Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Quote

My mind is a-scatter with things to talk about. Which basically means I have no focus. Which is all right, except I need to write about something, right?

Well, this week maybe not.

I want to springboard a couple of subject dives from last week’s comments, but I really should put that in the comments of last week...only I don’t seem to be able to be everywhere at once. So diving into this pool:.

Jessica’s comment on The Running Dream being required reading, but that none of her recomendees have taken her up on her recommendation.

I can so relate!

As my dad always said, “You can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”

Along the required reading line, I’ve thought for years that Flipped should be required reading for anyone thinking about getting married.  It should be the bridal shower gift. The bach’ party present.

Read this, dude. If you still think she’s the one, okay, then. Get hitched.

Or, Honey, open your eyes. You seeing what I’m seeing?

‘Cause brides often don't.

But somehow Flipped helps.

Moving on: The other thing that really got me was some commental exchange regarding shoes.

Was it shoes?

Yes. I think so. (But you guys bounce around so much [which I love, but excuse me, my already muddled mind gets mixed up]).

Anyway, I remember going, GASP. And then thinking NO! THEY’LL THINK I STOLE THEIR IDEA, when, in fact, I’d already written the idea in Killer Cruise.

Which just goes to show that Sammiacs are perceptive, astute, tuned in, and awesome.

So I've decided that the best course of action is to just TELL YOU SOMETHING OUT OF KILLER CRUISE (sorry, not yelling, really):

Casey gives Sammy a pair of (presently gray) high-tops with (presently black) Sharpie’d sayings written all over them.  Stuff like “Shortcut Sammy rides again!” and “S&C Forever”

I actually got the idea because years and years ago, my younger son gave me a pair of white Converse as a gift which he’d written quotes from my books all over. Stuff from Swear to Howdy, Runaway, and Sammy Keyes mostly. I thought it was the coolest present, and so thoughtful.

It was also such a Casey thing to do.

(Please, don’t get weird on me here.)

Anyway, Killer Cruise happens over Sammy’s b-day and I’d decided that Casey giving Sammy a pair of custom high-tops for her Graduation From Thirteen birthday was perfect.

Only someone ACTUALLY GUESSED IT in the comments and I’m, like, NOOOOOOO!

(Man, do I sound like Stephanie here, or what?)

Anyway, I’ve decided that instead of agonizing about it I should include y’all. So my question for the week is: What would you want Casey to write on Sammy’s shoes?

Hit me with your best quote!  (Fire awaaaaaaaay-yay-yay-yay)

I’ll put as many as I can into the book

Which brings me to ANOTHER (not shouting, really) random thought relating to last week’s comments:

Putting in scientific info (re: The Running Dream) is HARD because in doing research you learn so much and there’s a huge temptation is to include everything you now know in your story, only what that does is totally bog down the plot and make it BORING (not shouting, really) for the reader. So balancing information sharing and storytelling is definitely a delicate art.

My advice: Go for minimalist art.

Okay, so that’s my riffing on last week’s comments.  

I also had random thoughts about balding men and big noses, but I’ll save that for another time.

Is that enough random thoughting for one week?


(Not shouting, really.)

Are any of you going to ALA?

I’ll be there next weekend to receive my (happy sigh) Schneider Award for TRD.  I’m doing booth signings on Saturday (3-4:00 PM) and sometime Sunday (morning I think?). It’s in the convention schedule. I may be a day late (and definitely a dollar short) next week with the blog post because Sunday’s packed. But I should have something interesting (and potentially less random) to tell you about.

Meanwhile, hit me with your best shoe quote (but only if you don’t mind it appearing in Killer Cruise).

Looking forward to seeing what the comment conversation morphs into this week.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!


Gabrielle said...

Awwww! I love what Casey's going to give her! And I'm gonna have to think about what quote would be good.....

Kylie said...

Okay wow so much to say here:

First off, guess way ladies and gentlemen (yeah there are gentlemen here, right??). If Casey gives Sammy the shoes that means that he is in Killer Cruise! I was getting worried that he would not make an appearance.

