Saturday, July 15, 2017


Do not get too excited. This is just a mock up! There is no deal with Hasbro/Parker Brothers to actually make this.

But...isn't it fun? 

This is what comes of sitting around the dinner table with my family, discussing how Sammy's world might translate to the Monopoly board. By midnight I had obsessively mocked up a Sammy-opoly board. Typical me.

But I'm sure it could use improvement and I would love your ideas and input. If you see something missing or think of something you think would be better, speak up!

I chose how to group/place the properties by balancing value, location (proximity to one another in Santa Martina) and theme.

The  Heavenly Hotel edged out the Senior Highrise for cheapest property, but it was a tossup! 

And I love that Hudson's Porch is the most valuable property. Not Marissa's house, not the Landvogt Mansion, not East Jasmine at all...and not Hudson's house, but his porch.

I don't know about you, but whenever I play Monopoly, the most disappointing properties seem to be the ones between Free Parking (Skateboarding) and Go To Jail (Detention). They never pay off. And getting through them is such a slog. I'd rather go to jail.

Speaking of...don't overlook the little letters around the jailbird. 😉

For the 6 or 7 markers Hasbro/Parker Brothers seems to allow for special edition Monolopys I'm thinking...skateboard, binoculars, high-tops, police car, cat, catcher's mitt, horseshoe.... Other ideas? 

I've got a long drive ahead of me, and on it we'll be brainstorming Chance (Shortcut) and Community Chest (Library) cards. Here are just a few early ones:

  • Take a ride in Hudson's Cadillac. If you pass GO collect $200.
  • The Nightie-Napper strikes again, pay $20.
  • Get $50 reward for returning softball statue to city hall.
  • Cracked a safe, get $100.
  • Fell off skateboard, advance to the Hospital.
  • Heather frames you. Go directly to Detention.
  • Caught ice blocking. Slide back three spaces.
So take a gander and join the fun - give me your feedback and throw in your ideas. Let's play!

PS Like I said - we're just goofing around, but ... maybe someday!


Jo said...

This is brilliant! It is really cool to see Santa Martina laid out like this. Makes me want to reread the whole series just to re-experience what Sammy went through at all of these locations.

I don't have a lot of ideas to add, but there's usually a card related to getting out of jail free (or in this case, detention). I love the inclusion of the Nightie-Napper and the softball statue!

Shaina said...

What a fun idea! I love the full detailed world you've created for Sammy. I can't think of a single thing to add!

Leah Lam said...

I love this!!! How about.... get caught sneaking in from the fire escape- go directly to jail! Or, catch a runaway elf, advance to the Cemetary! There are so many options! This is so fun :)

Joel Singer said...

I prefer other boardgames, but Monopoly is a classic. Let's see...
Put gum in door latch -- Get Out of Jail Free
Get picked up by Officer Borsch, advance to squad car space
Get help from Marissa on your homework, spend the night there
Find a lost pet, advance to the Pup Parlor
School calls home, go to detention (Jail)

Jessica said...

I like it! I really like what you picked out for the properties and how you organized them. I think Marissa's bike should be the first transportation you come to, though - it definitely belongs on the dodgy side of town (and it should be the thing that sends you to the hospital)!

Some card ideas:
"You're voted most unique style, pay everyone else $10 each."
"You get chocolate from your double dynamo on Yolanda's favorite sweater. Pay $25 for the cleaning fee."
"Gram's got a hankering for shortbread. Head to Maynard's Market."
"You successfully take a front bump and earn $20."

Oh, and I know the utilities are traditionally electric and water, but I think EZcrete would be better than the squirt gun since it appeared in more books. Which leads me to another card:

"You face off with a gangster in a basement full of spiders. Proceed to the EZcrete. If unowned, you may buy it. If owned, roll the dice and pay the owner ten times the number on the dice. (Try not to get Snake Eyes.)"