Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Carpet Rundown

I received an invitation in the mail this week.
It came with a 30 cents postage-due scrawl from my postal carrier, but that's okay. I'll pay.
It's full color, about 7 inches square, and has two kids in a tree on the front, and a lovely scene including a cloudy sky and green fields with distant "farm" houses and trees across both sides of the interior.
There is no printing on the left side, but on the right side?
"Warner Bros. Pictures invites you and a guest to the world premiere of FLIPPED"
(There was a little card inside stating I could bring 3 guests, so yes, the boys are definitely coming with us.)
The back is black and states in rather small print (but firm, extensive language) that video taping inside the theater is strictly prohibited. (Which means we can't even have the camera with us to tape any of the goings-on outside.) (Rats.)
It's being held at the classic Cinerama Dome on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood--a theater Mark and I have always wanted to see the inside of. It looks like half a golf ball, and if you go to Wikipedia you can see what they did to decorate it for Spider Man 2 and Shrek 2. (I doubt they'll convert it into an egg under a chicken for us, but that would be funny!)
Now, we can't take our friends and family with us, so we've been planning own Red Carpet Event for months. We're renting a local theater, a red carpet, etc., and everyone's supposed to dress up like they're going to a Hollywood premiere. My philosophy is that it's good to remember the people who have supported you along the way and treat them to something nice when something good happens in your life. We've got some fun things planned, and I'm really looking forward to it.
And because I can never seem to "keep it simple", I decided that it would be a nice thing for local kids to get the chance to attend a "Red Carpet Premiere" too, so I've arranged with the local schools and libraries to do raffles for tickets to a "matinee" on the same day. So we're hosting two screenings, one with 200 kids from the area, and one with friends and their families and our families.
This should have been a lot easier to set up than it was, but most of the coordinating is behind me at this point, and that's a huge relief.
So there's the World Premiere that I'm looking forward to for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that I'm a guest, not the host! And then there's our mock-up premiere that I'm looking forward to so I can treat the people who have been supportive over the years to a fun evening out.
And then there's the matinee.
200 kids with soda and popcorn?
I'm just holding my breath on that one.


Optimistic4ever said...

What?!?!?! Those kids who you invited for that show are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo( i think youget the point) lucky!!! LUCKY!!! Guess what? I just realized Santa Maria is in Southern California! :(

Cammycrazygirl said...

LUCKY PEOPLE. I would give anything-no, I take that back, NOT THE WEDDING CRASHER- to be one of them. I'm still wondering about if I had entered, would I have won the bound galley? LOL I need the Flipped movie to keep my mind off that.
I would comment more but grrrr I gotta go. My mom is losing her patiance.

Anonymous said...

*shoots jealousy beams around*
I am so jealoussss. :P
And that theater looks really cool :] Ive always wanted to go to a Hollywood premiere! You gotta tell us about alltje famous people you meet. Like: Johnny Depp or Cameron Diaz. Okay I'm going way too far, but who knowsss? Maybe someone reallyy cool will be there! Too bad you can't get videos! Can you get pictures? Probablynot but what do I know?
Yeah my friend went to Europe for last summer and shesaw Harry Potter 6 there and she said people were smuggling video cameras to make a video of the movie (they obviously got kicked out). It's sort of funny how desperate people can be.
Well anyway, your own lucky horseshoe mussstt be working because you are one lucky person! :]
[If you meet Taylor Lautner, tell him Stephanie tells him to invest in a shirt, and if you meet Orlando Bloom say Stephanie says heeyyy]

Pooja Dimba said...

Oh dude those kids are so lucky!!!
Yesterday was my b-day, and my last b-day was the best because,you emailed me the first time on my b-day. I screamed and shouted.. because I was sooo excited !
Best b-day ever.
And another cool thing was my b-day was on a Sunday (yesterday) and you always update your blog on a Sunday.
So thats pretty awesome too.
Again those kids are soooo lucky!

NewYorkAngel said...


Anonymous said...

Egg under a chicken?! Clever'! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Oopsie. :|
Sorry for the grammar mistakes. I was in a rush. :P

sammy4ever said...

if jealousy could kill, then all 200 of those kids with soda and popcorn would be dead right now. then *I* could take their place :)
just kidding, i think it's a great idea, and i soooo wish i lived in your area. i guess same state is close enough, right?
well CONNNNNNGRATULATIONNNNNSSSSS!!!!! i can't wait to hear allll about it! be sure to tell us every single detail of every single thing! too bad cameras are forbidden :(

Optimistic4ever said...

I wanna come!!! My mom said it's a 5 hour drive from here to Santa Maria! That's like a half an hour plane trip! Chrissy and I should count. And so should Pooja. Jk. No, but really! Ok anyways, tell us all about it!

Ellie said...

I entered a contest at my library to go to the premier in Hollywood! me and my friend are so excited!!!!

Gary said...

Awesome. Class Act.


Jinnyd said...

That sounds AWESOME!!!! And so much fun. (does the back of the invitation say anything about taking pictures? because they might be in the loophole, if it only mentioned video taping.)

