Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sammy Keyes and the Cold, Hard Cash

Just a quick check in to report that I've finished the rough draft of Sammy Keyes #12. (Probably to be titled ...and the Cold, Hard Cash.) Wa-hoo! What a wild ride. I never know until the end whether it'll turn out the way I envision. And then, when I write the last page and all the subplots I've been juggling come together for the grand finale, well, I can't help jumping around all over the place. See me? I'm like a pogo stick over here. (Oh, just let me bounce around, okay? It happens, like, once a year--maybe twice.) Tomorrow I face the rewrite. And the re-rewrite. And the... But tonight I pogo!


reader_27 said...

Hello! I love sammy keyes and reading. These books are so adventrous and interesting. I've read all the books. I'm just akid but love to read. I'm not under ten, so i'm not a kid kid.I've read the Twighlight series and loved that too. Cant wait till Sammy keyes and the cold hard cash. I'm a big fan and fan!
Yor fan, A.R

reader_27 said...

Hello! I love sammy keyes and reading. These books are so adventrous and interesting. I've read all the books. I'm just akid but love to read. I'm not under ten, so i'm not a kid kid.I've read the Twighlight series and loved that too. Cant wait till Sammy keyes and the cold hard cash. I'm a big fan and fan!
Yor fan, A.R

Brandi said...

So I was sitting there doing my precalcus homework when THE Sammy Keyes itch came over me. So I went onto amazon to see if there was a new book in the future...and there it was in all of its cold hard cash. Then I saw it wasn't coming out until December 9th and my heart dropped, but if there's one thing I've learned from reading your books it's patience. I'm becoming a filmmaker, so if they ruin Sammy Keyes with lame movie versions, I'll see what I can do about remaking them when I have a budget and can buy the rights and all that icky stuff.

Sara said...

Sammy Keyes are my absolute favorite books of all time! Sammy Keyes can solve crimes, get an 8th grader to like her, have time with friends, and find ways to get back at Heather!I have been waiting and waiting for another Sammy Keyes book to come out, and when i heard about book #12 i was so happy! I have read many more of Wendelin Van Draanen's books, and right now i am reading Runaway, and as soon as i read the front cover i knew it had to be about Holly!
I am a huge fan of Wendelins books and she has inspired me in many ways!
thank you so much Wendelin!i <3 you!!!
a huge huge fan,
Sara M

reader_27 said...

I can't wait for the newest book of Sammy Keyes. Why does it have to be in December, I have to read Sammy Keyes! I'm a huge fan of all your books. I've read Flipped and Runaway as well. Both great books. I think you should make sequel to Flipped. Whats going to happen with Bryce and Juli, I want to know!
Your fan,
Ashley R.

TheeFancyBuster said...

I love, I mean love the Sammy Keyes series. I have read them at least 10 times each. I love Sammy, she makes me laugh and she makes me want to be spontaneous. I want to thank you for writing such great books. I enjoy them so much. I brought one to school one day and my friend saw it, now I've got her hooked. Also!! I love the relationship between Casey and Sammy.
Thanks for listening.

Kris_667788 said...

In Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash, please make Casey kiss Sammy! (and not just on the hand!)
Oh, and write were you got the mac' n' salsa thing, I tried it and it's preaty good, it is god-like! :)

tesnim91 said...

Hey Wendelin!

I love your Sammy Keyes series. It gets better and better!

I know that the series are intended for young readers (I wish it was also on the YA section), but I do hope for a more serious relationship between Sammy and Casey. :D

Keep Rock and Rollin'... & WRITING ^^

~Hatice A.

TheeFancyBuster said...

I agree with kris_667788, and tesnim91. I love the relatonship with Sammy and Casey!! I can't wait till Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash!!

eric said...

Dear Wendelin Van Draanen
I loved your book. I like how the story got into action so fast. I have read your other Sammy Keyes books and I liked them as well. I’m really looking forward to reading your other books.
I love the form of writing you use. The characters in the book remind me of my cousins. Thank you for writing this book. It met all my expectations. Keep on writing.

eric said...
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quintessajazz said...

Hi! I started to read your books three years ago, in fourth grade with my sister. We both love your Sammy Keyes books now and when I checked your Sammy Keyes webpage (like I've been doing for almost over a year now to see when you update!) we both screamed with excitement. That's how much we love your books. :P We also read Flipped, and just finished Confessions of a Serial Kisser. Both great books, too. We have yet to go on amazon and get Swear to Howdy, but we're working on it!
~Your BIGGEST FAN, Tessa!!!

kairi said...

Hi Wendelin!

First off I want to start out by saying that your my favorite author of all time! I absolutely LOVE the Sammy Keyes Series! I'm so excited for Cold Hard Cash...I hope there will be more Sammy after that one too! You have such a way with words Mrs. Draanen. You no what, I read your Sammy books and I became a completely different person. But the thing is, I'm not someone whos a fake because of it, this really feels like *me*. Your so amazing! I've read FLIPPED and it's sooo good! I hope there's a sequel! :D I'm about to check out Runaway and Swear to Howdy! I'm also interested with The Serial Kisser! I'll be coming home with a ton of books tomorrow! Thank you so much Wendelin! Keep on writing!

~Your biggest fan! <3

Sara said...

