Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

School visits are usually whole-school affairs where the author give presentations to (large) gatherings of kids, usually grouped by grade level. Yesterday I visited a middle school that had a reading requirement for attendance at the assemblies. Every kid had read at least one of my books, so they were familiar with my work and, consequently, were interested in what I had to say. Nice! Some of their questions were really insightful -- especially in regard to Runaway, which seemed to be a favorite. The school has a very supportive PFO (which, in the day, was called the PTA)and an awesome librarian! It was a long drive and long day, with no time to train for a marathon, but that's okay. A few students delivered letters to me before I left, one of them saying, "I enjoyed your speech today when you shared with us your struggles. It really made me motivated to never give up and always complete my goals." That'll carry me miles!

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