Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas!

No post this week--Merry Christmas everyone!
(Would love to hear about your holiday celebrations if you'd like to share!)
Back to our regular programming next Sunday--see you then!


g said...

I had an awesome holiday. I hope yours was jolly as well! happy Holidays! lOVE,

Stefunny said...

I relaxed with my family. My sister gave me an Elvish language learning curriculum that she's been putting together for two months because she knows how much I love Elvish and "Lord of the Rings."

Ryan said...

I donated platelets at the blood bank first thing this morning (the gift of life!), then spent the rest of the afternoon with family. =)

I figure spending the afternoon with family is pretty common, but not a whole lot of people donate blood products for Christmas!

Wanna go find a letterbox with me? (Amanda isn't in town at the moment, though.)

-- Ryan

katarinandersson said...

Since you asked, I'm gonna tell you about my Christmas in Sweden. To begin with, I just want to point out that Christmas is on the 24th in Sweden.
So on December 24 I was at home with my family and ate Christmas food (not turkey), and then we exchanged Christmas presents and just relaxed. And watched From all of us to all of you, which is an old Disney Christmas Special. It's aired on Swedish TV every year on Christmas Eve at 3 PM, and almost everyone watches it. We watch it because it's tradition, but it's a bit strange, right? Some of the clips in that show aren't even related to Christmas! I mean, what has Donald Duck in a jungle to do with Christmas? Or that part of the movie Cinderella where the mice make a dress for her? Or Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck on vacation in a travel trailer?
But, because I'm Swedish, I think of Christmas when I see or hear about those clips. But I've started to realize just how strange that is. People plan their Christmas Eve so that they're sure of not missing an old animated Disney show! That must be considered strange to others, but to us, it's normal.
Anyway, that was my Christmas. I hope you had a great Christmas! :)

frances said...

Our Christmas tree was 4-feet tall. :D

Kylie said...

I ws so excited this year because our Christmas tree is 18' tall. Originally it was 23' but it was to tall, so my Dad cut it down to 18'.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

These were so different and interesting! Elvish, platelets, and the Disney Swedish Christmas. Wow. I'm proofing Justice Jack which shares the (wild Van Draanen version) of the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas. When you read it (in May) picture me and my family sliding around after those "cookies". Really. I may write fiction, but there's no way I could make THAT up.

Yusa said...

before winter break my class knit red sweaters for foster children over the age of 18 that where going to college.