles and comes out a pretty small hole at the base of your hands. Right up from your wrists. I keep my left hand's fingers fairly flat (on top) and my right hand's fingers kind of staggered on top of each other (pinky on the bottom). (I'm right handed.) Hope that helps!

gabrielle said...

You guys are making me want to learn that jungle whistle! Wich would be sooo cool! But I can barly whistle. And I just finished Justice Jack,it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!! :D but I'm kinda sad that I'm done with it. :(

gabrielle said...

I just went to that link,and the wistle was awsome!!!!

ramenlover said...

Jeez! She called your beautiful hardback covers dirty socks! I've always loved the hardback book covers! Everybody who said they are like clue to what will happen in the book are absolutely right.

And I've been so busy that only today did I relize that Justice Jack is out AND it's free slurpee day at the Seven Eleven.

I can do the jungle whistle! But I can't do a real whistle :( I'm gonna go find a way to get a hold of a Justice Jack copy now :D I'm veeeeeery excited!

Yusa said...

Just realized that now the wait for Sin City officially begins. January 8! that's like half a year later!


Anonymous said...

I know, EVERYTHING I'm waiting for happens in January. Its too far away, and winter makes everything depressing, even the thought of Sammy Keyes. *SIGH*
HER DAD. GUYS ONE MORE BOOK UNTIL HER DAD!!! Its in Sin City, right? Book #16.
My whole lie has been leading up to that point, Sammy's dad.

Oh and for the long wait I highly recommemd watching this show called Sherlock, theres only 2 seasons with 3 episode per season (the episodes are like 1 and a half hours each, it's a British show, they're weird like that). For all you mystery lovers, Sherlock is AMAZING and witty/clever/hilarious. Its more of a modern take of Sherlock Holmes, nothing like the American movies with Rob Downey Jr (those movies are amazing too in my opinion).
PLUS Moriarty is such a freak, and Dr Watson is such a tool. It will definitely help make the endlesssss wait for Sin City 10 times better.
OH and for those of you that haven't, read Virals and its 2nd book!! Mysteries, and perfect for Sammy fans :)
One more recommendation, Doctor Who. Its written by the same screenwrites as Sherlock (those clever Brits!) and Sherlockians are generally Whoovians, which is why Sherlock + Dr Who fans are called WHOLOCKIANS. Cleverness write there, yes.
Anyway just some things I thought would make those 6 months easier until we get to know who Papa Keyes really is! Who's your daddy, Sammy?
Anyway. Oh, one more thing: homework, don't forget to pasd the time with homework and studying. Honestly though it would suck if someone like failed a final in December and their mom put them on lockdown. Good thing I have a car. And a sister who drives and does my dirty work.
Oh and now that we can discuss it actually, Umbrella Girl, lololol
Sorry, I snicker just thinking about it.
And one question thats been KILLING me:
WHERE was the candy falling from in Dot's house!? Even my sister asked me that when she read it. Do they have like that weird panelled ceiling in their house like ceilings from basements or garages? To hide candy in? Outer space? Dumbledoor? Dumbledoor's spirit? Where!? Maybe I'm just stupid, but if anyone celebrates that holiday and knows about the magic candy ceiling thing, do tell. :)
Oh and of course, we need to know who the Nightie Napper is. That is just scandalous.
First World Problems: "My muumuu is missing!"

gabrielle said...

And sexy librarian. HIlarious!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Love that Wedge Master <3

Jessica said...

Steph, I've been wondering about the cookies, too! Because if I remember correctly, Wendelin said that was based on an actual family tradition (not that all Dutch people do the crazy tackling cookie fight). I suppose it could be some sort of low-temperature flash paper in layers, with the pepernoten in between. But a dropped ceiling (or even a railing from a higher floor) might work, too; the bangs could be a diversion. Or maybe they're fired from little cannons and bounced off the ceiling? Pepernoten sound delicious; I wonder if I'll be able to find any this December around here.

I don't want to say too much yet because I know some people haven't read it yet, but I love Billy Pratt more and more in each book. And the relationships between adolescent girls were portrayed so well; it brought back a lot of memories. I think my favorite moment was with Ms. Rothhammer, though. (Sorry to anyone who doesn't have the book yet, if these comments drive you crazy.)

Kylie said...

Yes I have wondered about the cookie thing as well.

And Wendelin you know how you said you were working on Heathers book? Well I feel like this is Billy's book. Thats my opinion.

And now if you read the book I hope you understand this: my favorite part was when that-one-person gave Dammy that one thing. Hope you understand that. But that part was seriously my personal favorite. I even started to tear up because it made me think of my family and stuff.

