Sunday, March 6, 2011

Author Magazine

When I was a kid I thought authors were either really, really old, or dead. And since I had zero interest in being either of those, I had zero interest in becoming an author. Had any of my schools had an Author Day program, I'm sure my perception would have changed radically, but I didn't meet any authors at all until after my first book came out.

The Internet was also not ubiquitous back then, so the closest you could get to an author was the little mug shot at the back of the book…if there was on there.

And if there was, it certainly looked like someone really, really old (as most adults do when you’re a kid), and like it was taken a really, really long time ago (who would ever wear their hair like that?), and oddly posed (what’s with the hand under the chin thing? Do all authors have weak necks in need of support? Are their brains that heavy?).

So no, meeting or becoming an author was not on my wish list.

It’s amazing how times have changed—not just for me and my perceptions, but for what’s available as resources.

For those of you who are aspiring authors, or just have authors you wish to meet someday, I have good news for you: There’s a website of author interviews (mostly video interviews) that I discovered in January when I was in Seattle on book tour for The Running Dream. The host, Bill Kenower, interviewed me for “Author Magazine” an online source for writers (or people interested in authors) who want to get information about the writing process from the people who have been successfully published.

And here is a link to a list of links to other authors archived on the site. (Among the authors you’ll find the likes of Nora Ephron, Louis Sacar, Henry Winkler, Ridley Pearson, and Polly Horvath…it’s very cool!)

That’s all for this week – I hope you enjoy the links. (And I hope there are some not-so-old and very much alive authors you’re excited to see there!) As Bill Kenower would say, Enjoy!


g said...

Thats really amazing how you can totally change your perspective on something based on encounters or in this case websites.
I'll check back later,

Mel said...

Hey! This week's post is fantastic. I loved your interview, especially the part with running. I ran long distance way back in middle I might go at it again. Anyway, there was so much more I wanted to say, but I can't remember anymore. Darn it. Maybe I'll comment again later. Can't wait for next week!

Alexa said...

That's really neat. And I'll check out that link once I have some time (I have been SO busy with writing!).

See ya next post! -Lexa

Pooja said...

Hey cool post and interview.. I can't wait till the 14th book since I just finished reading it for the third time!~

Rose Sellman said...

i used to hate writing and i would have never thought that i would be getting published now!

Anonymous said...

A year ago I hated to was torchure.Now It's all I do.My mother said my limit was 10 but the library was limit was 30.So I 'accidentally' forgot 10 was my limit(whoops).From me reading you books,and so many other I've learned some Writing skills,and I really want to be n author!


Anonymous said...

I could spend my life on this and the Sammy Keyes website!
Your books will be Amazing!The first time i read one of your Sammy keyes books my sister quizzed me (who was who who did what..exc).I aced it!
I have been bugging her to find your email or blog or somthing just to talk or communicate and i found this! I dont know how....but i did!
Gosh!I am more excited about this than disney world! Lol.You can say im a Reading Nerd...

Thanks a bunch!,

Anonymous said...

It's be again, i just wanted to add that your blog is amazing, and runaway the book that i put on hold, i think will be awesome, i don't want to ask for any hints whatsoever for any of your books because i will get way over excited(:!Your interview was amazing!If your an author do you meet other others?I would absolutely be thrilled to meet any, especially you!To be truthful,book 14 would have been an amazing ending!But I'm happy it didn't end there!

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Thank you for the comments! And abagayle, welcome aboard!

PS I thought Wedding Crasher would have been a nice end to the series, too, but then we wouldn't have the upcoming excitement in the graveyard or Justice Jack or...!

Which makes me wonder what won't we have after the last one? Sigh. But I can't think about that! Back to Justice Jack!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for writing the book:D
It was absolutely Great,amazing,and spectacular!I got it yesterday.I've for to say you are well above the pretties series:) i loved that series but the Sammy Keyes series wont make you want to hurl the books across the room...(when someone died)
Thanks a bunch!