Friday, June 15, 2007

Sharpening the Saw

We're back from a few much-needed days away to San Francisco. What a beautiful city! The skies were clear, and when the winds weren't gusting it was actually warm. Whenever I'm in a new city / place, I like to take a "jogging tour" of the area, so Mark, the kids, and I jogged from our motel down to the water and across the Golden Gate bridge and back. It was about 8 miles round-trip (a bit much for the kids) but what a great run! The next day we walked to and around the Embarcadero, then took a tour of Alcatraz. And the next day we spent in China Town. My ankles /calves are sore! I brought writing work to do, but by the time we were in each evening I was too tired to tackle it. Mark calls time away "sharpening the saw", and he's right -- our saws definitely needed sharpening!

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