And I loved the line about Billysitting and billy-besta


Yumna Zia said...

i have to say i agree with the reviewer about the covers, Wendelin. The books are amazing, but the covers seem just plain tacky sometimes. The covers don't catch my interest or tell me: "This is a good book right here! Pick me UP!" They are unappealing.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

The Great Cookie Mystery is kept unsolved by the young due to a delay in the time between hearing the cookies "crack" and looking up to see them "falling through the ceiling". They don't actually penetrate the ceiling. They "bounce back" but when you're not on Sinterklaas's team and merely a wild Dutch youth sliding around after cookies, the illusion is remarkable. Especially when they're launched (by handful) upward from around a wall. I'll have you know that civilized Dutch families do not celebrate this way. Only wild ones do. And I'm pretty sure Van Draanens were the wildest celebrators of all.

Kylie said...

That makes sense. So when you say Van Draanens does that mean you celebrated it? That is so cool! I am pretty sure if my family was Dutch we would have a wild time with this. I can picture this now: three girls age 18-14 fighting for the cookies against boys age 12, 4,6,2,1 and a 4 year old girl. Plus since I am sure my big brother would join add in a 27 year old. Yeah pretty sure that would be an epic battle.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Wait, whoa, Kylie...HOW MANY kids are in your family?

Kylie said...

Well so I have my oldest sister, who is 30 is married and had has three boys ages- 6, 4, and 1. Then my 27 year old brother. Then my sister who is 25, married, with a 12 year old step son, then a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. Then it's my older sister, 18, me, 15, and then my little sister, 14. So yeah I have a big family so holidays get pretty wild. Plus I don't treat my be neice and nephew like neice and nephew, more like brothers and sisters because I see then so much.

gabrielle said...

See if I was Dutch it wouldn't be as fun cause I only got an older sister who's 18. But We are a crazy Italian family!

Millers said...

WAAH! I so can't wait to read this one! But as always, I have to because they still have to ship it aaall the way to Switzerland.
At least this time shipping's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg, cause we're ordering from another reliable website instead of amazon. :)

It kinda surprised me that the lady called the cover art a smelly old sock,'cause I've always loved them! It always kinda clues you in for what's gonna go on without giving too much away.

But I'm also intrigued by why nobody seems to like the paperbacks that much. Sure, They don't beat the hardcovers but they're still pretty nice to me. *shrugs* Maybe it's because I've always liked cartooney drawing because I grew up watching them. Hmmm

Millers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yusa said...

I ordered Virals from the library.
I would so do the cookie thing with my older bros (24 and 16). My aunt has a lot of kids and so does my uncle. My aunt has 6 biys and one girl at the end. I feel sorry for a girl with six older brothers if i can barely handle one. My uncle has 3 daughters then a son then another daughter and then another son...
Yeah this book is a lot about Billy and I loved it.


Anonymous said...

Jessica... a scene with Ms Rothhamer? Were you talking about Power of Justice Jack, a scene with her?? Are you talking about the real book or ARC because if there are changes like that, I must buy the official book too. Forget my nonexistant income. :)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Steph--I'm guessing she means the part where Sammy turns in old homework...

As a former teacher, I'm with Jessica :)

Optimistic4ever said...

After the 16th book we will know who Sammy's dad is. Then we can focus on mysteries such as Hudson's past, Billy's family, and what the significance of the word "Loopy noogies" is. I think Sammy mentioned it being an inside joke between her and Marissa, and I'm super curious to know what it is.

If any of these questions were answered in Justice Jack, I haven't gotten it yet :(

Yusa said...

Um anyways did anyone think Max Schneider would make a good Casey? Like i said on the 13th post...

Anonymous said...

Oh, that part. Okay, heart attack over, but I still might re-buy it to have them all in hardcover.
And Optimistic4ever you forgot the biggest mystery of all, the Nightie Napper. God knows how I'd live if that isn't solved..
I'm being serious.......I've gotta know.

"The Sporty One" said...

I am soooo excited! ahhhh! (:

Jessica said...

Steph, yes, I meant the scene Wendelin mentioned. My 9th grade English teacher told me on the last day of class that I was the kind of student that every teacher dreamed of getting at least once in her career, and she was sad that she never seemed to be able to push me to my potential. I wish she'd said it sooner; I would have worked my butt off for her (though I did put a lot of effort into certain projects she assigned). I did eventually become a better student (years later, in the latter part of college and in grad school), but I'm sorry I wasn't that student for her. The Rothhammer scene made me remember that.