Second, THOSE SHOES ARE THE CUTEST IDEA EVER! I mean first the horseshoe and then the shoes! He is the best boyfriend ever! (Even though he didn't give her the shoes when they were dating but still)

Third, I love that you ask us what quotes we think he should write on them. But I was wondering what type of quotes do you want? I mean do you want like Sidetrack Sammy? or Sammy Keyesta? or do you want like other type of quotes? Because I definitely love to help you out here!

Fourth, love how Steph is beginning to make you sound like her!

Fifth, Loved the part of hit me with your best quote! (Fire awaaaaaaaay-yay-yay-yay)

Sixth, balding men? big noses? where did that come from? Interesting thoughts there!

Seventh, Does ALA stand for American Literature Association? Thats just what I thought fit.

Eight, (wow I am really getting up there) Congrats on the award! That is really cool! Where is it taking place? Maybe I can trick my mom in to taking a drive down there, but probably not because we have my nephews birthday party Saturday. Darn!

Off to figure out more quotes to tell you! See ya'll soon in the comments!


Anonymous said...

So many things:
1) My sister's wedding was today and my GIFT TO HER WAS CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KISSER, FLIPPED, a copy of Wedding Crasher, and some other romancey books like The Last Song, etc, and today I went on a last minute whim and got 50 Shades of Grey for too as an added thought.
I think I died when I read this post. Seriously. I literally JUST got back a couple minutes ago. This is like mind blowingly... WOW.

2) I have like 3 pairs of Converse, 2 high tops, and 1 low top pair. The low ones are for gym class to just keep in my PE locker all year? 1 high-top pair has Grateful Dead trademark bears all over them and the other pair is just black with metallic (well, by now its more like a fading, washed away gray) lines going through it. And that pair is like my masterpiece. I have SO many quotes scribbled in tiny letters on EVERY INCH of rubber. Song quotes, SAMMY KEYES quotes (it, um, IS a high top after all), and in huge letters "DAMON", the love of my life from the show the Vampire Diaries. AND a charm on the laces that says "CA", NOT for California's abbreviations but for Casey's initials, duhh.
MY QUOTE FOR THE SHOE: Well, wait, does it have to be a quote from the books that someone actually word-for-word SAID? I would choose the "sammich" quote and there is a really good reason for that.

Because wayy before even Wedding Crasher or Night of Skulls came out, I always loved the idea of Sammy being called "Sammich", I know it seems kinda lame but I was stuck on food nicknames. Casey was CASADILLA. Like, a quesadilla? A quesadilla, the Mexican food? And SAMMICH, a food? Well, kind of. But people used to comment back being like, "Sammich? Casadilla? WTF, thats so weeirdddd" and "I dont get the nicknames".
So I always thought I was the only person who thought "Sammich" was clever. THEN in Night of Skulls, Casey said "Sammich" and people online were like, "SAMMICH, that is such a cutee thing to say" and "OMG THAT WAS ADORABLE".
I kind of lost my mjnd going, "See?! SEE? I TOLD you it was clever!" No one believed me until then. I even had a post on it on my sammy keyes blog, I think it was called "Never Doubt the Sammich".
(Like I said, I lost my mind).
So... the Sammich quote, most defs.

3) When you said Stephanie, my first thought was myself because DER my name is Stephanie, but 1 second later I was like, "Oh I'm stupid".
To be honest I don't know WHAT Stephanie you're talking about, but whichever Stephanie it is I'm sure you sounded like her.

4, Most Importantly:
(Close your ears/eyes, guys, this was inevitably going to happen...)
OH. EM. GEE. CASEY GIVES HER A PAIR OF QUOTABLE-CONVERSE. OHMYGOD guys honestly. Lol, the coolest thing I've gotten from a guy was a volleyball that said something like "homecoming? pleeeezeeee" and then his number. That volleyball is now in my garage or something, idk. But it was cool at the time. But the Quotable Converse are like priceless omg. Omg.omg.omg. This has been the best post ever, seriously.
(Sammich quote. Never doubt the Sammich guys!)