I love Sammy Keyes SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! I will be with my friends and they will say something and it will kinda relate to a Sammy Keyes book and i will get all excited and start telling them about that one part in the book the thing relates to! Reading Sammy Keyes books has really improved my writing too! I feel like i almost am a bit of Sammy now! I know so much about her! You made Sammy into a prefect character! You don't make her perfect, she has troubles like everyone else does. This quote "The happiest people don't nesissarily have the best in life; they just make the best of everything they have" and i think that kinda represents Sammy, cause even though she has some tough stuff in life, she makes the best of it and she lives it out great! I am about to die! I can't wait until Cold hard Cash comes out! I can't wait to see what happens with Casey and what Heather and Sammy are gonna do to each other!! Sammy Keyes are filled with humor, mystery, and a little bit of romance! And all of your other books too just blow me away! Thank you so much for writing these books, they are the only ones that i will sit and read non stop!

coral said...

My name is Katie Samuel, and I know you've herd this a lot, but I really love the Sammy Keyes books. Sammy is always so up beat and fun no matter what’s happening to her I wish that I could be more like that. my hobby is writing movies and shooting them with my friends and I’ve just started a movie based on Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief. I just wanted to write and say thank you for writing the Sammy Keyes book and that you are one of my heroes, as is Sammy.

xdca said...

hey, u r the BEST writer in the history of human kind!!! i have read all of your books. u have to keep writing more and more and more! I can't think of any other series that i would rather read.

your biggest fan,


xdca said...

hi i need more sammy keyes! please keep writing.


abbydoos123 said...

I love the Sammy Keyes series I have all the books but this one! I can wait till I get my hands on Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash! I may be 13 but your never to old for a good Sammy Keyes book!!!

DeXtEr 2 said...
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DeXtEr 2 said...

Hey I am sooo in love with Sammy Keyes I have read all of them!!!! There are sooo much fun to read! I am a big fan!!! Sammy keyes and the cold hard cash is great too!!! I am right now doing a book report on it!!! Officer B. is so funny now that sammy is better than him!!!
i cannot wait until you write the next one !!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you writes sooo many more. Thanks for making my life sooo interesting and mysterious & also so
exciting!!! You Rock!!!!!!!
Your BiGgEsT FAN!!!!

-Lexi R.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am the altimate sammy keyes fan! I loved all your other books. Also I looked online, and they said there might be a sammy keyes movie!

Your Biggest fan,

Justine said...

hey! i LOOOOVVVVEEE Sammy Keyes!!!!!!! iv read all of them!!!! can you tell me when the next one comes here??

Anonymous said...

Ehmagawd! I just LOVE your books! Go to please and go to Sammy Keyes and see the stories written by NeWgIrLiNtOwN (newgirlintown) some people call me newgirl, or newgirlintown204 cuz that’s what my name used to be on fanfic. I am a songwriter and I write sammy keyes songs, and write fanfictions and make t shirts. I sing the songs, too, and…..i don’t know…at night when I’m asleep I think about new stories and think of stories in my head…its like my favorite thing to do, my favorite part of the day (or night~!) Ehmagawd, I am, like, your biggggggggggggest fan. I have all your books and when CHC came out I went berserk when I had to wait a week to buy it. But when I bought it…I read it three times in a row—and right now I have read it more than I’ve read Percy Jackson books or Harry potter or the Clique—and I LOVVVVEEEE those books. I’m in advanced la and reading, but I’m just writing fast here cuz my little sister is bugging me to play with her. :P anyways, email me at!! puh leeeeez! BTW I LOVE CASEY so much! he rocks and can you puhleeeeez add more of him in da books????!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

i am one of ur biggest fans ever! i'veread all ur books (except shredderman series) and i love them. sammy keyes is awesome and hudson is probally the best old guy anybody would ever meet.

I wish Sammy was a real person cause she would be like my bestest friend Yeah!* Cant wait till there's a next book of sammy keyes. ur an awesoem author!

ur fans ashley and annika

Ashley said...

we are ur biggest fans!!!! me and my friend annika! you rock!

sammykeyeslover said...

dear wendelin, i will tell you a story on how i got my teeth sunk into sammy keyes. It was a tuesday,library day, and i absolutely could not find a book so i was looking on the shelf and saw sammy keyes and the art of deception. now honestly i thought i would never finish it, but i could not put that little monster down! and after that i just had to read more so i checked sammy keyes and the hotel thief out and had to get another so i checed the hollywood mummy and the sisters of mercy and was to lazy to finish those so i ende up checking out the cold hard cash and wild things out and finished cold hard cash in about 3 days. Unfortunately i have to return the other one but i am currently reading the hollywood mummy and so far it is awesome and my fave is cold hard cash. by the way i just got moustache mary, phsyco kitty queen, and the runaway elf for easter i love you wedelin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma said...


SammyKeyes said...

OMG!!! PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER SAMMY KEYES BOOK!!!!!!!! I'm dying to know when you're going to write another book! I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the Sammy Keyes series. The book that originally caught my eye in the library was "Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen". If it wasn't for my love of cats, I never would have been hooked on Sammy Keyes. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THESE BOOKS AND PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER!
One of your biggest fans,
P.S. do you sign books? if so, where?

Hannah said...

I LOVE your books! I have read Runaway 6 times and I'm reading it again. I'm also reading the sammy keyes series.My friends and I are big fans.will there be a runaway or sammy keyes movie coming soon? If so, how can I try out for the part of Holly? i'm not with a talent agency, but it would be awesome.I'm so much like her. All my friends say we have alot in common.I love to read and I love animals, especially dogs.please reply if possible

ning99 said...

I love your books more than any others in the world! ...and the Wedding Crasher so amazing!