I agree, it is pretty surprising Sammy hasn't tackled the Nightie Napper mystery yet! It's been months, and isn't she curious? Especially since she had to pay for a replacement muumuu! I bet Hudson has a mini-spy camera he could lend her for the laundry room. But maybe it's a reminder that some mysteries just never get solved.

I actually don't want to know Hudson's past (just how Sammy met him). I do like that he's finally 73 now -- I guess Sammy found out his birthday in between books.

I want Sammy's living situation to be resolved by the last book, and I want to know what else Grams was hiding in Justice Jack. (Come on, Grams, trust goes both ways! Sammy noticed that she had inherited Lana's sneakiness, but it's pretty clear where Lana got it, too.)

gabrielle said...

I don't think I would like Max Schneider as Casey. But that's just my opinion.

Yusa said...

Yeah i get it. personally i don't think anyone would make a good enough Casey.
ANd i'm dying to know what Grams is hiding.

gabrielle said...

I know I was wondering what she was hiding?! We will probably figure that out in the next book.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Just to tease you...

I've been saving Nightie Napper for the last book.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants that resolved!

You will laugh (I hope).

I would say more but that would be reckless!


Anonymous said...

Out of ALL the criminals in the Sammy Keyes series, the Nightie Napper is the one who doesn't get caught for 6 books. I'm not sure if it's comic irony or pure satirism or just coincidence... but if you think about Caeser the Gang Guy and Meth Lab Guy and the Counterfeit Guy and the Killer Creeps (from Night of Skulls)...'ve seriously got to give some props to the person who just wanted to steal some nighties and muumuus.
They lasted 6 books.
SIX books. That months and months in Sammy's life.
He/she should really get a medal or something.

gabrielle said...

I've actually never put much thought into the Nightie Napper. And wow one mystery Sammy hasn't solved...... Yet..

Kylie said...

Okay my bet for what Grams is hiding is that Sammy's father either heard about Sammy or Lana ran into him and told him and he wants to meet her. (Because I am hoping that he doesn't know about Sammy. Because then if he didn't know he would okay in my book because it wasn't like he was running out on her.)

And as for the nightie mapper I kind of feel like it is Mr. Garnucci. But he also is a pretty cool dude. Sticking it to those old ladies! So is the Nightie Nappier mystery going to be Sammy last?

And so my sister might get a job at a bookseller and it got me thinking. I was thinking that if I worked at a book store and someone came to buy Sammy Keyes, how would I react? Would I remain calm and professional? Or would I get excited about finding another Sammy fan!

I think I would be overally excited. Yep.... Probably.


Jessica said...

Now I have to lay out some hypotheses. I just reread all the books at the beginning of July, but I wasn't paying attention too much to the NN. I remember Mrs. Wedgewood lost her muumuu, and the clothes seem to have been all female (and mostly nighties).

Since the SHR has limited access, only someone who lives in the building, works in the building, or is a frequent visitor could get away with it for so long, I think. So here's my list of suspects:

1) Screwdriver Sally, Blue, Bun-Top, Ted, etc. -- we don't know enough about any of them to guess motive

2) Mr. Garnucci -- could be a way to get back at the residents who annoy him

3) Mama Mouse -- she needs something to line her nest(s) with, though I think it'd be hard for a mouse to drag a mammoth-sized muumuu

4) Dorito (or some other resident cat) -- he does like to sneak out of the apartment, and cats love to make little dens in dark hidden corners (my dad had a cat that stole all his socks; they never found them even when they moved out of that apartment)

5) Grams -- she said she wanted to use scrap fabric to start a business several books ago -- but would she really steal one of Mrs. Wedgewood's muumuus and make Sammy pay for the replacement?

6) Other people around town who use a lot of fabric: Gina/Mme. Nashira, Cece (thrift shop owner), TJ (okay, he doesn't use fabric, but he's always scheming)

7) someone we haven't met yet

Anonymous said...

Random: So my friends nicknamed me Steph Classy-pants Hall...I soooo didn't think of Sophie Sassypants Driscoll when they said that hahaha :p
This Has Been A Comment
Sincerely Steph Classypants

Megan said...

Well, I've loved Sammy Keyes since the first time I read Hotel Thief, and I think the cover art is amazing! And improving! I have an interest in cartooning and maybe even looking into a career in cover art (or something). Most books that come out now, I look at the over and think, um no thanks, but not with Sammy Keyes - the covers are intriguing and colorful and full of life - exactly what I want in a book! They capture the content of the books perfectly! I don't usually end up readying a book unless it's recommended by a good friend of mine, and if I find one I love, I often cringe at the cover, thinking, that doesn't portray what's inside at all! So bravo to anyone involved with the covers, because, like I said, they're perfect for Sammy!

Write on!