Jessica said...

First, Steph, yes, I'm pretty sure she meant you! And I didn't pick up on the Sammich/Sammy thing because that's just how my big bro always says (well, growls) "sandwich." Now I'm all "Awwww..."

Second, suggestions before I forget to make them. Here's a brain-dump; I hope at least 1 or 2 are useful:

1) Isn't it "Sidetrack Sammy," not "Shortcut Sammy"? But there should definitely be a quote about shortcuts. Or longcuts. Which are the same thing, really, when Sammy takes them.

2) "Waiting for rain to fall" (or a line or 2 from the song)

3) a reference to the woman at whose grave they meet in Night of Skulls (since the cemetery has become "their" place but they can't have Heather find out by reading Sammy's shoes, I thought the specific grave would be a good code) {P.S. The image of Heather's face when she reads "S&C forever" and recognizes her brother's handwriting... *snorts*}

4) something piratey from Dead Giveaway, or one of the inside jokes from Wild Things, or something from Night of Skulls (El Zerape?)

5) maybe a reference to codfish? They seem like the type who can laugh at misunderstandings after the fact

6) little drawings of Dorito, a skateboard, Jester, etc. (maybe in their appropriate colors)

Third, I had a pair of blue-and-white-plaid fake-Converse lowtops that I covered with band names and quotes from friends and favorite movies. My friends thought I was weird for writing on my shoes since no one else did it. No idea where I came up with the idea, but it's obviously not *that* weird.

Fourth, I sang "Hit me with your best quote" in my head, so I guffawed when I realized you'd added the "fire away."

Fifth, I have no idea why I'm copying Kylie's and Steph's style of enumerating my comment. Because it provides easy segues, I guess.

Sixth, congrats again on the much-deserved Schneider. I hope you have a fun and safe trip with at least one interesting sidetrack.

Seventh, I'm apparently not going to have as many points to make as Kylie.

Gabrielle said...

Steph,I think casadilla is clever. I would of never thought of that. And I wanna know to if it has to be a quote from the book. I mean I'm pretty sure it would be. And I would suck if I tried to come up with a quote.

Gabrielle said...

Wow Jessica I didnt even think of all that stuff. Of course I haven't put a lot of thought into it. I need to think of a quote......

Kylie said...

Ninth, Jessica you made me laugh when you said apparently I am not going to have as many as Kylie.

Tenth, you know what this made me think of? It made me think of my shoes. You see when I was a freshman for art class I drew on this white sneakers. On the shies I put inside jokes I had with my friends and just some random things. I also did a pair this year as well and they are really cool. But I left a blank space because I wanted to incorporate Sammy Keyes on them, so now I am going to take my favorite thing people say to this post and add it to them!


Yumna Zia said...

My Quote:

Casey A.:
"Dude, I told you not to startle her."
from SK and the Wild Things.

Gabrielle said...

Oh my gosh! I can't think of anything! I'm not good at this! I wanna think of something but I can't! Okay I need to calm down. It would just me so cool to have a quote that I thought of,or is from one of the books or whatever. I need to think of a quote....

Anonymous said...

If she DID mean me, than I am really dense, aren't I? Oops.
Oh and the sammich one was my favorite but I can think of many more. At the top of my head, bam.
"You gotta ask nice!"
"Gotta have the cheese." (I once made a poster of this quote when I was bored, and no one understood it, it was AWESOME).
Anything about "Pretty Vegas".
Yes, Jessica, codfish was a great idea.
HA, "Jakes fine, Snakes fine, but Jake The Snake is like THE END".
"Stop calling. We're done." JUST KIDDING. JUST. KIDDING. Just kidding. Calm yo-selves.
So yeah, I could list everything he's ever said but don't wanna steal everything up. But Sammich has GOT to make it on that shoe!!
Jessica: I mean, there are probably a lot of behind-the-scenes shebanggg going on too, so Shortcut Sammy could just be from a non-book-mentioned moment?
LASTLY, there is a song that literally describes Sammy & Casey's situation to a T. "Dont Make Our Love a Crime" by Cheap Trick. Look up the lyrics sometime people, you will be a-mind blowin awaaayy by Cheap Tricks's ability to foresee the Fictitious Future.
xoxo Night guys, eat some mac and salsa
"It's god-like".
Its god-like. Not "godly", but "GOD-LIKE". Thats Casey Acosta to you, guys. *squee*

Anonymous said...

