Sunday, July 2, 2017

Easy-Peasy Giveaway!

Giveaway time! If you follow me on social you know I've started a giveaway where every Friday throughout summer we draw a winner who receives two copies of a new Sammy Keyes edition.

If you didn't know that and want to join in, separate giveaways are happening:

1) at the Sammy Keyes (books) Facebook page

2) on Twitter @WendelinVanD

3) on Instagram at @WendelinVanD.

It's super easy to throw your name in the mix, so I encourage you to enter everywhere to increase your chances of winning.

And now, here, for my faithful blog followers, I'm offering up two copies of the first three Sammys - one set for you, one for a friend.  ('Cause you guys are awesome 😊.)

All you have to do is tell me your favorite scene from any Sammy Keyes book (no spoilers, please!). Describe it in brief in the comments below, and you are entered. Easy-peasy!

In addition to the six (2x3) Sammys, I'll also send the winner one of the hardcover mysteries that I received while serving on the 2016 Edgar committee (young adult category).

So enter here, and everywhere, and happy summer reading!

Next week: I'm planning to share new art from the next batch of Sammys which release on Sept 12th. They're wonderful, and the hidden numbers are super fun.

Have a great week. See you in the comments!


Jessica said...

It's so hard to pick favorite scenes! I think I'm going to have to go with the pirate date in the Black Pearl, because it was just so *fun* and reminded me of good times with my friends when I was a teen. It's definitely one of those scenes I've gone back and read again and again when I just want to smile.

Joseph Venegas said...

Alligator-skin boots. So much we don't know. Left to fester in our imaginations. For all we really know, Hudson may very well be just a dusty old man with a closet full of wires, tapes and microphones. Thanks to Sammy, we know the truth- he's the real master-spy. The real Hudson, whoever he is, isn't some guy, some novelty cowboy boot enthusiest. He's an everyday hero, a champion of life. And he's been spry enough to spy a bride who'll reside by his side til they heave their last sighs in the hot Vegas skies. No lie, Hudson's a wild one. Ain't that right? If that's not the truth what is?

Joel Singer said...

The scene in the Dead Giveaway where she confesses that she was the one that accidentally killed the lovebird. Gut-wrenching. So, so hard to stand up and say that.

Shaina said...

As if I could pick a favorite scene! But I have to say, in the Hotel Thief: I LOVE when Sammy punches Heather in the nose, then sits right back down and keeps "gnashing" away at her PBJ. Gnashing was a brilliant word for eating a sticky sandwich while adrenaline is pumping. I love that scene!

ERinaa said...

So, so hard to pick a favorite, as the other comments said... But I love the skateboarding scene where Sammy unknowingly shows off to the the school bus full of kids. She's just the epitome of cool in every way. Skating down the street, hopping curbs, just being herself... while those kids who don't really know her are watching--I guess it's when she starts building her reputation? Then she has that showdown with Heather. At first the scene is kind of introspective, as she skateboards, then all of a sudden she's fighting and intensely interacting with other people. And it's interesting because there are many points where it's unclear what's going on, and the result of the interaction with Heather isn't obvious to Sammy at first.

That was fun to remember! Thanks for the opportunity!

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Jessica: I just recently reread Dead Giveaway and my comment to Mark about their time in the Black Pearl was that it was just so much fun. All that stress about going to the dance, and then they forget about expectations and turn into "pirates" and just have fun. Ah, to have had a date like that! Thank you, Billy Pratt :-)

Joseph: I do love Hudson Graham!

Joel: The confession was epic because it was brave. I like that Mrs. Ambler tells her she's not sure she would have confessed if she'd been in Sammy's shoes.

Shaina: Yes, gnashing! Such an un-PC scene, but Sammy's flaws/honest reactions are one of the reasons she feels real. We all make mistakes, so we can relate! And learning from them is the key, right? So in book 10 (Dead Giveaway again!) when she could have (justifiably) taken Heather down) it dawns on her that she didn't want to end the year the way it started and she restrains herself. It took 10 books, but that was a point where I could really see the growth in her.

ERinaa: Yes! She was so absorbed in the ride and the freedom...a joyful feeling. And then the smackdown! Poor Heather :-)

All of You: I didn't post the blog link on social media like I usually do so the pool of entries would be smaller and tip the odds in favor of people who check in here without reminders. Thanks for all your comments - I loved reliving each of those moments. Good luck to each of you!

KT said...

Like everyone else has said, it's hard to come up with just one favorite! I love so much about this series (especially any scene with Hudson), but I might just copy Shaina's favorite. It is so terrible, but I love when Sammy punches Heather. You can feel all of her emotion build up until it finally comes out in the blow THEN she continues to steam while she eats her lunch knowing full well the trouble she's caused herself.

Oh, another favorite is when the snoopy lady next door (I can't recall her name off the top of my head!) falls between the cabinet and the toilet and Sammy has to pull her out. It was so uncomfortable for everyone, but it seemed to kind of open Sammy's eyes to the problems others might be facing. Love watching her grow up.