Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just A Little Babbling

I thought I'd share this exciting piece of Flipped movie art with you. My editor sent it to me on Friday -- it's from Warner Brothers. I'm not sure exactly what it's for, but I like it! Speculation is that the movie poster will look something like this, and, if that's the case, the movie tie-in edition of the book will look something like this, too. The release date of (around) September 17th has been (kind of) confirmed. So, for those of you who have been asking for details, this is the latest! This posting will have to be fairly short, and probably more newsy that philosophical. I'm catching a plane in a few hours. Off to accept an award for Runaway, visit the ETRTR winners, and meet up with educators from all over at the International Reading Association convention. Am I packed? Not quite! I'm always astounded at how much time and planning it takes to be away from home. Especially if you're flying somewhere. Double-especially if you have kids. It's actually way more time-consuming to get ready to be away than it is to be away. Stock shelves, water plants, coordinate rides...all that stuff, plus write speeches, and get presentations together. I wrote 5 speeches for this trip. Sheez. And now I've got to practice them so they're natural and not just being read. I hate reading speeches. I'd rather just get up and talk from the heart. But that can be very disjuncted, so I prepare, practice, and then put the speech away. School presentations aren't that way. I love talking to kids. They don't mind that I'm hyper and a little zany. Way better than being put into the snooze state. The adults, though, they always make me a little bit nervous. Anyway, I'm babbling, but that's what happens when you're not packed and you still have to go raid the ATM machine and charge your iPod. Which I'd better go do! I promise a mo'better post next time. Thanks for checking in!


Elizabeth said...

I literally screamed when I saw that you posted... lol :). I hope the many events you're attending go great! I like the artwork too! Thanks so much for posting and sharing!

xzx583 said...
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xzx583 said...

Awesome art! I hope the movie is as good as the book (if it is, I'll have a new favorite movie).

Jinnyd said...

The mood of the photo and the tagline fit PERFECTLY! I can't wait to see it!

Tracy Marchini said...

So exciting!! I love the artwork, too. Has a bit of a Nicholas Sparks feel to it, and that's worked out quite well for him! :-P

clararoxlol said...

good luck with your many events! the movie artwork looks fab!

Pooja Dimba said...

That is such a cool movie poster!

N3WYORKD3VIL said...

Awwwww..I lovee that poster. I'm a reeeeaaaallyy sappy person. I love anything with romance and whatnot..if the movie isn't as good as the book, I just might sue those people. I'm still really upset that Annabeth was a brunette in the movie and she's supposed to be blond! I mean, seriously! It's as if the screenwriters don't ead the book!

bookfreak said...

Love flipped and i cannot waitt to see the movie!!...even though the books are almost always better than the movies..its still EXCITING!! thers only one word for this.... SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS

Anonymous said...

Oops, I just noticed I hadn't commented! =/
That's like the cutest poster ever! Even my older sister went "Aw!" when she saw it!
I was busy all week with my band! We actually call it a "basement band" because we do it in my friend Colton's basement. And we all have different "band" names (cuz Stephanie isn't the best name for a guitarist, am I right?)
Colton is "Locks" cuz he has blond hair and refuses to cut it. Eric is "Epirica" cuz his name went with "Epic" and "America" so changed it to that. (It also goes along with the band name..). Nate is still nate. Heh. And Danny is still Danny, too.
Do you wanna know something ironically weird?
Danny's last name is Briggs. :) So it's Danny Briggs. Which mixes Danny from SK and the last name Briggs from SK. I can connect ANYTHING to SK.
Oh, and my band nickname (instead of Stephanie..) is "Stoph". So the band's full name is Stophamerica. And my guitar practise it as a place called Alegre Studios, which means "Happy studios" in Spanish. Heh. :P
But enough babbling about my band! That poster is amaaazing! I love it so much! <3
Guess that's it. :)
--"Stoph." Heh. :)

Anonymous said...

So one of the Sammy-fan-blogs said to post some "future" thing of what we think Sammy and Casey's kids should be named, what pets they'll have etc. I posted it there and I decided I may as well here.
Sammy will marry Casey at age 21 (I know, young). She will have her first child at age 23 and it will be a girl named Bailey. (Bailey will have green eyes and Casey's hair color). They're second child, born when Sammy is 24 will be a boy named Carter (I love that name :)) and they will have a cat named Pringle (in honor of Dorito). They will live in a simple house in L.A where Casey will pursue his acting career and all the girls in the nation will have his picture on their walls. :D
And they will live happily ever after. <3
Okay, okay, I'm an athiest so not-really-amen, but whatever. Who cares right now.
And hope you had a good time on your trip! :D