(P.S: "I guess I'm a fan of trouble-makers."
^^^Couldn't help it. I remember loving that quote. I can't decide which ones out of everyones' is my favorite, Kylie your quote was great.)

Gabrielle said...

In night of skulls when he's says all he needed was "fruity chicken salad sammiches". I'm glad I finally thought of something.

Yusa said...

OMG that is amazing and so sweet! Can't wait to read it. ALA?
So i'm thinking of quotes from MM,PKQ, WT, WC, NOS, but especially the one that's coming out, JJ.
I'm thinking of a specific on that i thought was sweet, but i on't want to spoil.
I, sadly, have no converse.
So slightly off topic here, i did something like that to my friend at the end of the year. Have you guys ever heard of Operation Beautiful.Well me and my freind did that secretly and i thought she was so nice because she did it first. At the end of the year i made a poster with a mirror in the middle and sticky notes all around it in different colors saying nice things, quotes from people like T-Swizzle (Who she loves), and other sayings. 'Be yourself; You're Beautiful; etc;' She loved it so i'm happy. She always made me feel so happy so i'm glad i could do the same.
Memories in any form is the best gift. That's why i think the shoes is SOOO SWEET!

Cammy Forever <3

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

It doesn't have to be a direct quote. "Shortcut Sammy Rides Again" is not a direct quote. It's just something that captures the essence of her :) So anything he might think, she might say, he might say about her, or someplace they've been, something they've done...any of any of it condensed into a short "quote" is fair game.

Yusa said...

'Sleep Zombie'
'Condor Camp'
'Ice blocking'
'Renaissance fair'
'Sir Lucan,Knight of the Holy Blade of York'
'Fish sticks!"
"Rattlesnake chicken'
'Cool Your Heels' (Get it cuz it's shoes?)
"Kickin' Crime"
'Forbidden Love"
'Lucky Horseshoe'

I'll think of more later....

Gabrielle said...

Wow. I'm not good at this,like Yusa thought of a bunch and steph thought of some. And what did I think of,one. Really I could only think of one. I need to think of other quotes!

Yusa said...

No, yours was good.
I really liked the ones Steph and Jessica put.
I'll think of more after i do research in the books later....

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Great stuff here!

BUSTED UP (yes, I'm shouting) when I read "Cool Your Heels" (from Wild Things)That is SO funny (and gross) and perfect for shoes. Big gold laughing star for that one!

Yusa said...

Awwww thanks...
Guess i'm in a wild mood from traveling in Yosemite Park all day. I didn't have any books with me in the hotel so i just did what i remembered for now....
I hiked up the rocks on waterfalls and we saw a tailless squirrel. I've never been full on camping yet though. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Closest I've been to camping is Starved Rock, an area in Illinois thats totally fake/simulated. Well, the wildlife is REAL but it was added there, like the sand dunes, mini waterfalls, mountain-things... Those things don't actually naturally exist in IL so they made Starved Rock. Oh and of course, hiking through the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. But actual camping? Only a few times in Wisconsin Dells and everyone knows camping at the Dells doesn't really count, ha.

AbaGayleb said...

C&S forever...?! :D sweetest thing ever. Quotes. Any quotes or Sammy quotes?
If I am remembering these correctly(I hope I am, or I'd be making a total fool of myself) in Sammy Keyes and the Wild things you said,"It was beyond embarrassing or humiliating. It was ego-slaying!" and I laughed out loud when I read this one,"You want me to be a man, older than you, who goes by the name Roullard." that one was frommm....Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood mummy I think.
Oh! Runaway quote. "Food in trash is like tossed and found." Loved that one. I don't really know many more quotes. But, I hope those work. (:

Kylie said...

