Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some Random Updates

This week I bring you some random updates:

The Epic Road Trip Adventure is now named the “He Said, She Said” Author Tour. We’ve got about 25 stores scheduled so far. We’ve gone as far east as Atlanta and are firming up dates in Tennessee and Missouri. It’s a juggle, that’s for sure, but things are firming up and we should have a list of dates and locations finalized in the next few weeks.

We had our consultation about wrapping the minivan. That sounds easy, but first we spent weeks debating what to put on the van and then we had to get hi-rez artwork ready and mock up the design as we envisioned it. We should get a proof in the next couple of weeks, and we’re hoping to have the job done by the end of February.

We’ve been working on shooting footage for a Road Rash book trailer. Another big undertaking, but so far, so good!

After that trailer's done we’ll make a “He Said, She Said” Tour trailer. It’s a funny idea (where Mark says something about me, and then I say something about him, etc). It’s for the stores, to help explain what we’re about. I hope it comes out somewhere close to how it looks in my head, because it’s pretty funny inside there.

And Sammy Keyes shoelaces. They’ll be ready before the tour. All the book titles spanning 45” laces. Flat weave (Converse style), black with blue text. Sound good?


Yusa said...

I am so excited for this "He said, she said" tour! ANd I need to get those shoelaces! Can't wait for the trailers! This year is going to be big! I am so ready! Bring it on 2014...


Gabrielle said...

Can't wait for the tour! The shoelaces sound super cool!
Have a good week everybody!


Jessica said...

I'd write my first reactions to all this awesome news, but my brain was too excited to express itself in words. And *squee* is not even close to the sound it was making, even though that's how other people might express it.

I can't wait for the trailers. I'm already squirming in excitement for the tour. And the shoelaces sound awesome (I have no high tops, but I might be able to make them work in my regular shoes -- which are mostly black, so they'll look amazing).

Just... nope, still too excited for words.

Kylie said...

I am so excited! I love the name He Said, She Said. And I am so excited about the shoelaces! Will we still be able to get the shoelaces if we can't make it to one of the stops?

The trailers sound like they are going to be awesome!

I am just so excited for this whole thing I can't wait!

Have a great week everyone


Wendelin Van Draanen said...

The Blogettes are AWESOME! Blogettes / Sammiacs will be entitled to shoelaces, no worries.

Kylie said...

So guys I was thinking about Kiss Goodbye today and how her dad is going to take it. I mean he just found out he had a daughter and they just made a real great connection on this cruise and then he could almost lose her. I was thinking about this before school started today and I got so upset. Sammy being in a coma is going is going to be the worst thing ever for Darren to have to deal with.

Oh geez, now I have myself worried again.

Gabrielle said...

I feel you Kylie! I was so sad like for 3-4 days after I found out about Kiss Goodbye! Like literally I was texting my friend that day I found out, and she had read the description of Kiss Goodbye, and I was telling her the worst case senerios and she was like calm down! I was like what if she got amnesia or worse! And I'm usually optimistic, but I definitely wasn't about that!


augustuspenn said...

If at all possible, might Madison Wisconsin be on your tour schedule? I have read aloud all (so far) seventeen Sammy Keyes books to my seven-year-old daughter in the last few months; and she and I would like nothing better than to hear and meet the author who has given us so many reading sessions of pleasure.

Karen said...


Thank you, Jessica and Wendelin!!

omg black with blue text like the black spines with the titles in color YES
are the titles going to be in Sammy's typeface? they don't have to be, it would just be that much more awesome if they were.

can't wait for the trailers

and the tour

and seeing the minivan

(and the books of course obviously)

this year is going to be awesome.