Friday, March 30, 2007

Writing Among the Avocados

I was reminded this morning that sitting down to write is a lot like lacing up your shoes and getting out the door. There is always so much "real" stuff that needs doing around here (like laundry and dishes and coordinating school visits and making sure our dog hasn't dragged in another avocado.) (The dog's a maniac. We call him Guaco now instead of his real name because he loves to make guacamole out of the avocados that fall from our neighbor's tree into our yard. He leaves the peels and the pits behind and can go through 3-4 avocados in an afternoon. And he's recently discovered that this feasting activity is much more enjoyable if done indoors.) So yes, there's the distraction of having a home office, and then there's just the fear of facing the page. I'm presently working on a grueling rewrite, and I find it easier to face the laundry and the dishes and a dog with avocado breath than the work of making a story the best it can be. And yet, when I finally sit down and face it, I always feel a sense of progress...even accomplishment. So after working several hours this morning on what I'm supposed to be doing -- writing -- I do feel good! I feel like I went for a writer run (if that makes any sense...)! Now it's time to check and see what ol' Guaco's been up to...

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