Best place I have been camping is definitley fort Bragg. We had this cool camping stop is was like a cave area made out of trees and it was like 500 feet from the ocean. My sisters and I go to the sand dunes and play long of the mountain. So basically we were fighting to see who could stay at the top of the dune the longest.
But that was like 5 years ago. I really haven't been camping since.

And what if he gave her another horseshoe so that she will always have luck?


Yusa said...

What if he tied a horseshoe on both shoes?

Yusa said...

'The Black Pearl'
"Are you saying you'll go?"
'Stretch Humvee'
'Arg! Shiver me timbers!'
'Jolly Roger'
'Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!'
'Darren Cole and the Troublemakers'
'Maybe its all been hard on you pushed against the wall, but there's no need to close your eyes waitin' for the rain to fall'

"I never thought i'd see you in pink."
'Trying to give you some good luck -- would you quit fighting me?'

'You're... uh... kinda notorious.'
'It might not happen tonight, but i'll get you your skateboard back. I promise.'

Those were the only books with Casey i had so that's all i found so far...


Anonymous said...

By the wayyy... Pink Floyd. I did notice that, lol, just in case you were like, "Nobody noticed the Pink Floyd reference!"
OH and I just posted a whole rant on my feelings of Warren Acosta on my sammy keyes blog. Sort of as a late Fathers Day post, except I'm not giving Warren Acosta any Best Daddy Awards, if you know what I mean..
And yes...Pink Floyd. Totally caught that.
(new quote: "You're sure cute when you're baffled.")

Yusa said...

Pink floyd? ...
Oh and nice post.

Oh from WC 'It's about time!'

Kimberly R. said...

My friend, and I came up with these;
Graveyard Lovers (From NOS)
Zombie Sweethearts (NOS)
Mystery Mates
Skateboard Soulmates
Love at first drool (From Wild Things, and it's my favorite!)

Yusa said...

You could do the names of the two skulls (which i can't remember) in a heart.

Jasmine said...

Cute feet. You're a real comedian.
a picture of a thunderbolt + a bird= Butt Ugly
Wild things do do da do do...
Zombies to the rescue!
Meet me at Sassypants Station!

Yusa said...

those are great!

Kylie said...

I love Kimberly's ideas! And Yusa skull one! And starj17!
Those are great!


Gabrielle said...

The names of the skulls are grim and reaper.

Yusa said...

How did i forget THAT?
Grim on one shoe and reaper on the next.
'Cute feet' should be written on them too like starj17 said.

Anonymous said...

HA!! Cute feet. Love that one, since it's shoes, you know? I thought that was funny and clever and just great.
What about something like, "Still worried you got stinky feet?"
I'm lame, not as creative as you all... How about, "One time, you punched my sister in the face... IT WAS AWESOME!!"
Mean Girls reference. It works, though
Or maybe the zombiefied lyrics to Free Fallin'?
How about, "I guess I'm a fan of troublemakers?"
I wonder if Casey knows how Sammy called him Baggy Boy before she knew his name? While HE secretly liked her for standing up to Heather, she called him Baggy Boy. Nice one, Sammy. Not your best call, since now you're dating that very Baggy Boy. (But its fun, because when I reread Moustache Mary, I'm like, "HEHEHE". So mature, I know. Call me Billy Pratt.)

Kimberly R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberly R. said...

Casey could write, "Two left feet" because in Dead Giveaway at the dance Sammy said neither of them could dance!

Ling said...

Definitely "cute feet"
"you finally did something about those lips"
"you're amazing" just like in the yearbook :D
Waiting for the rain to fall riff part too!!!

Yusa said...

All the stuff about feet has to be on it.

Gabrielle said...