In the picture, the theater looks like a giant blue golf ball! :-D

Kids should be able to put aside their short attention spans for a movie! Especially one as cool as Flipped! Or at least the popcorn and soda will occupy them. :-))))))))

So happy for you guys!!! This is all so exciting. :-DDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

No idea who made this, but it cracked me up. :P
And I have no idea what it's supposed to be but it basically summarizes everything without ACTUALLY summarizing everything....

basically, it's like some sort of chart thing interpreting every little thing in SK, down to the softball statue (and the mayor who apparently "supposedly" bows down to it everyday...)

((I really loved the second way they interpreted Hudson... My favorite. XD ))

Anonymous said...

I guess the link was too long?? Umm well here is a shorted link (of the same thing) so it actually fits. :P

Catherine said...

can't wait to see the movie!!!
bryce looks so cute!!!!

Cammycrazygirl said...

I've lost every bit of my patiance. If I dream about something, it includes Sammy Keyes. And yes, I HAD top pre order SK and the WC months before it comes out. I really already have it ordered. And that just made me more depressed. I plan on reading the book and then fainting and screaming because the next one doesn't come out for a year :( But for now I'm stuck with announcing to the world that I belong in a home for mental people. My friend that hadn't learned about my obsession until yesterday already knows how obsessed I am. In fact, I'm thinking about making an SK t shirt with the print out know....those things...ANYWAYS. My mom just took me out to Target and I learned that stores don't appreciate that suck underrated books as the awesome SAMMY KEYES. WHY DOES NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THE AWESOME SERIES IN THIS WORLD. Maybe if you, like, maybe, MAKE A MOVIE-
Yeah, just kidding. If there was an SK movie I would be so jealous of whoever gets to kiss whoever Casey is.
(Sigh) I need to get a life.

Cammycrazygirl said...

Oopsie I put a word in there that I didn't mean to put. I was talking to someone.

Optimistic4ever said...

ZOMG! I am so weird. On the bottom of my left foot, I wrote SK + CA It was in a heart. Then I wrote Cammy4evah next to it. I got part of the idea from Cammycrazygirl. I gotta go take a picture of it before it washes off. Anyways, for some reason, I think Brandon is awesomer than Casey now. Though I still like Casey.

JenPB said...

I LOVE the Cinerama Dome! What a great place for your premier - CLASSIC! I remember waiting in line AROUND THE BLOCK to see The Wiz there, oh, so many years ago! Have a great time at the premiere. I'm super bummed we'll be out of town for the kid-fest. How does this happen? The ONLY two times we've been out of town in the past year are the two times we've been invited to a WPV fest! (sigh) Next time?

Anonymous said...

I had a dream two nights ago about SK. I was Sammy and Lana forced me into this headscarf (I think it's cuz my mom in real life likes to wear those head scarves with the big sunglasses...? I have no idea why. We don't live in France.) anyway, then I (aka Sammy) lost my marbles in a movie theater to all my friends.
I think I've also lost my marbles in real life to...
You know, I don't even mind the wait to October anymore. I'm usually a reeeally impatient person, but this has taught me a lesson. I have a lot of things to look forward to: my parents leaving for a week on Monday so me and Siera (and Paige, ugh) can be home alone allll weeeeek sweet. :) and then my friends Monster-endorsed (the drink, not real Monsters) pool party on Saturday. And then my friend coming back from Europe after lik six months. And school! I love school more than summer. Who doesn't love annoying the little freshmen in the hallway? Just kidding I'd never do that, cuz Casey's gonna be a little freshie too. :P
and then, drumrolll pleasseeee, October 12th. Which, by the way, comes out on a Wednesday so I'm NOT waiting for the weekend goddammit I'm forcing my mom to pick it up while I'm at school. :P So none of my precious studying rme will be wasted. (I'm a valedictorian-in-training, okay? No making fun!). So basically what I'm saying is that I don't mind the wait anymore, it's actually kinda fun.
That is all.

Cammycrazygirl said...

I just wrote SK+CA on the bottom of my foot in sharpie so it won't wash off=] I already know that I'm mental, you don't have to tell me.
I can see why the wait until the WC would be fun. There is no way that I'm not gonna get that book because I preordered it...unless the world ends. But still. It's only sort of fun for me. Haha I also took that sharpie and wrote on my shirt that "Sammy Keyes is the best book ever."
Definitely mental.
Hmm. Now I'm going to google how it's possible to like Brandon more than Casey. Okay, yeah, I see how. LOL I wish I thought the same as Optimistic4ever because then the wait till WC wouldn't be as bad know...yeah I'm not spoiling it for other people. Yeah I should go.

Optimistic4ever said...

Yeah. Surprisingly, liking Brandon more makes the wait easier. I think I'm going mental. I actually feel sorry for Heather now. Kinda. Not that much. I still think there's something mysterious about Heather's behaviour. She really isn't that evil, is she? Maybe she's had a hard life...