Wendelin,This is kinda out of the blue but I was telling my friend about Sammy and Casey and she was wondering,what if Sammy and Casey got married, what would there kids be like?.....

Unknown said...

OHMYGOSH I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING THAT MADE ME DIE. The cover (Unless you already got that covered and I missed it) should totally be the SHOES!
I sound like my eight year old sister.
Anyways, THIS IS SO COMPLETELY AMAZING!!! Ha! Usually I get all my SK info from my buddy Jenna, but this time I BEAT HER TO IT!!!!
And, of course we don't mind that your mind is a ll jumbled....why do you think we have blogs???
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I Love 2 Read 26 said...

AW! That is so cute! I totally want shoes that a boy wrote on for me as a gift!!
How did you come up with the idea?
Casey could write: Live Fast, have fun, be a bit michevous -Louis Tomlinson.
He could also write: aren't cha glad these aren't hiking boots? :)
Or: one of the very few reasons I like my sister is that she brought us together! <3
Or: Never change...ever! :)

You always come up with cute and awesome ideas! :D

I Love 2 Read 26 said...

Also, congrats on your award!!!!!! :)

Optimistic4ever said...

Congrats! Award sounds awesome!

I really love everyone's ideas for the shoes. I just got home, but I'll def think of stuff and post it here. :)

Tibbitoo said...

I love this idea so much!!! I think most of my ideas were covered. And Juliet, you didn't beat me. I came home at 1 AM Saturday morning from camp, went to the computer, and read this, so HA! I was just too tired to post a comment. Oh, and I read the sneak peek for Justice Jack on Amazon. I can't beleive I didn't realize NOS's paperback was out!!! Oh, and 17 mpre days till JJ!!! (If you count today, cuz for me it's 7:47 AM)

katarinandersson said...

Congrats on the award!
Since my creativity is very limited, I'm just going to develop other people's ideas. Kimberly R. wrote that Casey could write "two left feet" (which is a great idea) and that made me think that he could just write "left" on both the left shoe and the right shoe. And starj17 suggested the song Wild thing, and I loved that suggestion! Casey could write "Wild thing, you make my heart sing!"
And Steph, I LOVE the Mean Girls reference, I love all Mean Girls references and quotes!
Lastly, I just wanted to say that everyone had really good suggestions, I envy your creativity! Oh, and one more thing: I've changed my language on Facebook to english (pirate), so every time I'm on Facebook I'm reminded of the Farewell Dance in Dead Giveaway. Arrr!

Jessica said...

"Cool your heels" cracked me up so much.

I've been re-reading the rest of the series (waiting for CHC from the library now), so here are a few, more specific ones:

1) Drool Monster
2) Back-bumpin' Slammin' Sammy
3) Triple-T
4) Burdock
5) Umbrella Girl
6) See you at Sassypants Station!

Unknown said...

Oh! oh! I got one! "Sassy pants," or something like that, from SK and the Night of the Living Skulls!"

Plus, I'm confuzzled. When is this coming out? Is it after power of Justice Jack? When is THAT coming out? I'm so clueless. :-)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Justice Jack is next and it comes out in 4 days!

Then Sin City. Not sure when it's released.

Then Killer Cruise--the one I'm working on now, which will have the shoe quotes. I actually just wrote that scene yesterday and it came out great! And Sassypants Station is in it.

And lastly (haven't started yet): Kiss Goodbye.

Sorry to confuse you -- hope this straightened things out.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! Wow. I'm hyperventilating! My comment has been answered by Wendelin Van Draanen! I am honored. :-)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

No hyperventilating allowed. I'm a "regular person" just like everyone else :)

Unknown said...

Okey-dokey. Just a regular person, then. But a regularly awesome person! Like me. :-)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...


Megan said...

This is a fabulous quote!

Megan said...

This is a fabulous quote!

Unknown said...

Hmmm... I'm new here but I love the SK series and all the ideas. I am thinking "

Unknown said...

I'm new here but I've been keeping up with the posts and I love the series and cammy

Unknown said...

I love the ideas as well!